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Husky Camp is a Siberian Husky Rescue Group. It was founded by Jon and Charlotte "Chuck" Usle. The time and love they have given this breed has changed the lives of many huskies, not to mention a few people. Husky Camp's main site is nestled in the mountains in the West Cajon Valley CA. The goal of Husky Camp is to educate the public about the breed, make sure each dog rescued by our organization is brought back into good health and to find suitable forever homes for these delightful animals where they will be loved and cared for. Husky Camp spays and neuters each dog rescued before they are made available to our applicants. Each husky is current on shots and is also microchipped back to Husky Camp. Why do we register the microchip with our rescue? Because when we save a dog from death, we promise them forever--someone will always care where they are, and what happens to them. If they are impounded, we will notify the adoptive owner, and give them a reasonable time frame to go get the dog. If they do not we go get them and they become ours once again. Adoption events at Petco and PetsMart.
Wrightwood, CA  
Keith Weber
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