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Smog Test Only Stations in Orange County, California

Aliso Smog Check Only 
"We take the worry away from your next Smog Test! There is always a certain amount of worry and suspense every time you have to get your car smogged. Will it pass? While we can do nothing about the test itself, the best we can do is make you feel at ease by offering you quick and efficient service with a smile. You no longer have to take the Certificate to the DMV! Our latest computerized system does it for you, once the test is finished the certificate is automatically sent online to the DMV. No Appointment Necessary! We are one of the few Smog Test Only Stations in Orange County with two lanes! This allows us to expedite the process and keep your wait to a minimum."  Aliso Viejo
All Smogs Smog Test Only Centers 
"Motorists who have a vehicle that requires a smog check prior to registration are notified by the DMV approximately 90 days before the registration is due. A percentage will be directed to a test-only facility, while the remainder may go to any state certified smog check station. As the name implies, test-only centers are authorized to provide only a smog test and are certified to perform ALL smog checks, re-registration, change of ownership, out-of-state registration, gross polluters, smog check and, of course, test only. The ADVANTAGE you have by coming to us is simple: We sell you a test and ONLY THE TEST. We are not motivated to sell you repairs, because we can't perform repairs. If your vehicle should fail, you will be given the test results, which will guide you toward narrowing in on what repairs need to be done. Once you have those repairs done by your own service facility, bring your car back in to us. Our tests are not bias in any way!"  Santa Ana, Whittier
Bellflower Smog Test Only Center/Smog Checks R Us 
"A Test Only Center is exactly like a regular smog check station except that they do not and cannot do any vehicle repair. They can do oil changes but very few elect this option. If your car failed the smog check, they cannot change your oil , if the oil change might be part of the smog repair. Test only centers only do smog checks. They have the same Smog Test equipment as a Test and Repair Station. If you fail at a Test Only Center, you go to a state certified Smog Test and Repair Station for your repair, or you can fix it yourself. After your vehicle is repaired, you go back to the Test Only Center for the final smog test. The state picks out a percentage of the vehicle population. These vehicles are required to go to a Test Only Center. The state of California monitors all Smog Checks that have been done statewide. Based on this, they pick out Test Only Center directed vehicles. They call them H.E.P. ( High Emitter Profile ) vehicles. Just to be fair they also pick some vehicles at random . If you have a 4 or 5 year old model vehicle, and you got picked for Test Only, you are one of the random selections. Why are Smog Test Only Centers so exspensive ? Test Only Centers recieve state directed vehicles, they do not compete with the Test and Repair stations.Test and Repair Stations far out number Test Only Centers." Associated with Superior Lube & Tune.  Whittier
EZ Smog Official Test Only Station 
"Let EZ Smog Check take the stress out of your next smog check! You can schedule an appointment or just walk in, and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any of your smog check questions while you enjoy a free soda or bottled water at any EZ Smog location. Our state of the art equipment will send your smog test results automatically to the DMV. So that means no more waiting in long lines. We also employ only certified Advanced Emissions Specialists so you can have your vehicle tested quickly and accurately by a professional only. How quickly? How about 15 minutes, Guaranteed! We guarantee to have your smog check done in 15 minutes or less or your smog certificate is FREE! (With an appointment) And remember we are an official Test Only Station so you wonít have to deal with pushy salesmen trying to sell you unwanted service. Canít make it during business hours? Now we can even schedule you an after hours appointment for those early risers and night owls."  Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, San Clemente
SmogTime Smog-Only Test Stations 
"Smog Only Stations Four Locations To Serve You No Appointment Necessary Fast, Friendly Service Convenient Locations"  Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange, Tustin
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