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Surfboard Shapers & Manufacturers in Orange County, California

Bruce Jones Surfboards 
"High Performance Surfboards. Clean, Simple, Totally Functional!" Molded Expoxy Boards, Custom Basic Boards, Custom Used Boards, Modern Longboards, Hybrids, Noseriders, Thruster Shortboards, Big Boy's Thrusters, Hybrids, Eggs, Fish, Funboards, Assault Vehicles, Brock Jones Performance Models "A thinner, lighter board with Modern Rails (low tucked rail in the center with a sharp tail edge) with enough tail rocker for easy quick turns and just enough nose rocker to keep it from pearling in most situations. The right board for great maneuverability in tight situations!", Retro Noseriders, High Performance Modern Longboards "More nose and tail rocker, narrower and thinner than our Modern Longboards, make these very easy to turn, great in longboard situations where noseriding is not a consideration!", Super Floater Modern Longboards.  Sunset Beach
Bruno Surfboards 
"Bruno Troadec started shaping surfboards in 1976 in Brittany, France. Besides shaping his own brands, he has shaped with Dick Brewer, Terry Fitzgerald (Hot Buttered), Peter McAllum and Ned McMahon (T & C), to name a few. Just within his own brands of "Plastic Machine" and "Bruno Surfboards," he recently surpassed board number 10,000.... Bruno also continues to hand shape his surfboards and works closely with his clients to create the best boards for their surfing style." Short Boards, Hybrids, Sanaii, Fish.  Sunset Beach, Westminster
Chuck Bassett Surfboards 
"Chuck Bassett builds vintage, classic and big wave gun balsa wood surfboards. This is a fine woodworking operation devoted exclusively to building surfboards in the 9' to 11' range with various hardwood stringer designs for those wanting authentic surf culture in their collection. Navigate through his web site by clicking the various hot buttons below. You will no doubt gain insight on one person's experience growing up surfing south Orange County beginning in the early 1960's, and see and learn how wood surfboards are built. As surfboards become available for sale they are pictured in the 'gallery' section accompanied with a full description."  San Clemente
Clone Surfboards 
2004: "Responsive, artful, performance boards at an unbeatable price. Beautiful, lightweight, strong, and fast. Clone® surfboard design... The future of surfboard technology today! Longboards from $349 Fun boards from $250 (all new!) Shortboards from $249 Surfchairs from $250... Jim Mizell, the creator of Clone® Surfboards, started surfing in 1959. He has been making his own surfboards since 1970. Jim lived in Hawaii for ten years where he surfed some of the best and biggest waves in the world and learned the art of board shaping from the true craftsmen. Back on the mainland, he shaped thousands of conventional boards. But surfboards are fragile and their materials can be toxic. Boards that last longer mean less waste and a lower environmental impact. Mizell went to work developing a well shaped surfboard that would be stronger than any board on the water. The result is a cleanly molded surfboard of epoxy laminated wood veneer and a lightweight styrene core. This patented construction enhances the board's strength and reduces dings, dents and delamination. The board's increased longevity and reduced need for repair results in lower environmental impact. The patented process also removes some toxic chemicals from manufacture."  Santa Ana
Cole Surfboards 
Cole Surfboards include: High Performance Series, Diamond Back, Skeleton Fish, Flight Deck, Firefly, Bullet Fish, The Big Guy, Pistol, Big Gun, Fun Shape, Longboard, Black Label Series. Cole Surfboard Dealers include: Billabong Santa Cruz, Central Coast Surboards (SLO), Greenhouse Boardshop (Arcata), Proof Lab (Mill Valley), Right Coast Surf Shop (Seaside Park, NJ), Rip Curl (San Clemente), Tres Palmas Surf Shop (San Juan, PR), Unsound Surf (Long Beach, NY), Surf Skate  San Clemente
Dano Surfboards 
Dano Kustom Surfboards: Thumb Tail, The Nose Glider, The Doublender, The Ace, The Jewel.  Costa Mesa
Dewey Weber Sports 
Surfboards, Skateboards, Clothing, Accessories, Stickers. Surfboards: The Dewey Weber Professional, Performer, Legend, Stylist, Feather, Strato 2, Mini-Performer, Feather-Fastback, Pig, Flying Pig. Hatchet Fins: Performer, Sparky, Pig, Legend. Skateboards: Classic Wood, Flying Pid, Legend. Shirts: Dewey Weber Logo T-Shirt, Logo Longsleeve, Logo Hooded Sweatshirt, USA Teeshirt, USA Longsleeve, USA Hooded Sweatshirt, Sun T-Shirt, Sun Longsleeve, Sun Hooded Sweatshirt, Feather Fastback T-Shirt, Feather Fastback Longsleeve, Weber Team Jacket, Weber Team Trunks, Weber Malibu Tee, Performer Tee, Icon Tee, DW Stripe Tee, Secos Tee, Surfer Girl Tee. Hats: Fitted Dewey Weber Logo Hat, Logo Beanie, Youth Fitted Logo Hat. Stickers: DW Dewey Weber Large, Small, USA, Icon, Sun Sticker. Dewey Weber Coffee Mug, Dewey Weber Surfing Poster, Dewey Weber Towels, Dewey Weber Rack Pads w/ Straps, Dewey Weber Rug, DW Board Bag, Longboard Leash, Large & Small Dewey Weber Patches. See Dewey Weber.  San Clemente
Ellis Surfboards 
Funboards, shortboards, longboards. Squash tails / Square tails / Fish's / Swallow tails / Winged swallows / Pin tails / Guns / Tow boards / Hybrid / High-performance to Classic Nose Rider models.  San Clemente
Exile Skimboards 
"Exile Skimboards LLC was officially born in the Spring of 2002, but it was a long time in the making. Company founders Aaron Peluso and Andy Chiavetta had already spent years preparing for what they felt would be a ground shaking introduction to the skimboarding world. Since the early 1990’s Andy Chiavetta had been building boards for close friends as well as a handful of customers. While these boards were never available to the general skim market, years of design and construction experimentation led to a very refined process. Since 1994, Aaron Peluso has owned and operated, which has since become by far the most viewed skimboarding resource in the world. Working on the website for over a decade, he has had the privilege of watching the sport blossom first hand. His interaction with skimboarders all over the globe gave him not only good contacts, but also a unique insight into what riders look for in a skimboard."  San Clemente
Guy Okazaki Surfboards 
"Guy Okazaki has been shaping and surfing fine tuned surfboards for decades. His custom designs are hand crafted precision works of art. These skills were handed down from his father, starting in Hawaii and moving to California. In Venice, CA, Guy met Dewey Weber and Harold Iggy at their little shop on the beach. This led to part time employment with Weber Surfboards until their move inland. My boards begin with First Quality foam blanks. Models of blanks are chosen for close tolerances. The rockers are of custom specifications developed with Clark. I combine a variety of foam weights and stringers to meet the needs of the customer. All boards are totally hand shaped to achieve a sense of creativity and art. I cannot feel passionate over a blank that has come out of a machine. Boards are glassed at Spanners, a state-of-the-art facility. Their quality controls and use of superior materials really show in the finished board." Shortboards, The Alien, Big Boy Tri, Funboards, Longboards, Backpacks, Boardbags, Boardshorts, Deck Pads, Leashes, Rashguards, Sandals, Sunglasses, Wax.  Huntington Beach
Harbour Surfboards 
"Since 1959, when Rich Harbour went into his parents' garage with a saw and a piece of foam, Harbour has crafted more than 23,000 surfboards and counting. Today, vintage Harbour Surfboards are collected by enthusiasts around the world eager to grab a piece of true surfing history. Harbour Surfboards was established more than 40 years ago and remains as the worlds oldest surfboard manufacturing shop at the same location and a driving force within the surfing industry."  Seal Beach
Hobie Surf 
"Hobie Alter. He started out shaping surfboards, he ended up shaping a culture." Surfboards, Bodyboards, Footwear, Skateboards, Women's Swimwear, Sportwear, Water skis, Sunglasses. "Hobie Diamond T's Hobie Classic T's Hobie Surf T's Hobie Cat T's Longsleeve T's Hobie Kids Sweatshirts Walkshorts Boardshorts Elastic Waist Swim Sunglasses Bags Skate/Bodyboard Hats DVDs Videos Books Calendars & Cards Stickers/Posters Surf Gear Home Store Gifts & Novelties"  Dana Point
Infinity Boardshop 
"Long Boards, Short Boards, Tandem Boards, Wave Skis, Snowboards, Skateboards, Body Boards, Wetsuits. O'Neill, Billabong. Surfing Supplies, Repairs, Used Boards. Victoria Skimboards. Infinity Surfboards was founded in 1970 and built from the ground up by 3-time tandem surfing World Champions Steve and Barrie Boehne. The Dana Point shop is one of the last core surf shops that builds their own boards on site. With a combined shaping experience of over 120 years , the shapers at Infinity meticulously hand carve everything from longboards, shortboards, guns, tandem boards, paddle boards, and knee boards to waveskis. Other than our in-store surfboard lineup of over 250 boards the shop carries wetsuits, clothing, skateboards, surf accessories and everything else you'd expect a surf shop to have. Our customers enjoy our friendly environment and knowledgeable employees. If you can't make it in, you can order anything by phone, fax, or on this site."  Dana Point
JC Hawaii 
"JC Hawaii unveils the 3DMotion CNC Surfboard cutting machine, the culmination of a 5 year project in conjuction with 3DMotion of California, with state of the art CAD programming by SHAPE 3D in France to push JC Hawaii into the future and beyond." Surfboards include: SD-3, PMM, Flying Pig, NX1, Torpedo, Retro Rocket, Ugly Stick, Equalizer, Semi Gun, Slingshot, The P.B.U., Flo-Master, Stingray, TUFLITE. "JC Hawaii Surfboards proudly features Futures Fin Systems. The JC1 is a full tipped fin with a medium base made to produce drive, drive and more drive. For lighter, smaller riders, the JC2 provides superior power and drive without sacrificing manuverability. The JC1 fin is also available as a Black Tips RTM Carbon Fin, an advanced aerospace composite that are the lightest, strongest, and highest performing fins on the market. Futures also offers Vector Force Fins, developed for the specific purpose of creating maximum speed and kinetic drive with very little drag, to push your surfing to the next level." According to the Heritage Surf & Sport website: "John Carper has been shaping and designig surfboards for over thirty years. Gaining experience by following the ASP tour all over the world, John has put in the hard work and commitment to working with top pro surfers that has built him a reputation that is respected world wide. Devoting most of his life to building and studying surfboards, John's past includes working for such well known labels as surfboards Hawaii, Lightning Bolt, Island Fusion, Rusty, and HIC.... The accumulation of JC's entire life's experience is at the core of John's own surfboard company, JC Hawaii. Having two main factories, one in Haleiwa, Hawaii, and the other in Costa Mesa, California, allows John to have control of production of every JC board, from designing, shaping, glassing, and shipping. As an extension of our headquarters, John also has shaping rooms in many of the surf Mecca's of the world, including Margaret River, Narrabeen Australia, Sao Paulo Brazil, Europe, and Japan."  Costa Mesa
Jed Noll Surfboards 
Surfboards: Longboards, Mid-Range, Retro, Historical. "Since 1949 the Noll Surfboard brand has been known for quality craftmanship and reliability.... SURFBOARD design is an alchemy of experience, imagination and creativity - catalyzed by the need for speed, flow and performance. The combination of those things is what pushes surfboard design forward and creates the many flavors of surfboards that exist today. This area is dedicated to explaining surfboard terminology, and describing the difference between surfboards created by hand and surfboards shaped by machines with the assistance of modern technology."  Santa Ana
Ohana Kemp Surfboards 
"Aloha! Mahalo for visiting our site. Ohana Kemp and K&M Stacker are first and foremost family businesses. Our homes serve as our retail base offering as much showroom as most commercial shops and enables us to offer a better product. Quality is our most important product. We take enormous pride in our surfboards, the Stacker, clothing and accessories. Attention to detail separates us from our competitors, since we are involved from start to finish." Dealers: Go Barefoot Beach Company, Surfside Sports.  Santa Ana
Paul Carter Surfboards & Art 
"Paul Carter gets a whole new look on his website for a whole new direction he is taking with his Artistry! Not just a shaper and not just an artist, he is blending these two worlds together. Enjoy the beauty and depth in his newfound love of painting and see his world from surfboard to canvas! I started shaping in 1993 with Infinity Surfboards under the guidance of Steve Bahne. I ventured out and started my own label 'Paul Carter Surfboards'. I have been influenced by other shaper's such as Terry Martin, Midget Smith, and Timmy Patterson. Look for my boards in various San Clemente businesses such as El Patio Cafe, the Rib Trader, and Stud Cuts. I have also shaped display surfboards for companies such as Balance Bar, the Baby Gap, Taylor Woodrow, and a few different beer companies. The summer of 2000 I had the privilege of shaping boards under the Hobie surfboard label working along side with Mark Johnson shaping performance and classic Hobie Surfboards. I shaped about 87 boards which are all signed. In September 2000 I had the opportunity to open my very own surf shop. The store opened in October and is steadily growing forward each day."  San Clemente
Rip Curl 
Sold through Surf Shops. Surfwear, Wetsuits, Watches, Footwear, Eyewear, Mountainwear, Bags & Backpacks, Surfboards, Videos and DVDs. "Rip Curl is a company for surfers. Across the waves of our waters to the white winter wonderlands of our mountains, we're searching and striving for the best our world has to offer. We're also offering our surfing brothers the kind of products they need to complete their journeys. Rip Curl is rich in history, yet we're focused beyond the future and are leading the surfing world with our many market-leading innovations. The Search is a lifestyle and our days are about living it."  San Clemente
Ron Jon Surf Shop 
At The Block at Orange. "IT WAS 1959... and on the New Jersey shore a bright young man named Ron DiMenna was just discovering the sport of surfing with fiberglass surfboards. His pastime soon became a passion and homemade surfboards would no longer do. When his father heard that Ron wanted his own custom surfboard from California, he suggested, 'Buy three, sell two at a profit, then yours will be free.' Dad was right and Ron Jon Surf Shop was born.... Ron Jon Surf Shop has crashed onto the California surf scene, making it the largest surf shop on the West Coast. Load up the boards and head to the beach in style. Picture yourself behind the wheel of our 1946 Mercury 'Station Wagon' woodie on display at center stage. This unique vehicle is one of the rare remaining original woodies and coordinates beautifully with the surfboard displays and colorful décor throughout the store. BORED WITH YOUR BOARD? Choose from a huge selection of long and shortboards from greatnames like Lost, Stewart, Channel Islands and our own Ron RJ's 1946 Mercury 'Station Wagon' woodie Jon brand. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the perfect board. Whether you need swimwear for the beach, snowboards for the local mountains or sportswear for a night on the town, we offer the latest styles from all of the best surf, snow and skate companies on the West Coast. RON JON ATTRACTS SURFING'S FINEST Everyone knows that Ron Jon is a great place to shop. But did you know that we've had some of the world's greatest surfers, skaters, shapers and artists right here in our store? Rob Machado, Mark 'Occy' Occhilupo, Matt Archbold, & Tim Curran, just to name a few, have stopped in to say hello & sign autographs. Events such as our Surf & Skate Art Exhibition gave local artists a chance to show off their work and compete for great prizes."  Orange
Roxy Apparel 
Roxy, Roxy Girl, Teenie Wahine, Roxy Hardgoods, Roxy Watches, Roxy Sunglasses, Roxy Wetsuits, Roxy Footwear. Apparel: B Baller, Greta, Zuma Beach, Truth, Rachael, Mambo Mini, Malibu, Ollie, Bammer, Breaking the Waves, Sunny Ride, Goal, Offense, Cheryl, Iverson, I Am Preppy, PL Worker Crop, Air Command Flood, New Recruit Flood, Anatasia II Short, Vixen Sandals, Lindsey Bra Set, Balie Cutie Bikini, Crazy 8's, Mini Cami Set, Pretty in Pink, Pixie Tank, Washed Ashore Flood, Sunkissed Summer, High Tide Tee, High Tide Boardie, Here Comes the Sun, Lily Tube Top, Hailey Skirt, Wahine Sandals, Wahine Shoes, Tiny Wahine, Little Leidy, Sundamentals, Daisy Dazzle, Bikini Boogie Top, Hang Loose Pant, Main Beach Top, Tide Pool Pant, Surfing Sarah Hoodie, Shells for Cheryl Pant, Flutter Sandal, Shimmer Sandal, Twinkle Sandal, Low Tide Shoe. Hats: Home Spun, Sunny Daze, Rock Star, Fo' Shizzel. Purses, Wallets, Bags & Backpacks: Pixie Purse, Pixie Wallet, Gymnastics, Shortcake, Dance, Muffin. Shades: Teena, Smile, Dream On, Elipse, Allison, Natasha, Gidget, Teacher, Topsy, Chill Out, W.A., Gaia, Capri, Saphi, Dana, Bliss, Heartbreaker, Cosmic, Glamour Girl, Mini Natasha, Sugar Baby, Yippy Skippy. Wetsuits: Cell Video, Cell, Ignite, Syncro I, Syncro II, Syncro III, Roxy Girl Syncro, Roxy Lycra, Roxy Girl Lycra. Related to Quiksilver.  Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach
Softcore Surfboards 
"Softcore Surfboards are the newest innovation in the surfing industry. With over 25 years of surfing experience, Softcore has utilized the latest technology available and taken it to the cutting edge in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in the world. Softcore Surfboards combines safety, durability, and affordability… without sacrificing PERFORMANCE! Softcore uses a unique manufacturing process different from any other methods used today. We are the first “soft” surfboard that offers an expanded polypropylene closed cell core with a lightweight pultruded fiberglass/polypropylene stringer, providing incredible stiffness. We also utilize a crossed link dual-density outer skin which reduces the chance of delamination. Our boards also feature the high performance FCS and OFISH’L fin systems. By combining these components, Softcore Surfboards make surfing more affordable and much safer!"  Costa Mesa
Stewart Surfboards 
Hats, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Towels, Mugs & Glassware, Stickers. Surfboards: Step Back Mai Tai Clydesdale The Solution Hydro Glide LSP Hydro Hull Funboard Fun Comp Fish (S-Rail) S-Series Colin Pro Colin Noserider Regal.  San Clemente
Surf Prescriptions by Jeff "Doc" Lausch 
"Welcome to the Surf Prescriptions' Website. My name is Jeff Lausch, most people call me 'Doc'. I got my nick name from an original H.B. punk rocker in 1980. I had a garage factory where I built Freedom Surfboards. 'Rex Collision' loved to give punk nick names. I was the recipient of 'Doc Mad' because of the dust mask I'd wear that looked somewhat like a doctor's mask, as I would emerge from the shaping room with my latest creation to the chorus of 'There's Doctor Mad'. I made the mistake of complaining about the 'Doc Mad' nick name, and well, the rest is as they say, history. In 1984 I got my first real factory and the Freedom Surfboards name just didn't seem to fit any more. I was 'Doc' to everyone but my Mom and the cops. So it was natural to name my surfboard company Surf Prescriptions By Jeff 'Doc' Lausch. It's been a long gradual upward climb to where Surf RX is today. I want to thank each and everyone who's ever tried one of my Surf Prescriptions. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. As for the future of Surf Prescriptions and the Surf Prescriptions Website, you'll have to stay tuned cause we're going off!" Dealers include: Huntington Surf & Sport, Rip Curl, Surfside Sports, Billabong, Ron Jon Surf Shop.  Huntington Beach
Surf Skate Supply 
Custom Surfboards, ...Lost Surfboards, Used Surfboards, Christian Fletcher Surfboards. Surf Accessories: Glass Barrels - Fine Resin Art, Island Style, Astrodeck Surf Traction Pads & Astrodeck Sandals. Clothing: Matt Archbold - Archy's Garage, Lost Enterprises, Balls Deep Boxers. Berserk Skateboards, 2-Tone Skateboards, Neon Skateboards, Stained Skateboards, Surf Skate Completes, OEM Skateboards. Skate Accessories: SK8-- Bearings Wheels ABEC 3 . 5 . 7 Head Rush Bearings, Wheels. Industrial Skateboard Trucks. Surf Team: Matt Archbold, Christian Fletcher, Gavin Beschen, Chris Ward, Nathan Fletcher, Geoff Brack, Pat Maus, John Robertson. Skate Team: Jason Jessee, Chad Shetler.  San Clemente
Surfboard Companies & Shapers List 
This is not from OC, but it is an awesome list of surfboard companies and surfboard shapers from all around the world.  
T. Patterson Surfboards 
"T. Patterson Surfboards was founded in 1980 by surfboard shaper Timmy Patterson. The Patterson family has a long history in the surfing industry and Timmy is the second generation shaper of the Patterson family. His father, Ronald Patterson, and his uncles, Robert and Raymond Patterson, have been involved in the surf industry since the inception in the 1950's. Prior to opening T. Patterson Surfboards, Tim shaped at Hobie Surfboards in Dana Point, California. It was there that he learned the art of shaping from legends such as Terry Martin, Dale Velzy, Mickey Munoz and Chris McElroy." Boards include: Retro Fish, Round Nose Fish, Gavin Beschen, Small Wave Assassinator, Built for Speed, Big Guy, Pato Model, 80s Model, The Pill, Twin Fish, Longboard, Performance Grom.  San Clemente
Terry Senate Surfboards 
Handcrafted Surfboards by Terry Senate. 6'4" Terry Senate with Drew Brophy artwork. 6'4" Thruster with original Drew Brophy wave artwork. 9'0" Balsa Longboard. Barrel of your Life (Thruster). Monster Tentrils (Baby swallow tail).  San Clemente
Victoria Skimboards 
Local dealers include: 15th Street Surf Shop, Becker Surf, Bruce Jones Surfboards, Capistrano Surf & Sport, Costa Azul, Fluid Surf & Sport, FrogHouse, Gold Coast Surf, The Green Room, Harbour Surfboards, Hobie Surf, Huntington Surf & Sport, In-Line Skate Specialist, Infinity Boardshop, Inflight Surf & Sail, Jack's Surfboards, Kanvas by Katin, Killer Dana Surf Shop, Laguna Surf & Sport, Life In Paradise, Main Beach Toys & Games, Main Street Surf Shop, Newport Beach Rental, Ohana Kemp Surfboards, On Board, Play it Again Sports, Sakel Surfboards, SoCal Surf & Sport, Sunny Smith Surf Shop, Surfside Sports, Thalia Street Surf Shop, Todos Santos Surf & Sport, Toes on the Nose.  Laguna Beach
Waterman's Guild 
Boards & Clothes by El Gran Jefe Gregorio Martz. "Serious Glass for Surf". Hopefully by the time you click on this link, they'll have removed the Latin and put in some English! "Intro Text - Nec fonte labra prolui caballino nec in bicipiti somniasse Parnaso memini, ut repente sic poeta prodirem. Heliconidasque pallidamque Pirenen 5illis remitto quorum imagines lambunt hederae sequaces."  Santa Ana
Wave Tools® Surfboards 
Lance Collins Surfboards. "Wave Tools Surfboards is a United States Registered Trade Mark All Rights Reserved since 1969 - Manufactured exclusively by Lance Collins Surfboards in Costa Mesa, California USA" Longboards, Shortboards, Funboards. T-Shirts, Leashes, Stickers, Wax, etc. Local Dealer: TK's FrogHouse.  Costa Mesa
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