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Religious Private Schools in Orange County, California

Acacia College Preparatory Academy 
Elementary, Jr. High & High School. "Our primary purpose and focus is to develop the God-given humanity of young people by building their character and equipping them with the ability to be fully useful to the Lord and society. The Acaciawood motto, 'Strong in Character, High in Standard', best expresses this philosophy. We believe that a strong character is the foundation for all lasting human success and accomplishment. Our hope is that by using various tools we can train and develop the character and morality of our students and inspire them to attain to their highest potential, thereby producing young people prepared and equipped to meet life's challenges. The primary tool we use to develop character is demanding academic rigor. This serves to train the mind, teach goal setting and achievement, diligence in work ethic, and perseverance to attain high standards of personal development. Acaciawood also uses the AGATE Society, academic competitions, extra-curricular activities, and athletics to teach character traits and inspire students to excellence. We focus our curriculum on the core subjects. In high school we offer a college preparatory curriculum and honors level course in nearly every discipline. In junior high school we teach study skills in all subjects in conjunction with core material, and we use writing across the curriculum to enhance the comprehension and articulation of learned subject matter in all courses." Has an ESL Summer Camp.  Anaheim
Calvary PK-8 Yorba Linda Christian School 
"The purpose of Calvary Christian School is to teach our students the usual subjects taught in public education as well as the tenets of Biblical faith. The objectives of the school are centered around five basic character builders: 1. To Establish Christian Truth as a Guide for Life. 2. To Maintain a High Academic Standard. 3. To Instill Pure Morals in the Heart of the Student. 4. To Generate a Spirit of Patriotism. 5. To Live a Disciplined Life."  Yorba Linda
Pathway School 
"Pathway School, a new school opening in South Orange County next fall, is prepared to step into the fight to pierce the darkness of illiteracy and social isolation for these children. Through the power of God, Pathway will provide an opportunity to educate the minds and spirits of capable children who fail to learn when taught by traditional teaching methods. In the past, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, J.F.K., Winston Churchill, and Jesse Owens all struggled as students with learning problems. Some were assessed as mentally deficient, even mentally retarded, in elementary school."  San Juan Capistrano
St. Catherine K-8 Catholic School 
"Our school is forty-five years old and is still going strong! We enjoy an excellent reputation in the community for providing a quality Catholic education for the students we serve. We have been blessed with wonderfully supportive parents, hard working and enthusiastic children, a dedicated faculty and staff, and clergy who not only support our school but, more importantly, guide us in our spiritual journey to grow closer to Jesus. In terms of our students, we will continue to offer an academically challenging curriculum that meets individual needs. Every student is a unique child of God with personal gifts and talents. We strive to help each child reach their full potential. Our goal is to graduate students who are prepared for the world in which they live. As adults they would be people of high moral standards, who are contributing members of society, who live the gospel message to do service for others, and who embrace the concept of social justice for all. In terms of the facility, we are doing some long-range planning to improve and enhance what we already have in this beautiful setting of Laguna Beach. In terms of our families, we will continue to be ever grateful for the precious children they share with us each day. We take our responsibility to partner with them in the education of their children very seriously. Saint Catherine Catholic School will continue to provide a foundation in faith, in a Christ centered environment for all of its children." - Pat Prerost, Principal  Laguna Beach
St. Catherine's K-8 Military Academy 
"Providing a safe, Catholic, formative, educational environment, which is enhanced by the charism of the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose and a military tradition for boys in K through 8th grade. Both day and resident program."  Anaheim
St. John's Episcopal PK-8 School 
"Set on eight beautiful acres in the community of Rancho Santa Margarita, St. Johnís provides a safe, wholesome environment for a maximum of 880 students. From Preschool through Grade 8, our well-rounded curriculum ensures that each child develops in mind, body and spirit. St. Johnís Episcopal school is an independent, church-affiliated elementary school enrolling boys and girls in three-year-old Preschool through Grade 8. Located in Orange County about 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Rancho Santa Margarita (population 35,131) is a picturesque, Spanish-style town a short distance from the Santa Ana Mountains and vast expanses of national forest. Students come from Rancho Santa Margarita as well as Coto de Caza (Trabuco Canyon), Irvine, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, and other towns in Orange County."  Rancho Santa Margarita
Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School 
"Welcome to the Tarbut V'Torah School Website. We want to thank those around the world who have contributed, and continue to contribute to make Tarbut V'Torah one of the finest learning institutions in the land. Our Mission is to provide students with excellence in secular studies, intensive Judaic background, varied experiences (e.g. athletics, art, music, technology, community service) and a strong sense of justice. Founded in 1991 by Holocaust survivor Irving Gelman, the profile of our school is quite interesting. Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School, an elementary, middle and high school educational facility located in Irvine, California, has gained national recognition for its award-winning 10.5 acre campus that opened in 1997 with more than 330 students. In addition, the school was awarded the National Distinguished Blue Ribbon Award in 1999. A surge in enrollment prompted a campus expansion in September of 2002: Eleven acres were added and a new middle and high school was constructed to accommodate increased enrollment for all grade levels. The campus to date now ecompasses 21.5 acres and 150,000 square feet of structures. Dedicated to providing a program of academic excellence in both secular and Judaic studies, Tarbut V'Torah's mission is to create a nurturing atmosphere that fosters positive self-esteem, and to challenge students not only in core curricula, but in specialized areas in technology and the arts. Foremost, we strive to instill in our students a strong sense of Jewish values, ethics and identity."  Irvine
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