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SQL Structured Query Language Programmers in Orange County, California

Bizware Online Applications 
"Bizware Online Applications is a company of a dozen programmers dedicated to helping businesses migrate desktop applications to the internet. We have been in business in Orange County, CA since 1984, and have fielded over 300 online applications since 1994. We are specialists, software developers who focus on what we know how to do. We are, and we will continue to be, the best-of-breed experts in our field. Compared to our competitors, we are unique in what we do not do: We are not graphics designers. We are not an ad agency. We do not offer email and hosting except to our development clients. We are not an ISP. We do not write desktop software. We do not try to be all things to all people. This allows us to play well with others, to leverage the standards of the internet to solve your problems as a member of your team. We write quality software for online applications, typically as part of your business-to-business supply chain, your sales automation, and your geographic information systems. And we do it on time, under budget, and right the first time."  San Clemente
CIE Computer Information Enterprises 
"Computer Information Enterprises is a full-service systems integration company which specializes in the development of technology-based solutions. Working as a team, these skilled software designers and developers are available to perform all aspects of needs analysis, implementation planning, programming and systems integration. Products and services are provided for use on local and wide-area networks. Various tools are used including: Barcode support modules Crystal Reports Imaging components SQL Server Visual Basic Web interfaces"  Irvine
eBuilt, Inc. 
"eBuilt serves mid-market and large corporations, with many of our customers appearing on the Fortune 500 list. From legacy to leading-edge, eBuilt has the services, technical, and architectural experiences that match the requirements of large corporations with complex, mission-critical IT and applications needs. We have valuable horizontal skills in areas such as EAI, Portal Solutions, CRM, Business Intelligence, Content Management, and Enterprise Architecture. In many cases, we can apply both our subject-matter expertise and our business domain knowledge to vertical markets such as Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Distribution, High Technology, Entertainment, and eCommerce. eBuilt maintains technology partnerships with vendors in key product areas. These partnerships provide our consulting staff with training, technical support, and access to advance product releases. Our partnerships manifest themselves in the skills and experience our consultants have with their products. Some of our partners include: Ariba BEA IBM Interwoven Nuance Oracle Stellent Sun Tibco WebMethods "  Costa Mesa
Islander Software 
Expert level design, development, end-to-end debugging and performance optimization of eCommerce applications and integrations (EAI) in highly scalable n-tier architectures: MS SQL Server stored procedures, DTS conversions and database optimizations. Open, published APIs (XML, XSD, BizTalk, DTD, UDDI, WSDL); and development of robust, efficient, transparent processes for validating (MSXML), transforming (XSL) and routing requests (SOAP, Web Services) EDI x12 4010 transactions (810, 832, 850, 855, 856, 997) validation, mapping, conversion Transaction exchange over the internet using TCP, HTTP/S, Secure FTP, SMTP or EDI VANs Reports . web and forms based; status, data, analytical; access control setup and admin Middle tier components and interfaces using COM, ODBC, ADO, MSXML, ActiveX, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C/C++/C#, ASPEncrypt, GnuPG, WSH scripting and event driven status reporting Front end ASP / ASP.NET / DHTML / JavaScript / VBScript / ActiveX / SSL * Internet Information Server configuration and management scripts  Yorba Linda
O'Kane Websites 
"The Team at O'Kane offers a comprehensive set of web building skills, from Design, Graphics, and Product Photography, to Client and Server Side Coding. From a 'Get You Noticed' standpoint, we help clients implement online marketing programs that integrate with their traditional ones."  Irvine
SoftWerks Systems Group 
"SoftWerks Systems Group is in the business of making internet technologies work for you. Our ultimate goal is to provide businesses in need of internet services with new products and services. As experts in the field of internet solutions, SoftWerks Systems Group's internet professionals, technical consultants, engineers and developers work for you. SoftWerks Systems Group has the resources and capability to expose your products to businesses worldwide."  Costa Mesa
Tyrell Software 
"Imagine some of the brightest people in technology today becoming a part of your team. Imagine a team with an average of 15 years software engineering experience, well versed in agile development methods, Java and Unix-based technologies, and usage-centered design. Imagine the Tyrell Team working with you to build solutions that take your business places you never imagined possible."  Laguna Hills
Keith Weber
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