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Rescue Organizations in Orange County, California

Animal Assistance League of OC 
"The Animal Assistance League of Orange County is a non-profit humane society dedicated to aiding lost and homeless pets, helping people with pet related problems, promoting responsible pet-ownership and pet population control, and preventing cruelty to animals through educational programs."  
Animal Network of Orange County 
"Animal Network was founded By DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, who also founded, Community Animal Network a non-profit vet medical rescue 501.3C that rescues local death row shelter and abandoned animals. Network placement dollars protect Community Animal Network's donated dollars by taking all operations debt. Community Animal Network's donated dollars go only to vet services and medical supplies, food and care of the rescue animals."  Newport Beach
Bunny Bunch S.P.C.R. 
"We are based in Southern California and have chapters in San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County & San Diego. We also have a Reach Out America Program with volunteers in many different states.... We firmly believe in the best possible care for our rabbits. They are all spayed or neutered before we even consider them for adoption. All potential bunny parents must complete a written application and a personal interview. When we feel we have found a suitable family, we perform an initial home visit. Once approved, we help the new parents with setup and care of their new family member. Afterwards, we follow up to ensure continuing quality care of our furry friends. If for any reason you're are unable to keep your rabbit, Please Do Not Let It Loose! Domestic rabbits WILL NOT survive in the wild. And, do not give it away to someone you do not know. Many times animals are gathered and used in testing cosmetics and other products. Contact us if you don't have a good alternative for your rabbit. "  Chino
CARE Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort 
"As each dog or cat arrives into the programs of CARE, all necessary veterinary care is provided by CARE. All animals are checked by one or more of the Veterinarians helping CARE with a hands on check up including internal parasites, fleas, and ear mites. Each is given treatments and immunizations should they be required. Cats and kittens are checked for both feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia. Dogs and puppies are checked for heartworm, and all animals are treated accordingly. Many of our pets come with AVID microchips installed to assist in identification should a disaster strike and they become separated from their new homes. To reduce the pet overpopulation problems, all dogs and cats are spayed/neutered prior to placement into their new permanent homes. Today all of our dogs and cats are placed with CARE foster families, if one is available. Foster families are CARE volunteers who generously open their homes to animals in need. The cats and dugs are provided with a caring, nurturing atmosphere to facilitate their well-being. While in foster care, we gain an understanding of the animals' needs and their personality traits and share this information with potential adopters. Foster homes work with adoption coordinators to match the animals with suitable permanent families. All supplies such as food, dishes, and collars are provided to the foster family by CARE. CARE needs additional foster homes that can provide homes for medium to large size dogs."  San Juan Capistrano
Modjeska Ranch Rescue 
"The Modjeska Ranch Rescue was founded in February of 2001 by Teresa and Russ, and has been kept going with lots of great support and patience from them as well as our volunteers."  
New Beginnings for Animals 
"We are a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to rescuing animals from shelters. We give the rescued animal appropriate immunizations, alter them as necessary, validate their temperament and socialization abilities and make them available for adoption. Our goal is to save an animal from euthanasia and to place it in a new, loving home which will be a beneficial, nurturing, and symbiotic environment for both the saved pet and its new owners. We rescue and adopt out dogs, both large and small, puppies, cats, and kittens."  Mission Viejo
Orange County Cavy Haven (Guinea Pig Rescue) 
"When most people consider homeless animals, they usually think about cats and dogs. True, most of the animals in shelters worldwide fall into these categories. Did you know that there are hundreds of homeless birds, rodents, reptiles, and other small companion pets in shelters and rescues and that these animals are not always listed on shelter websites? Because of this many people wind up buying guinea pigs in pet stores, while guinea pigs are being euthanized in shelters, primarily due to limited space and lack of adopters. But why do guinea pigs wind up in shelters? Primarily, they come from homes where they were considered to be cheap, disposable 'pocket pets' useful as starter animals for children. Since pet stores usually do a terrible job of educating people about cavy care, these guinea pigs are frequently neglected and unhealthy. So what does a rescue do? Well, we maintain contact with volunteers at the shelters, and when guinea pigs arrive, they notify us and we try to make space. Priority is always given to guinea pigs in high-kill shelters or those who charge only a minimum adoption fee, because reptile owners often seek out these shelters for snake food.... OCCH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity. In addition to shelter outreach, we coordinate a private adoption program and attend many local events where we provide public education and fun accessories for all kinds of small pets."  Tustin
Orange County Humane Society 
The Orange County Humane Society helps "Pets looking for good homes."  Dana Point
Orange County Humane Society 
"California's Directory of Pet Adoption Resources." Great Resource!  Huntington Beach
Pacific Marine Mammal Center 
Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization located in Laguna Beach, California. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured marine mammals that strand along the coastline. Once recovered, the animals are then released back into their natural habit. We also strive to increase public awareness of the marine environment through education and research. We are the only Center of our kind in Orange County, and function solely on the donations of the public. We are open every day for animal viewing from 10 AM- 4PM, free of charge.  Laguna Beach
Pet Pro Life 
"Saving unwanted cats and dogs in Southern California since 1994. Our goal is to decrease the total number of animals being euthanized in animal shelters each year by finding new, permanent homes for them and by creating public awareness of our cause through education programs and grass roots community networking. Our animals come from a variety of circumstances. Some are rescued from 'Death Row' at local shelters, while others are brought to us by their owners as an alternative to the shelter."  Huntington Beach
The Pet Project Foundation 
"The Pet Project Foundation (PPF) was formed by the recent merger of the Animal Rescue Foundation of Dana Point (ARF) and the Friends of San Clemente Animals (FOSCA).... Lost and abandoned animals have a second chance at a good life– thanks to the Pet Project Foundation and the San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter.... This special shelter provides food, housing, exercise, medical care, and love for homeless animals until they are reunited with their owners or permanent, loving homes are found."  San Clemente
Second Chance Pet Adoptions 
"We seek homes for unwanted, abandoned or stray animals through the process of adoption, which includes a veterinarian’s health check for the animal and a screening of the prospective owner, to help ensure that the pet and its new owner will be compatible. If for any reason they are not compatible, we take back the pet, who will again be offered for adoption." Shirley Schuster - "The Cat Lady."  Huntington Beach
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