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Martial Arts in Orange County, California

ATC TaeKwonDo & HapKi-Do 
"ATC TaeKwonDo helps to build confidence in Children, Juniors and Adults. The skills learned in this martial art assist children in their academic future. Adults benefit by learning to be more assertive in all aspects of their lives.... HapKi-Do: . This martial art is combat self-defense for adults. This art requires throws, falls, and incorporates wrist locks, joint manipulations, pressure points, strikes, kicks and ground tactics. It is for these reasons HapKi-Do is used by many special forces and police agencies.... TaeBox: TaeBox is an exciting, energizing workout, where you will have fun while getting a balanced body. TaeBox is a combination of basic TaeKwon-Do and Boxing techniques while moving your body to Miami and New York Club sounds. 4 Levels to challenge you.... TaeGuek Tai Chi: This martial art was specifically developed to improve the mental and physical flexibility of our aging bodies. TaeGuek Tai Chi will help seniors feel young again, while building confidence and improving blood flow and stamina. Older Adults will learn 8 basic breathing forms and soft style self defense and can reach the level of Black Sash after 3 years.... Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Classes are taught by Master Spillmann Private Classes only. Tutoring Program: Tutoring is available for an extra hourly fee, by teacher T-Instructor Spillmann. At the Corona location only.... Corporate Programs: Make the grand opening ceremony of your business or movie premier a spectacular events with high energy martial arts demo performed by our staff of professional instructors.... Gymnastics: Taught by some of the top coaches. Available in Aliso Viejo ATC Academy Only.... Instructor Programs: Interested in opening a licensed ATC academy? Then this is the program for you. Master Spillmann and Master Park will instruct you in martial arts and teaching strategies, while teaching motivational and leadership skills. Also in this program, you will learn to operate and maintain a successful academy."  Aliso Viejo, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Long Beach, Turlock
California Martial Arts Academy 
John Cheng, MD - Chief Instructor. Adult & Children's programs. "There are a lot of approaches to teaching martial arts. Some schools are very strict and traditional. You cannot talk in class. You never approach your instructor. Instead you must ask one of the assistants if you have a question. The head instructor is not only non approachable, but if you make a mistake, they have some pretty interesting ways of making you know it. None of which make you feel very good! Then there are the non traditional schools. Kind like a playground for martial artists. Not much in the way of respect or tradition. They don't teach many of the traditional forms and drills that the ancient masters based their systems on. Some of them are more like boxing gyms without the ring. A total absence of tradition and decorum. We believe that the best learning situation is somewhere in between. We do believe in and follow a certain amount of the Far Eastern tradition. No, not in a religious sense at all. But we do bow as we enter the training area as a gesture of courtesy to each other. We value honor, courtesy and respect. I personally believe that the best learning atmosphere is a relaxed friendly one. I think that is why we have attracted such a nice following of adults in our program. Men and women who like to learn and train. Enjoy each others company and have ultimate respect for themselves, the instructors and each other. "  Irvine, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita
Candal's Pa Kua Martial Arts Academy 
"Pa Kua is an Ancient Martial Arts and Philosophy, which started in China six thousand years ago, and is the fore runner of both Kung Fu and Karate. It's main purpose is the development of Chinese civilization. One of the greatest philosopher of all times that based his teachings and knowledge in Pa Kua was Confusius. Through thousand of years, this was transfer from generations to generations and was acquired by Master Victor Candal in 1981. He later founded Candal Martial Arts System in 1990 in Anaheim Ca, USA. This system consists of realistic self-defense technique, for one or more opponent against knives, guns and various weapons. Master Victor has taught many adults and children in many countries all around the world including Israel, Argentina and in the USA, and while he is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew languages, he can also speak Italian and French. He practiced Jui Jitsu in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1984. He also worked in Israel city of Hiafa from 1986 to 1990 and learned the valuable technique of Krav Maga of Hisardut (Street Contact Fight) for self defense. He had several hundreds of students and promoting over 200 instructors throughout the world. In Pa Kua, we also learn Chinese medicine, Pa Kua not only has some of the best defense techniques, but also the Chinese way of healing called "Ways of Energy". This is a form of healing the sick of pain and disease more commonly known now as Acupuncture. Master Victor Candal is certified in all these areas of Pa Kua and was the first one to bring this to other countries, allowing thousands of people world wide to benefit from the knowledge and philosophy of Pa Kua. "  Anaheim
Filipino Fighting Arts OC 
"Welcome to Orange County's Filipino Fighting Arts Site! While most people think the FMA are stick fighting arts only, this is a merely a common misconception because the rattan sticks are one of the primary tools used in training. We do use the sticks for combat, but that is not all there is to the arts. The FMA are equally based in weapon skills and empty hand skills(such as kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling). The FMA cover all the fighting ranges, defending against armed and unarmed attacks with whatever is available. What is available maybe the rattan sticks or it could be other types of weapons or just the fighter's empty hand skills. We teach the interrelationship between empty hand skills and weapons. Therefore the FMA should be considered a complete martial arts system that develops many different types of skills for combat, not just simply a stick fighting art. "Filipino Fighting Arts" is a comprehensive and fully integrated combat system developed by Founder Maestro Jay de Leon. Its core system is the Filipino martial arts (FMA), called arnis, eskrima or kali, with elements of modern as well as traditional martial arts fully integrated into the system, namely, muay thai kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, Bruce Lee's jeet kune do (JKD) and Parker kenpo. As is in most fighting systems, it is the result of the Founder's martial arts background, combat experiences and personal preferences. "  Rancho Santa Margarita
Newport Beach Aikikai - Shin Do Kan Dojo 
As Orange County's only full-time aikido dojo, the Shin Do Kan dojo was established in 1987 to teach the traditional art of aikido. The dojo was named by Sugano Sensei to mean "House where the way of the heart is practiced." It continues the legacy first started in Japan during the last century by the founder Ueshiba Morihei (O-Sensei). The world class dojo is made up of a cosmopolitan and diverse group of students and is led by chief instructor Pennewaert Sensei, 5th Dan. He insures a high standard of safety at all times and provides a solid foundation in the basic fundamentals of aikido technique and etiquette.  Newport Beach
School of Chinese Fighting Arts 
"The School of Chinese Fighting Arts emphasizes the hidden and lost knowledge of the internal martial arts, with a concentration in Internal Shaolin Kung Fu, Hsing-I, Ba Gua, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, I-Ch'uan and Qi Gong. We stress the health benefits derived from the practice of these arts as it brings the mind and body together in unity. For our body and minds to be united and strong, we must endure in our training. Endurance brings patience and perseverance, which when put into practice, will help you to achieve all that you set out to accomplish. "  Costa Mesa
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