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Molly Gutman Piano and Voice Instruction 
Molly Gutman believes that anyone can learn to sing and play the piano, no matter how early or late in life you're beginning. So start now and look through her website to get a better idea of who she is and what she can do for you. At her voice lessons, you will • learn breath control • eliminate the break between chest and head voice • increase power • increase your range • eliminate strain • practice audition techniques if interested • perfect your style • and learn new repertoire provided by me or practice music you bring in—anything from classical all the way through pop and rock. Whether you are interested in taking a strict classical approach or in learning how to accompany yourself on your favorite pop song, Molly will tailor a program to fit your goals. Although she specializes in voice and piano, she can also help you with basic musicianship skills, including sight singing, solfeggio, ear training, and music theory. Transcription Services: If there is a song you would like to sing or play that does not have sheet music or the sheet music is at the wrong level for you, Molly can write out the sheet music for you. Molly has been a musician for over 19 years. She was trained in vocal technique by Andrew Boettner and Bruce McClurg and studied vocal performance techniques in New York City under vocal coach Jay Bradley. She was also classically trained in piano by teachers Rizia Lin and Ron Anderson and has progressed up to level 10 in the Certificate of Merit program. She has passed auditions at the international level, apprenticed on Broadway, studied at Columbia University and the University of Oxford, taught musical theater, and toured Italy with the Chapman University Choir.  Costa Mesa
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