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Radio in Orange County, California

KUCI FM 88.9 Irvine 
"The basics: - broadcasts in 200 watts, stereo - run by volunteer students and community members - now over 33 years old - broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the UC Irvine Campus - started in 1969 inside a closet in one of the UCI engineering buildings - used to broadcast at 10 watts in mono on 89.9FM, and was, of course, illegal. - likes longs walks on the beach and puppies... big ones - we help promote non-profit event with on-air PSAs - we are always looking to help out local and/or struggling musicians"  Irvine
AM Radio Station List by Los Angeles Almanac 
A great quick list of Los Angeles-area AM radio stations, with addresses, phone numbers and hyperlinks.  
FM Radio Station List by Los Angeles Almanac 
A great quick list of Los Angeles-area FM radio stations, with addresses, phone numbers and hyperlinks.  
Southern California Disc Jockeys Website 
"A Listing of Radio Channels for the Southern California Regions, from the Valley to San Bernadino to San Diego Counties "  
KABC AM 790 Talk Radio Los Angeles 
News, Weather, Traffic. America in the Morning, Ken & Company, Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story", The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly, The Al Rantel Show, Paul Harvey's "News and Comment", The Scan Hannity Show, KABC Business Report, The Larry Elder Show, Mr. KABC, Red Eye Radio with Doug McIntyre, Satellite Sisters, Marc Cohen & Mark Oleesky's KABC Computer & Technology Show (Saturdays), Chef Talk with Chef Jamie Gwen (Saturdays), Money Talk with Bob Brinker (Saturdays & Sundays), The Joe Crummy Shoe, Ira Fistell, Spotlight on the Community with Nelkane Benton (Sundays), The Auto Show with "Motorman" Leon Kaplan (Sundays), The Travel Show with Peter Greenberg (Sundays), Kim Scrafin, Brian Whitman, Leo Terrell.  Los Angeles
KAZN AM 1300 Asian Radio Pasadena 
Chinese Variety Radio, Pasadena.  Pasadena
KBIG FM 104.3 Radio Glendale 
Leigh Ann Adam, Charlie Tuna, Joshua Escandon III, Kari Steele, Archer, Ray Rhodes, Bryan Simmons. Noontime Disco Workout. Boogie Nights. Thump Radio. Disco Saturday Night.  Glendale
KBLA AM 1230 Korean Radio 
Korean Language Radio.  
KDIS AM 1110 Disney Kids Radio Los Angeles 
The Disney Kid's Radio Station out of Los Angeles.  Los Angeles
KFI AM 640 Radio Los Angeles 
Bill Handel, Coast to Coast, Dr. Laura, Jim Cramer, John and Ken, John Douglas, John Ziegler, Leo Laporte, Mario, Martinoli, Mary Sue and Susan, Matt Drudge, Phil Hendrie, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Potts, Wayne Resnick.  Los Angeles
KFWB AM 980 News Radio Los Angeles 
KFWB AM 980 News Radio. News, Traffic, Dodgers. Judy Ford & Jack Popejoy, Cindy Dole & Larry Carroll, Tracie Savage & Bill Polish, Ken Jeffries, Vicki Cox & Tammy Trujillo, Bob Howard.  Los Angeles
KHJ AM 930 La Ranchera Spanish Radio Burbank 
Spanish Ranchero Radio AM 930, Burbank.  Burbank
KLAC AM 570 Oldies Radio Los Angeles 
"The Fabulous 570 AM KLAC". Brad "Martini" Chambers, Jim Duncan, Two Martini Lunch, Gary Owens, Daisy Torme, Lara Scott.  Los Angeles
KLOS FM 95.5 Radio Los Angeles 
"Southern California's #1 Classic Rock Station". Mark & Brian, Cynthia Fox, Gary Moore, Suzanne Ansilio, Jim Ladd, Al Ramirez, Frank Sontag, Kelly Cox, Dion, Mark Miller, Joe Reiling, Tony Scott, Denise Westwood.  Los Angeles
KMZT K-Mozart FM 105.1 Radio Los Angeles 
"Our goal at K-Mozart is to be classical music radio for today, a voice for the vibrant past, present and future of great music and the arts in Southern California. We are music 365/7. We are Mozart and movie music. Bach and Bernstein. We are live at least once a week, bringing our great performing arts groups, like Orange County's Pacific Symphony and the Pasadena Symphony to the audience at home. We are a place where all these groups can talk to the listening audience about what they're presenting and when. K-Mozart is the station that supports the arts! "  Los Angeles
KNX AM 1070 News Radio Hollywood 
Barron's on Investment, Business Hour, The Car Chronicles, CBS News Weekend Roundup, ChipTalk, Citizen of the Week, Computer News with Jeff Levy, Dan Rather Reporting, The Dave Ross Show, Earth News, Entertainment Reports, Focus on the Family, Food News with Melinda Lee, Food News Notebook, HEREontheWEB, High Tech Hour, In the Marketplace, Jackye Shaun's Consumer Report, Jim Svejda on Film, John Clayton's Travel with a Difference, Johns Hopkins Medical Report, Just a Minute, Maltin on Video, Michael Josephson on Ethics, Music and the Spoken Word, On the Scene, The Osgood File, The Pulse of the Planet, Report on Religion, Science Today, Sidebar with Bill Whitney, 60 Minutes, 60 Minutes II, Something You Should Know, Show Business News, Speaking of Health, Stardate, Today in Business, The Wall STreet Journal Weekend Report, Weekend Entertainment Preview, Your Dollars,  Hollywood
Kola FM 99.9 Radio Station 
Vic Slick, David Wylie, Fran Wells, Cindy Davis, Bob O'Brien, Kevin Machado, KOLA Weekends.  Redlands
KRLA AM 870 NewsTalk Radio Glendale 
KRLA AM 870 NewTalk Radio, "Where your opinion counts." Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, Larry Marino, Dr. Gene Steiner, Doug Stephan, Frank Jordan.  Glendale
KWKW AM 1330 Spanish Radio Los Angeles 
Spanish News, Talk & Sports. AM 1330 KWKW.  Los Angeles
KYPA AM 1230 Radio Korea Pasadena 
Korean Language radio AM 1230 out of Pasadena.  Pasadena
KYSR Star 98.7 FM Radio Burbank 
Jamie & Danny, Lara Scott, Jason Pullman, Lisa Foxx, Skip Kelly, Bradley Wright, Richard Blade. "Today's Best Music."  Burbank
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