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Truck Information & Resources in Orange County, California

Classic Trucks Magazine 
cover Classic Trucks Magazine is based in Anaheim. "PRIMEDIA's Classic Trucks magazine serves one of the hottest segments in the performance enthusiast market, light-trucks from the mid 1940's up to 1972. We are very proud to be recognized as the premier publication in this rapidly expanding ridding scene. Technical articles in Classic Trucks magazine typically cover a variety of subjects including engine upgrades, bolt-on accessories, suspensions, brakes, air-conditioning, paint and much more."
Truckin' Magazine 
cover Truckin' Magazine is based in Anaheim. "PRIMEDIA's Truckin', preferred by custom truck enthusiasts, is packed with road tests, product features and pictorials of the best-dressed pickups in the country. From street trucks to classic trucks, SUVs to minis, lifteds to lowereds, the complete "truck" market is covered. Also addressed monthly are performance, technical, audio and cosmetic issues."
Truckin's SUV Magazine 
cover Truckin's SUV Magazine is based in Anaheim. "SUV's are definitely the hottest segment in today's automotive marketplace and there's only one national consumer magazine that focuses exclusively on this niche - PRIMEDIS's Truckin's SUV. Contained within its pages are the most radical and eye-catching sport utility customs, the latest in aftermarket products, technical how-to information and the inside track on new and upcoming vehicles. Because Truckin's SUV's only concentrated on sport utility vehicles, the magazine is the source for enthusiasts seeking accurate and comprehensive information on customizing their chosen rides. And through its annual 'SUV of the Year' and 'SUV Buyer's Guide' Truckin's SUV leads the way in providing its readers with complete information in order to make that next SUV purchasing decision."
Keith Weber
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