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TaskMan Consulting
Simple eWaste Electronics Recycling

Newspaper, Aluminum Can, PET Plastic Recyclers in Orange County, California

A&M Metals 
"Serving Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties since 1952. Now Providing Proper Disposal of Computer Monitors, Televisions and CRT-containing e-Waste Aggressive Buyer of Scrap Metals and Industrial Materials Full Service Drive-Thru Centrally located near the junctions of I-5, 57, 22, 55 and 405 freeways. Speedy Commercial Pick-up Service Mitigate liability and free up valuable warehouse space NOW."  Santa Ana
Sunwest Metals, Inc. 
"Top Prices Paid: Aluminum Cans Aluminum Brass Copper Steel Carbide Lead Radiators Insulated Wire Excess Inventory Stainless Solder Alloys Hi-Temp Alloys Electric Motors Corrugated Newspapers C.P.O. White Ledger Colored Ledger Glass Plastic And More... Sunwest Metals Purchases Scrap Metal from Manufacturing Companies If your company makes use of metal as a manufacturing component, we can be of service to you. Our suppliers originate from various industries such as high-tech manufacturers & electronics, machine shops, screw machine shops, metal fabricators, stamping houses, and any manufacturing business requiring cutting or 'working' metal parts. Since 1981, our suppliers have come to appreciate the advantages offered by doing business with Sunwest Metals."  Anaheim
Keith Weber
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