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Local Songwriters in Orange County, California

Anna Marie 
"It all started in the summer of 1991. . My parents purchased tickets to attend a Judd's Concert. I was very excited but had no idea the impact that this one show would have on my life. After seeing the mother-daughter combination put on an awesome show, I knew that this was what I wanted. I was going to play guitar and entertain anyone who would listen. After a year of begging my parents for a guitar, they finally bought me an old classical guitar and scheduled my first guitar lesson. Four years later I started singing at local open mic nights in town, and singing every Friday and Saturday night during my high school days. I also joined my high school's Swing Band. I took every chance I had to perform. I began writing my own material and eventually invited my sister-in-law, Tina Michelle to sing.... I now have established my band, a great group of accomplished musicians, songwriters and singer. I have played for such acclaimed artist as The Oakridge Boys, Billy Vera & The Beaters, The Nelson, Sally Taylor, Ty Herndon and Hal Ketchum. Music is in my blood, it will never go away. I write about what I feel, see and know is real. I set out to take my audience on an emotional roller coaster. One that will leave them wanting more...I hope you enjoy my website. "  
James Grey, Songwriter 
"James was born in an army hospital in Louisiana, a son of a sergeant and a military mother, - in the middle of a hurricane. Shortly after, he was whisked deep into heartland USA - Cleveland, Ohio. He loved music from the start. Barely four years old, his aunt would peek in with delight as James spent endless hours alone in the garage playing his makeshift drum kit assembled from boxes, with radios positioned to the left and right - for that perfect stereo sound. His first gig was for his elementary school, in a power pop trio with matching outfits to boot! He was certain of his calling before the applause died down. During the last days of high school his guitar rarely left his side. He performed the class song at the graduation ceremonies, and headed into college as a theory and composition major. Graduation found his Chevy nova packed with everything he owned - his guitars, amps, and wardrobe -consisting of jeans, T-shirts, and a leather, and headed west towards sunny Southern California.... A cross- pollination of styles influence his music. to consistently and effortlessly capture listeners from across the musical spectrum. His music has caught the attention of such acclaimed artists as Chicago, Go West, Gladys Knight, and Kenny Rankin. He calls Huntington Beach, CA. his hometown. When he’s not traveling up the road to L.A., or up in the sky all over the country, you may very well find James walking Huntington Beach Pier aimlessly ... one of his favorite pastimes."  Huntington Beach
Kip Corley aka Knightlyghter 
"I started writing around the age of 9. Was heavily influenced by Elvis Presley (as my 'father image', believe it or not) and by Neil Diamond as my 'Songwriting Mentor' (unbeknownst to him, of course). Taught myself to play the guitar. The rest is soon to be history! ... Soon you'll be able to easily find out all you've ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about 'Kaptain Corley', Knightlyghter and the co-horts with which they are associated.... I started N.O.C.S.S (pronounced knocks) to help give us songwriters a place to showcase our original songs. Mostly due to input from Just Plain folks, a non-profit songwriter's organization." Performs at Brea Bistro on Friday evenings.  
OC Songwriters 
"This is an exciting time for NSAI-OC and the Orange County music community. Here’s a run down on some of the cool happenings: 1. We have three different venues out there for original songs. Bill Storms hosts Songwriter’s Night at Players in Costa Mesa. Anna Marie hosts Martini Blues in Huntington Beach. Cliff and Bev Nelson host House Concert at the Nelson’s in Irvine. All of these are great opportunities to perform and hear terrific original music. 2. Quite a few of our advanced writers just got back from successful trip to Nashville. They recorded songs that had been critiqued by the group, and now are getting attention in Nashville. They met with Industry people, up and coming artists, and hit songwriters. These advanced writers are leading the 'Mini Sessions' of the meeting from 4 – 5 p.m., Dave Smith, Dee Briggs, and Bill Storms. By doing this, they are there to teach us all what they have learned. 'A rising tide lifts all boats.' We wouldn’t be able to do everything without our very knowledgeable and giving Executive Team of Sharlin Craig, Dave Smith, Bill Storms, and Dee Briggs!! Like us, they are here to answer your questions and help you on your journey. We’d also like to thank Josh Rush and computer genius, Spencer, for creating and running! Thanks so Much! Bye for Now, Cliff and Bev Nelson"  
"Meet ORION … Three guys that truly love music. Founded by Kenny Hale, ORION is a full time band that makes its living playing, writing, and recording their own material. (They performed over 170 live shows in 2004.) ORION’s music is a Rock n’ Roll mixture of Pop, Alternative, and Classic Rock. Their songs deal with the human condition and present it clear and unguarded." Mike Norton, Kenny Hale & Dave Goode.  Huntington Beach
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