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Gyms & Gymnastics in Orange County, California

Evolution Fitness OC 
Evolution Fitness has been helping clients decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve cardiovascular endurance for over 8 years. By combining strength training, cardio, and a balanced nutritional plan, our clients are able to safely and effectively achive fitness goals. With Evolution Fitness you learn how to incorporate activities into your life so staying fit becomes a lifestyle. Services include: * Tailor made programs to help you achieve maximum results based on your personal goals * Weight training * Cardio programs * Nutritional consultation and meal plans * Support and motivation during physical workouts. The benefits include: * Weight loss * Decrease in body fat percentage * Improved shape and body tone * Overall improved appearance * Lower blood pressure * Better immunity to sickness and disease * Better sleep patterns. Evolution Fitness has a variety of packages, one of which can certainly meet your schedule.  Irvine
James Fitness 
Get in shape now for $20 per workout. Look good... Feel great... Be healthy. People get results elsewhere. We just get results faster. Burn fat, stay healthy, build muscle, mix up your routine, improve your flexibility. Results are guaranteed by improving diet, dialing in your cardio, utilizing supplement recommendations, and using resistance training under the guidance of a fitness professional. See our website for details including success stories from our current clients.  Irvine
Reflections Dance & Fitness 
"Reflections is the number one choice for dance and fitness. We have very knowledgeable and talented staff, all of which are highly qualified, and have many years of dance training and performance experience.... Reflections will provide a haven; an environment that gives people a sense of belonging and that allows people to express themselves through the art of dance.... The center is 3,300 sq. ft. with two 1,100 sq. ft. studios that have sprung dance floors, over 80 ft. of barres, over 600 sq. ft. of mirrors, a beautiful lobby and parent viewing area.... Services at a Glance: Single's Salsa, Floor Rentals, Birthday Parties, Gift Certificates, Wedding Dances, Couple's Night Out."  Anaheim
Keith Weber
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