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Famous Surfers in Orange County, California

Brad Gerlach 
According to The Huntington Beach Surfers Walk of Fame, "One of surfing's great characters, rose out of the NSSA ranks in the early '80s after moving to Huntington Beach to attend Huntington Beach High School and be part of the HBHS Surfteam dynasty at that time under the coaching of Chuck Allen."  
Bruce (The Huntington Beach Snake) Gabrielson 
Another famous (ex-) Orange County surfer: "Yep it's me, Bruce Gabrielson, the 1960s Huntington Beach Snake, still alive and charging the surf after almost 45 years on a board.... My original page was put on the web in late 1993 and was the first surf oriented Internet web site.... Member of the Huntington Beach Longboard Crew, Annapolis Surf Club, and the 62nd Street Longboarders.... Bruce Gabrielson, PhD Founder of High School Surfing in the United States Ironman Surfing/Wrestling Hall-of-Fame Huntington Beach Longboard Crew Hall-of-Fame"  Cheaspeake Beach
Carl Hayward 
Famous local surfer, passed 2005. According to Surfing Magazine: "On Friday, Jan. 21., respected shaper, surfer and longtime Hurley employee Carl Hayward passed away during a surf session at Huntington Beach Pier. While the exact cause of death has yet to be determined, it is clear that the stoked, 48-year-old Hayward left us way before his time. Survived by his wife and three children, Carl was an inspiration to all who knew him." Other references include: SurfLine, Surfers' Hall of Fame 2005 Induction, Legendary Surfers, Surfer, Huntington Beach News.  
Chuck Dent 
According to The Huntington Beach Surfers Walk of Fame, "Before Dent died of a heart attack in 1980, at the age of 35, he had managed to create a cult following in the local Huntington Beach surf community." See also: Chuck Dent Surf Center.  
Corky Carroll 
Surf Legend Corky Carroll, who was "the first person to be paid to surf and the first to receive endorsements.... Carroll lives in Huntington Beach, California with his wife Pamster and daughter Kasey. Says Carroll, 'Yes, I still surf all the time, and no, I still don't have a real job. Let's hope it never comes to that.'" (Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum)  
Danger Woman® Surf City Surfing Lessons 
Kim Hamrock, aka "Danger Woman" website. Surfing Lessons, Online Surf Shop. "Surfing: 26 years Competing: 11 Years (started competing at age 30) Major Titles: Current WOMEN'S WORLD LONGBOARD CHAMPION 11-TIME U.S.A. CHAMPION 6-TIME WEST COAST CHAMPION EAST COAST CHAMPION Occupation: Pro-Surfer/Surf Instructor Own and operate my own surf school, Surf City Surfing Lessons Established in 1995 Produced instructional surfing video: 'Safe Surfing with Danger Woman' (1996) Video series in production. Will be launched summer of 2003. International published writer: Wahine Magazine, 'Water Wisdom' column "  Huntington Beach
David Nuuhiwa 
According to The Huntington Beach Surfers Walk of Fame, "David Nuuhwa was born in Hawaii, and quickly rose to prominence as a teenager under the Donald Takayama after relocating to Southern California, finally settling in Huntington Beach, CA."  
Dewey Weber 
"Dewey Weber was a dynamic force in and out of the water. With his blond hair, compact muscular stature, and flamboyant personality he brought surfing to a new level of world-wide recognition. He epitomized the surfing lifestyle launching a trend in surfboard design and fashion that remain the main stay of the surfing market today. Dewey was the first surfing 'star' to establish himself as a leader in the surf business community. In the 1960's he quickly gained recognition as the most innovative and largest surfboard manufacturer in the world. He contributed to major advancements in surfboard design and manufacturing technology. He broadened the market base by introducing skateboard and apparel lines to the surf business. Dewey designed his first garment line in the 1960's. His surf team of more than 30 athletes, affectionately known as the 'Redcoats' hit the beach in 1964 resplendent in full Dewey Weber regalia, making a fashion statement still in evidence in the 1998 Dewey Weber Surf Wear line. In business since 1960, the company retains it's leadership position in the surf industry. Since Dewey's death in 1993, the Weber family has dedicated themselves to the continuance of Dewey's commintment to excellence in all their product lines. And perhaps, most importantly they stay 'close to the soul' of the surfing lifestyle by just going surfing." See Dewey Weber Sports.  
Donavon Frankenreiter 
cover "'The surfing keeps me alive, and the music keeps me grounded.' Born on December 10, 1972 in Downey, California, Donavon Frankenreiter currently resides in Laguna Beach, CA, among the things he loves - his wife, his son, his guitar, and the ocean. Growing up his days revolved around the water, surfing every chance he had. At age 13, Billabong became Donavon's first sponsor and afforded him a role most surfers dream of, that of a free surfer - paid to ride the waves, but not required to surf in competition. Although he still surfs every chance he gets, Donavon's focus has shifted towards his music. When Donavon was 15, he got his first guitar, but it wasn't until he was 18 that he started playing seriously and formed his high school band Peanut Butter and Jam. He has always loved to play music, but only in the last three years, has he discovered his own voice, style and confidence to go at it on his own. Donavon likes to keep it simple, allowing his music to be inspired by anything that moves him, especially his surfing. In 2003, Donavon signed to Brushfire Records, Jack Johnson's signature label. Donavon's self-titled Brushfire debut, (the self-titled Donavon Frankenreiter ) was recorded at the Mango Tree, Hawaii and produced by Jack Johnson and mario Caldato, Jr."  
Hobie Alter 
"Imagine it is summer vacation 1950 and young Hobart 'Hobie' Alter hits on an idea to bring together his two loves, woodshop and water. He asks his dad to pull the Desoto out of the family's Laguna Beach, California garage, and the history of surfing was about to enter a new era. Hobie began by building beautiful 9-foot balsawood icons for his friends. They worked well! Hobie's hobby had become a business and his dream of never owning hard-soled shoes or having to work east of California's Pacific Coast Highway was becoming a reality. A couple of years and 40 tons of sawdust later, Hobie opened up Southern California's first surf shop in Dana Point, California. Then in 1958 Hobie and his buddy Gordon 'Grubby' Clark (as in Clark Foam) began experiments making surfboards out of foam and fiberglass. The new boards were lighter, faster and more responsive than anything else in the water. Demand skyrocketed, production cranked up, and everyone wanted to be on a Hobie surfboard. While the Beach Boys were making records, the legendary Hobie Surf Team was setting them. Hobie's lineup virtually comprises the surfing hall of fame; Joey Cabell, Phil Edwards, Corky Carroll, Gary Propper, Peter Pan, Mickey Munoz, Joyce Hoffman and Yancy Spencer among many, many others. The shaping innovations and meticulous attention to detailed perfection are still Hobie trademarks and the Hobie Surf Team still strikes fear among their competitors." See Hobie and Hobie Cat.  
Jericho Poppler Bartlow 
According to The Huntington Beach Surfers Walk of Fame, Jericho Poppler "...was co-founder of the Women's International Surfing Association in 1974, and co-directed the first Women's International Professional Surfing Championships and developed the Women's Professional Surfing Coalition. Jericho is an active environmentalist, she served a five-year term as a board member of the surfrider foundation during the 1980s and created 'Jericho's Kids for Clean Waves' in 1993, a surf contest for children under 16 that features environmental outreach and educational programs. And still Jericho still finds time to be a trustee of the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum."  
John Severson 
According to The Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame, "Well known as the creator of Surfer Magazine, Severson grew up on the beaches of Southern California where his life revolved around sports and art. After receiving his Master's Degree at Long Beach State, he taught art at Laguna Beach High School."  
Larry "Flame" Moore 
According to Surfing Magazine: "GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN: Larry 'Flame' Moore; 1948 - 2005 Larry “Flame” Moore, SURFING Magazine’s legendary longtime photo editor and recipient of this year’s Waterman’s Ball Lifetime Achievement Award, died today after a 33-month battle with brain cancer. He was 57." Other references include: Surfline, Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame, Surfing Magazine Paddle-Out Video, Surfer, The Stellar Surfing Community, Lost Enterprises, Essential Surf Company, PDN Online.  
Phil Edwards 
Capistrano Beach resident, according to The Huntington Beach Surfers Walk of Fame, "Credited with changing the surfing style of an entire generation, Phil ushered in the more functional style of smooth, graceful moves and kneedrop turning that has since become known as the classical California surfing style."  
© Keith Weber
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