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Bartlett Classic Surfboards 
"Bartlett Classic Surfboards is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the classic surfboard. The cornerstone of our business is the expert craftsmanship of my brother, Jeff Bartlett. This web page also provides a forum for the sale of all classic surfboards through our Sales Department. Our goal is to provide a market place for all classic surfboards to achieve maximum benefit for both buyer and seller. We also offer fine art related to surfing through our Art Department. Our Appraisal Department allows the visitor to grade and value their classic surfboard and offers individual consultation. Our Museum provides the visitor with a view of special classic surfboards. The finest in surfboard mounting systems is offered through our relationship with Sho-Off surfboard racks. Welcome to the first web page dedicated to the preservation and restoration of classic surfboards…… on the Net since 1997."  Irvine
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