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Motocross in Orange County, California

Excel-Pics Motocross Photography Service 
"The pursuit of excellence, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. These are the moments in Motocross that we all experience and these are the images that are so difficult to capture. My name is Peter Golden and I shoot Excel-Pics for fun and with the hopes that you will buy them. If you ride the El Cajon Motocross Park, Barona Oaks, Perris Raceway or Glen Helen Off Road Park there may already be photos of you on this site. Simply go to See Pics and click on the date you were there. Jot down the file number(s) of the pics you want, then go to Order Pics or call me at (619) 444-1072 or just hand me the list."  
Final Lap Motocross Magazine 
"The west coast amateur motocross magazine. Focusing on the champs of tomorrow."  Menifee
Motocross West Magazine 
"Chris Hultner has been a fan of motocross and offroad racing since the 1970's. In 1980, he shot his first race, the Baja 500, and has been shooting photos ever since. Since 1984, when he first contributed to San Diego Offroader, Chris had shot some of the best motocross photos in the San Diego area.... In late 1997, Chris' friend and colleague, Davey Coombs called upon Chris to get his help launching Racer X, the newspaper, into the Racer X of today - Racer X Illustrated. In 1998, Chris decided it was time to start Motocross West-The Only All Motocross Newspaper in the West. He felt the amateurís in California were long overdue the credit they deserved. Motocross West, going into it's 8th year of coverage on the West Coast, is currently one of the leading regionals in the United States and has some of the most breathtaking photography in newsprint. "  
Pro Ride Sports Motocross Information Website 
"This site is about the Southern California MX scene, the tracks and the riders that ride/race on them. The site is set up to provide information about each track, such as event dates and directions. Also, there are pictures about each track, so you can see what the track looks like before you head out there."  
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