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Scuba Diving Lessons in Orange County, California

Aquatic Center 
"The Aquatic Center has been family owned for nearly 40 years. So, our clients can rely on us for superior service. Would you like to experience the awesome wonder of the world's least explored frontier? All it takes is a few nights during ONE WEEK - and the desire to expand your experiences!... Yes, we have a refresher course for those of you that have been away from the water for just a tad-bit too long. Only one evening and $140 will get you back into the deep. You owe it to yourself. This is the time of the year to enjoy the ocean. Don't wait too long! There are beautiful diving conditions out there.... Yes, we have advanced classes in several areas. The Open Water course teaches you just the basics of diving. There is not time enough in a basic course to go beyond the simple concepts and skills. The key issue in SCUBA is to know one's own limitations and be able to recognize problems before they arise. The Aquatic Center's Advance Dive courses should be your next step toward becoming a safer, more skillful and relaxed diver - who can really enjoy the water.... Mike Eimers has completed his Master Instructor certification, the highest level of certification available from SSI (Scuba School International). He has over 3000 logged dives. Mike has been diving for more than 9 years, and has completed the following specialty courses: Boat Diving Deep Diving Underwater Navigation Limited Visibility/Night Diving Computer Diving Wave, Tides and Currents Equipment Dry Suit Diving Spearfishing Stress and Rescue" Website includes a "Find a Buddy" list.  Newport Beach
Liburdi's Dive and Photo 
"In 1972 Joe opened his first of three dive shops in the Pacific Northwest.. In 1991 Joe and his sons founded Liburdi's Scuba Center, one of the industry's foremost training and retail facilities and the largest dealer of underwater imaging equipment in Southern California. Joe retired from the retail sector in 2005 but continued to teach underwater imaging and lead photo adventures around the world. Joe is an industry pioneer. The white hair is testament to a career spanning 57 years. But his enthusiasm for diving and photography keep him young. And now Joe's love of the sport has lured him out of retirement and back into retail with Joe Liburdi's Dive & Photo. He may well be the oldest man to ever open a dive shop. He certainly is the most experienced."  Irvine, Newport Beach
Keith Weber
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