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Tamiya America, Inc. 
Manufacturer of R/C Remote Control: Quick Drive R/C Series, Ready to Run XB Series, Radio Controlled Tank Series, TL-01 Chassis Cars, TB-01 Chassis Cars, TB-02 Chassis Cars, TT-01 Chassis Cars, TA03 Chassis Cars, 1/14 Scale R/C Tractor Trucks, Ready to Run XBG Series, Ready to Run Nitro Trucks, TA04 Chassis Cars, TRF Series, M-Chassis Cars, FF02 Chassis Cars, Buggies, GT / F-1 / Indy Cars, 1/10 Scale R/C Boy's 4WD Racer Series, Trucks, 1/8 Scale R/C Glow Engine Series, 1/10 Scale R/C Glow Engine Series, CC Chassis Cars. Plastic Models: 1/700 Scale Waterline Series, 1/32 Scale Aircraft Series, 1/72 Scale War Bird Collection, 1/12 Scale Motorcycle Series, 1/35 Scale Military Miniature Series, 1/48 Scale Aircraft Series, 1/24 Scale Sports Car Series, 1/20 Scale Grand Prix Collection, 1/16 Scale Military Big Tank Series, 1/16 Scale World Figure Series, 1/36 Scale Prehistoric World Series, Tamiya Display Cases, 1/48 Scale Military Miniature Series, 1/50 Scale Aircraft Series, 1/100 Scale Aircraft Series, 1/350 Scale Ship Series, 1/35 Scale Dinosaur Diorama Series, 1/6 Big Scale Motorcycle Series, 1/12 Big Scale Racing Series, 1/12 Scale Master's Coachwork Series. Mini 4WD: 1/32 Scale Fully Cowled Mini 4WD Series, 1/32 Scale Aero Mini 4WD Series, 1/32 Scale Mini 4WD Mechanical Series, 1/32 Scale Mighty Mini 4WD Series, 1/32 Scale Super Mini 4WD Series, 1/32 Scale Mini 4WD Series, 1/32 Scale Wild Mini 4WD Series, Dangun Racers Series. Educational Toys: Line Tracing Snail, Earth Moving Dump Truck, Walking Dinosaur, Walking Turtle, Traction Trike, Working Wood Cutter, Rowboat, Walking Elephant, Remote Controlled Bulldozer, Power Shovel/Dozer, Tracked Vehicle Chassis, Amphibious Vehicle, Remote Controlled Forklift, 4WD Chassis, Aerial Ropeway Set, Formula-1 Chassis, Motorized Vehicle Chassis, Wall Hugging Mouse, F-1 Assembly, Walking Triceratops, Walking Tyrannosaurus, Flying Seagull Display, Buggy Car Chassis, Remote Control Robot Construction Set, Solar Eagle, Solar Car 'Solaemon-Go', Solar Car Honda Dream, Solar Car Kyocera 'Son of Sun', Solar Motors, Solar Batteries, Solar Car Assembly, Solar Powered Dragonfly, Solar Car Kyocera 'Blue Eagle', Solar Car Toyota Rara X. Robotics & Construction: Pulley Sets, Remote Control Boxes, Shaft Sets, Track & Wheel Sets, Light-Sensitive Switches, Electronic Buzzers, Micro Switches, Sound-Activated Switches, Momentary Switches, Slide Switches, 3 Position Switches, Toggle Switches, Universal Plates, Self-Neutral Toggle Switches, Parallel Cord, Universal Arm, Planetary Gear Box, 3-Speed Crank Axle Gear Box, Twin Motor Gear Box, Universal Gear Box, High Speed Gear Box H.E., High Power Gear Box H.E., 4-Speed Crank Axle Gear Box, 6 Speed Gear Box H.E., Worm Gear Box H.E., Offroad Tires, Truck Tire Set, Narrow Tire Set, Sports Tire Set, Ladder-Chain & Sprocket Set, Ball Caster, Pulley Unit Set, Remote Control Robot Construction Set. Mechanical Robocraft Series: Beetle (Obstacle Evading Type), Kargaroo (Two-Leg Jumping), Ostrich (Two Leg Walking), Giraffe (Four-Leg Walking), Insect, Boxing Fighter, Rabbit (Hopping), Pig, Dog (4-Leg Walking), Turtle (Crawling), Tiger (Four-Leg Walking). Tools: Finishing Supplies, Putties, R/C & Electrical, Airbrushes. Apparel & Accessories: Tamiya Logo, USA, Silhouette, Racing Factory, Terra Crusher T-Shirts, Long Sleeve, Jacket, Polo, Apron, Hat, Keychain, Mousepad, Mug, Pit Towel, Logo Clock. Paints: Spray for Polycarbonate (PS), Spray for Aircraft (AS), Acrylic Paints, Spray Paints, Paint Markers, Polycarb Markers. "Created to offer premium quality hobby products to the U.S. market, Tamiya America, Inc. was established in 1989 in Los Angeles, California. In 1992 it relocated to a 14-acre site in Aliso Viejo, California with a 52,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art distribution facility and a 21,000 sq. ft. administrative center that coordinates sales, marketing and customer service. In addition, the facility includes a showroom where Tamiya products are continuously on display. Tamiya America, Inc. sponsors the annual Tamiya/Con model contest and the Tamiya Championship Series races (TCS). TCS races are held monthly at venues around the country and culminate in the National Championship Event which is held once a year at the Tamiya America raceway that resides immediately adjacent to the distribution and administrative center. In addition to technical support for all Tamiya products, Tamiya America offers a variety of customer and dealer support programs including trade shows, hobby shop races and Tamiya Mini 4WD Challenge races."  Aliso Viejo
Keith Weber
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