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Zoos in Orange County, California

Orange County Zoo 
Home of Nacho the infamous bear! The final destination for hot tub bears, injured eagles and other wayward animals, the OC Zoo is a quick tour for the family amongst all the other diversions at Irvine Regional Park in the hills of Orange. Reasonable admission but short operating hours. That won't matter, though - because there is so much else to do up there. Take a picnic lunch, your bikes and sunscreen - make it a day! "The zoo specializes in animals and plants from the southwestern United States. Participating in a variety of conservation efforts, the zoo provides a permanent home to many animals that are not releasable to the wild.... The Orange County Zoo is located inside beautiful Irvine Park. The park is located within the city limits of the City of Orange. The zoo is nestled among the majestic 477 acre wilderness park. The zoo specializes in the animals and plants from the southwestern United States. This emphasis on native species is very important for the understanding and education of the public. Education is needed for the general public to appreciate the problems of our own 'at risk' native animals and plants."  Orange
Santa Ana Zoo 
Santa Ana Zoo has one of the finest primate collections in the country. Beyond that, it's a marvelous place for children. A miniature railroad, kid-friendly displays, a decent playground and a great hill of dirt to play on! (Come'on! You remember, don'cha?) The admission is reasonable. Bring a lunch and enjoy a picnic on the grass out front! Located in Santa Ana's Prentice Park. Santa Ana Free Day, Second Tuesday of each month, Santa Ana residents with ID receive free admission.  Santa Ana
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