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Surfing Clubs, Organizations, Associations in Orange County, California

Doheny Longboard Surfing Association 
"The Doheny Longboard Surfing Association is an organization comprised of individuals dedicated to the enjoyment of board surfing in a clean and natural environment. In relation to that philosophy, the DLSA will act as a support group to other organizations with similar views and objectives."  Dana Point
HB Longboard Crew Surfing Club 
"The Longboard Crew has supported surfing. Club members are all ages and abilities. We boast some of the hottest surfers. Joey Hawkins, Josh Mohr, Danny Nichols, John Taylor, David Nuuhiwa, Al Miller, Kelly Kraushaar, Bill Sr/Billy Jr Hopkins, Mike Minchinton, Kim Hamrock, Acey Aseltine, Eva Lewington, Shannon Gibson, Margeaux Hamrock, Bob 'Da Greek' Bolen, Mickie Rat Ester, Gary 'Seahag' Sahagen, Trevor Waring, Nick Lopez, John Edwards, Kyle Harvel, Eddie Enriquez, Dave Carlos and Bruce Gabrielsonhave graced the ranks of the Longboard Crew Hall of Fame. We embrace all wave riding vehicles, including shortboards, twin fins and old wood boards. Our focus is to have fun while raising money for worthy causes. Member's ages range from 11 to over 75 years old. Da Crew members are well traveled and have excursions to remote areas of the world. When we get together it's normally just for fun in Surf City. The club hosts tournaments, monthly meetings, amateur surf team for CSC events and other fun social events for its members."  Huntington Beach
Long Beach Surf Club 
"The Long Beach Surf Club is a not for profit organization for educational purposes. Its principal objective is to preserve and promote appreciation for ocean related recreational activities. LBSC is a family oriented club built on Pride and Integrity with a goal of continually improving and excelling in both mind and body on and off the water."  Long Beach
San Clemente Body Surfing Club 
"End of Summer 1999 The San Clemente Body Surfing Club had a fantastic summer with many new members, lots of great waves and best of all, many new friendships were made, and old ones cemented! The summer started out with warm water and sunny skies, good friends and some mild swells. Then somehow Seattle sent it's weather patterns down south and we had weeks of overcast and worse of all -- the water went from 70 to 62 overnight! However, this turn of events did little to detour our devoted (crazed?) members. Every Wednesday night the crew would gather under the palapa at North Beach. The regulars included - yours truly (Scot E. Ferris), Don and Susie Long, Mila and Kurt Finlay (who always brought a giant basket of fresh home-baked Snickerdoodle cookies!), John 'Dr. John' and Eileen 'Dr. Eileen' Seibert (thanks for the firepit and wood!), Al 'The Hooded Wonder' White and his awesome salads, The Saunders Clan (all seven of them, Bill, Sherry, Kerri, Scotty, Bridget, Dennis and Kurt, Tim and Scott (with two 'T's'), Eric, the police dude with the Fu-Manchu who was always on patrol, and the homeless guy who always had his bedroll and 'house' rolled out under the palapa when we showed up. I know I've forgotten somebody, so let me know and I'll add your name to the list."  San Clemente
San Onofre Surfing Club 
Established in 1952.  San Clemente
Sea Sister dot com 
Dedicated to lady surfers...  
Women's Longboard Club ("WLC") 
"The Women’s Longboard Club is a relaxed club designed to give women the opportunity to meet other girls to go surfing with. Everytime I give a girl a surf lesson I am asked if I know any other girls/women they can go surfing with. This is how the WLC was brought about. The friendships that have been developed through the club have been wonderful and I am stoked with all my new friends. Once a year we have a campout and our annual X-mas exchange. Occasionally we have an evening meeting or attend special events. This year I was able to provide the club with free tickets to a premier showing of the Movie 'Blue Crush'. We also have surf clinics every few months for members only. ( reduced rate). If you check the web site we also have some sponsors that will give you discounts on their products."  Huntington Beach
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