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Truck Parts & Accessories in Orange County, California

AMP Research 
AMP Shop Gear, Bed X-Tender, Alloy Fuel-Door, Harley Power-Clutch, Mountain Bikes. X-Tender: "The original cargo securing system for motorcycles, personal watercraft, landscaping equipment and practically everything else that will fit in your truck bed. Flip the Bed X-Tender outward and you just bought yourself a longbed! Flipped inward with the gate closed, the Bed X-Tender safely keeps gear like tools, gas cans or groceries from sliding around. For large loads, or little loads, get the most from your truck with a Bed X-Tender. Removes in seconds, weighs just 9 1/2 lbs. and is tough enough to use as a bench." Fuel door: "Feel the ‘flip’ of the fuel door and you’ll know this is no ordinary spring-actuated device. A cam lobe turns as you open the door, and its firm, fluid motion is one of those subtle refinements that makes AMP executions truly extraordinary." AMP Link: "The AMP Link reroutes the chain of your machine to provide more efficient power transfer to the rear wheels, as well as better handling." Harley Power Clutch: "Does your 1982 or newer Harley Davidson have a clutch you love to hate? ...this device is designed to ease the effort required to pull in, and hold in, your Harley’s clutch lever."  Irvine
Tom's Truck Center, Inc. 
"Tom's Truck Center, located in Santa Ana, California, is one of the nation's largest medium duty truck dealers. We are conveniently located at the Grand Avenue exit of the 5 Freeway." Between the Orange County Register building and the 5 South Carpool entrance.  Santa Ana
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