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Surf Surfing Vacations in Orange County, California

Costa Azul 
"Every Costa Azul surfboard, whether custom or stock, is hand shaped by Rod Greenup with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Custom boards are built with skill level and destination in mind.... Costa Azul International, Inc., based in Laguna Beach, Ca, offers authentic surfboards, clothing and gear. Designed by surfers, made for surfers.... Costa Azul was established in the mid 80's by Rod Greenup. We focus on catering to the adventure surf travel lifestyle offering custom and stock hand shaped surfboards, surfboard repair, surf lessons, rentals and original surf clothing and accessories under the Costa Azul brand name. With our worldwide surf destination contacts and our extensive surf travel gear collection, we are able to hook you up with everything you need for the ultimate surf trip. Our experience and relationships with the people and places surfers want to go is the biggest reason why hard-core surf travelers check with us before they go. If we can't help you, we'll recommend someone who can." Dealer for Victoria Skimboards.  Laguna Beach
Montage Resort / Spa / Residences 
"Montage Resort & Spa Laguna Beach is situated on a beautiful stretch of Southern California coastline. This luxury hotel is for vacationers seeking an oceanfront retreat, spa vacations, family vacations, or for companies seeking unique conference venues or meeting facilities. Situated on a coastal bluff in the picturesque arts community of Laguna Beach, Montage Resort & Spa offers a unique mix: the amenities and conveniences of an ultra luxury beachfront hotel, coupled with the warmth and appeal of a cozy craftsman-style inn. Oceanfront opulence abounds at Montage. With lush landscaping and pristine white sand beaches, this is a retreat unlike any other-- offering elegant accommodations, a beachfront spa, three sparkling swimming pools and regional, distinctive dining. Laguna Beach's artistic roots date back to the early 1900's, when a group of artists -- inspired by the area's raw natural beauty -- settled here. In that spirit, the history and beauty of the region prevails at Montage. Here, the décor and architecture are artfully melded with the surrounding natural habitat. Museum quality fine art -- inspired by the early California Arts & Crafts movement -- is prominently showcased, as are stunning works of public art by noted regional artists. From its gracious craftsman-style architecture to the rugged coastline views to a multitude of services and amenities, this world-class resort offers a masterful mix of nature, art and luxury."  Laguna Beach
Surf Vacations in OC 
Surf Vacation Packages: Newport Beach: "Newport beach has claim to 2 world class surfing waves one at 18th Street that is similar to pipeline in Hawaii and the other being the famous Wedge, a freak wave that explodes over a treacherously shallow sand bottom. The main area of Newport Beach is rather more normal with nice beach break surf that is both fun and enjoyable. You can find surf well between 36th and 42nd street with some peaks giving good short lefts and rights but on some swells it is possible to surf quite long rides. 22nd street offers peaks that are fast, hollow and varying in length in both directions and the surf is normally 2 to 5ft." San Clemente: "San Clemente is an amazing Californian surf experience and was the early stomping grounds of many a top Californian surfing professional in the 1980 and 1990’s. It has a range of spots and changing beach breaks that are all very hollow and tubey. The main spots are the Pier, T street and State Park, all of these are lovely waves offering great peaks and sometimes long and fun tubes that even the beginner can get in! The surf in San Clemente is fun in the summer months and heavier in the winter season with offshore winds always guaranteed when the Santa Ana blows."  
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