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Employment Search Support Groups in Orange County, California

Life Skills Training Institute (LSTI) 
  • Executive Coaching: geared toward the manager who wishes to develop further skills within the workplace.
  • Women's Leadership Program: Specifically focused on women in business, this is a program of strategic guidance and empowering support for female leaders.
  • Workshops and Speaking Opportunities: focus on business performance, motivation, team-building, management, communication, organization, and leadership.
  • Career Coaching: for the person who wishes to improve their current career, begin a new one, analyze goals, and self-improve.
  • Life Coaching: for those who long for self-improvement in career, relationships, health, or overall wellness.
  • Mind and Body Health: a number of services are offered to help you energize, focus, relax, and relieve stress.
Let's face it, professionally or personally sometimes we could use some help, or at least a little more information, and that is where LSTI comes in. Understanding that your needs vary and time may be limited, we offer most of these services in-person, over the telephone, or online.
Manic Mondays 
"Manic Mondays is a networking group for people seeking work. We learn each others skills and desired positions and try to help other members with information that will lead to jobs. Inhouse or professional recruiters are welcome. We meet at Fuddrucker's in Buena Park at the corner of Beach Blvd. and Orangethorpe Ave. at 11:30 am each Monday."  Buena Park
Taco Tuesday 
"Taco Tuesday Career Networking group of South Orange County, California This list offers an online community for sharing leads, contacts, industry information and career events. I hope you find this list useful - any comments welcome! Please, when posting, use one of the following identifiers at the beginning of the Subject line, to make scanning of messages as efficient as possible: (lead), (event), (contact), (help), (intro), (discuss), (admin), (off topic)"  Lake Forest
Keith Weber
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