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Motocross Tracks in Orange County, California

Costa Mesa Speedway 
They are celebrating 40 years of speedway this season! "Professional Speedway motorcycle racing has a long and rich history at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. Since 1969 the weekly Speedway motorcycle races at Costa Mesa Speedway have been the only reason for Saturday nights! Anyone who has not attended this Friday night tradition has missed a spectacle unmatched in all motorsports. Every Saturday from April through September the smell of Castor Oil fills the air as the top Speedway racers in the United States compete handle bar to handle bar on their methanol burning, brakeless motorcycles. International Speedway’s goal has always been to offer our customers the most exciting accessible and inexpensive event in motorsports and we will continue with that commitment! It's not just that the racing is spectacular and exciting and features America's top racers, it's also the place to be because it's the best show in Southern California and a convenient place for the whole family to spend a stimulating, inexpensive evening!" (Thanks to Dennis Preston for sending us updated links for this site.)  Costa Mesa
El Cajon Motocross Park 
"Committed to providing a first-class motocross facility accessible to everyone in San Diego County, we feature 2 great tracks for riders of all ages - a fun, challenging supercross-style track, and a pee-wee track for our smaller fans. All our tracks are groomed, watered and maintained religously. We have flaggers and medical staff on-site at all times, and you can even enjoy a cold refreshment from our friendly sign-up staff!"  El Cajon
Glen Helen Off Road Park 
"Featuring an excellent outdoor style track. The track is a combination of natural and man made terrain with many turns and jumps. The soil is sandy in places and semi-hard pack in others. There is also a supercross track that is used for Stadiumcross racing. There is also a PeeWee track and the REM Racing/Vinatgetrack. There is a concession stand on the premises, open on race days. There are permanent and portable, clean restrooms available. There are grandstands for the International track with plenty of seating and most of the track is visible from them. "  
Perris Raceway Motocross Complex 
"As of January 1, 2000, ZLT Racing is known as Perris Raceway L.L.C., P.M.A. - Perris Motorsports Association. There has been no change in management, only the name has changed. We here at Perris Raceway would like to THANK all the riders and supporters who have made it possible for us to accomplish what we have. Without support such as this, none of this could have happened. A big thumbs up for all of you... We have expanded our Pee Weez Track for our future Supercross Stars, as well as our Outdoor Motocross Track. The V.P. Leap has been filled in to make it safer for a wider variety of riders, while still providing a challenge to the pro rider. Many of the jumps have been rounded and other changes are being made to improve the quality of our track. Many comments and suggestions from our riders is what prompted these changes. Thanks to those who spoke up. Your input is what will make our facility a better place for everyone. For the 2004 season, we are currently working on making an area for Flat Track Racing. Check our web site frequently for more details... We try to cover all areas of the motorcycle industry by developing a facility that includes something to do for EVERYONE, thus opening up new ways the entire family can enjoy their weekends. No minors allowed to ride without parent or legal age adult and all riders must be IMSA Members. "  Perris
Racetown Motocross Complex 
"Pee Wee Track - 50cc and 60cc. Beginner Track - all bikes. Main Track - all bikes. Supercross Track - pro license only and you must call for the schedule. 15 miles north of I-15 on the west side of Hwy 395, just north of Adelanto. Local area maps are available at the gate."  Adelanto
Saddleback Motorsports Park 
"The Saddleback Motorsports Park team is continuing to work diligently towards the development of a first class motocross facility in Orange County. Although the project is taking much longer to complete than we originally expected, we are still optimistic that this project will ultimately succeed. Having learned that delays are inevitable and often out of our control, we are hesitant to estimate our future opening date. We will update everyone as often as possible and thank you for your patience. We continue to request your support and are checking our email and phone messages daily. However, due to the volume of calls and email, we are not able to respond to inquiries individually. We can be reached at 949-786-6269 or Thank you again for your patience and support. The emails, phone calls, and letters have been extremely encouraging and have provided us with many additional ideas as we design a first class facility. "  Tustin
StarWest Motocross Park 
"Main Track This track offers a challenging layout for all level of riders. There are obstacles consisting of doubles, table tops, whoops, and rhythm sections. Races on this track have classes from 50cc riders to vets to women to pros. Pee Wee Track This track is very user friendly for beginners. It has a layout consisting of small jumps for all kids to practice on until they are confident enough to move up to the Main Track. Races on this track have beginner and novice level riders on 50cc and 65cc two-strokes, and four-strokes up to 110cc. XR50 races for adults are becoming very popular on this track during the Saturday Night Races."  Perris
Victorville Motocross Complex 
"This track is located just outside (North) of Victorville."  Victorville
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