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Public Schools in Orange County, California

Free Tutoring for Underperforming Schools 
According to the Orange County Register, Federally-funded free tutoring is available for students in underperforming schools.  
Anaheim City School District 
"The schools retain a long history of recognition for student achievement and excellent student discipline. There is pride in the care and maintenance of facilities and the provisions for good learning environments. The Education Administration Division creates a learning environment characterized by: * High academic expectations and high achievement for all students * Implementation of a well-articulated standards-based curriculum * A comprehensive staff development program to support instruction * A safe and secure learning environment for all learners and staff * Early academic support for preschool children and their families * A comprehensive parent involvement program * Technology system for teaching, learning, and management * Strong support services including nursing, psychologists, special education specialists, and counseling."  Anaheim
Anaheim Union High School District 
" For over 100 years, the district has served the families of North Orange County. From the grape vines and orange groves to Disneyland, The Angels and high tech industries, the communities within 46 square miles of our district have benefited from one of the best educational systems in California. We have taken steps to keep pace with the rich diversity of our families, increased standards and expectations, and the changing job market facing our students. Our schools offer high quality college preparatory programs including Advanced Placement courses on all campuses and International Baccalaureate at two high schools. The 2.0 G.P.A. required for promotion to high school and to receive a diploma have proven that high expectations get positive results. More and more students are on honor roll and working toward their potential. Academy programs in careers such as business, transportation, hospitality/tourism and medicine are preparing students for productive futures. Students are encouraged to take as many languages as possible to enhance their career options. Local businesses in partnerships with the district offer job shadowing and interning experiences to our students. Oxford Academy, serving grades 7 through 12, is a fine example of parental choice drawing students from across the district. Oxford students have taken top honors in California's standardized testing program. Hope High School is a nationally recognized school for severely challenged students. Families from across the country move here for the specialized and caring educational program we provide for their children. We pride ourselves on the Visual and Performing arts program that continues to thrive in all junior and senior high schools in the district. Anaheim Union High School District, in partnership with Disneyland sponsors an outstanding Summer Arts Institute enhancing student opportunities "in front of and behind the camera." A full range of clubs, activities and athletics is open to all students. Competitive sports for boys and girls is at an all-time high with more teams reaching CIF playoff status than ever before. From the classroom to the playing field to the stage, our 32,000 students have a well-rounded educational experience second to none. This is due in large part, to our outstanding teaching staff. We hire the best - 96% are fully credentialed; we give them constant support and staff development; and hold them to high standards."  Anaheim
Brea-Olinda Unified School District 
"The mission of the Brea Olinda Unified School District, in partnership with home and community, is to educate all students, to instill them with a love of learning, to develop them to their fullest potential, and to prepare them as responsible, contributing citizens. This mission is achieved in a challenging, supportive learning environment where all members of the educational community are respected, differences valued, and excellence is expected."  Brea
Buena Park School District 
"Welcome to the Buena Park School District website. We are located in the city of Buena Park, California. To the students, parents and district employees we are a family. Composed of various ethnic groups we have learned to respect each other's differences and come together for a common goal: academic excellence.... Vision 2005: * Maximize Student Acheivement * Provide a Safe and Positive Learning Environment * Build Trust, Clear Communications, and Positive Human Relations * Promote Parent Involvement * Create Community Partnerships * Enhance Staff Effectiveness"  Buena Park
Capistrano Unified School District 
"The Capistrano Unified School district works to ensure that its 50,000 children will learn, that they will learn more today than yesterday, and that they will learn more tomorrow than today. This commitment to continuous improvement galvanizes the teaching and support work by the district’s more than 4,900 full- and part-time employees. Capistrano Unified has garnered a strong reputation for academic excellence. Founded in 1965, the district encompasses 195 square miles in seven cities and a portion of the unincorporated area of Orange County. With 55 campuses, it is the largest employer in south Orange County. (See map) The district is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees, which generally meets monthly on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. at the Jerome R. Thornsley Education Center."  San Juan Capistrano
Centralia School District 
"Centralia School District is located in beautiful Southern California in the north part of Orange County. Orange County is located between Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Centralia School District was established in 1875 and was the first school district in California to provide free textbooks to students. Today, the district's nine elementary schools are in the neighboring cities of Buena Park, Anaheim, and La Palma. Enrollment is approximately 5,100 students."  Buena Park
Cypress School District 
"Looking for schools of excellence? Want your kindergartner to flourish? Choose Cypress School District! Low Class Sizes - Current student/teacher ratio is 20:1 in primary. High Test Scores - Results at all schools are among the highest in the county. SAT-9 national comparative test scores are in the top quartile and exceed county and state expectations. Great Facilities - A safe and orderly learning environment. Parent Involvement Opportunities... Access to Technology... Hot Lunches... Outstanding Year-Round Child Care... Excellent Music Programs."  Cypress
Fountain Valley School District 
"The FVSD services grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. The District provides services to a large portion of the city of Fountain Valley and a small portion of Huntington Beach. It is one of four elementary districts that feed into the Huntington Beach Union High School District. While the majority of our students attend Fountain Valley High School, students from the Huntington Beach area attend either Edison High School or Huntington Beach High School."  Fountain Valley
Fullerton Joint Union High School District 
"The Fullerton Joint Union High School District (FJUHSD) was organized in 1893 and serves grades 9-12. It serves a fifty-square-mile area that includes the elementary districts of Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra and Lowell Joint. Six four-year comprehensive high schools are operated by the District -- Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra, Sonora, Sunny Hills, and Troy. La Vista High School, a continuation high school and La Sierra High School, an alternative high school, also serve FJUHSD students. A comprehensive summer school program is offered each year. The District's school year consists of 180 instructional days of 372 minutes each. The District serves a varied socioeconomic population of families. Active parent organizations, an involved business community and supportive higher education institutions are enjoyed by the District. 2004/2005 FACT SHEET Type of District: Joint Union High School District: Grades 9-12 Enrollment : 16,398 students Number of Schools: Six comprehensive high schools; One continuation high school; One alternative high school"  Fullerton
Fullerton School District 
"Welcome to the Fullerton School District! The Fullerton School District serves students in grades K-8, and also provides Preschool and Special Education classes for children younger than kindergarten. The District is located in Orange County in Southern California."  Fullerton
Garden Grove Unified School District 
"The Garden Grove Unified School District was established July, 1965. The district encompasses 28 square miles of territory, serving most of Garden Grove and portions of six surrounding cities - Anaheim, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Stanton, and Westminster. The 2004-05 budget is $431.2 million, making the district the largest enterprise in Garden Grove. The district is the third largest among 28 public school districts in Orange County with more than 50,000 students, ranks 12th in size among 1,054 school districts in California, and is the 88th largest school district of 14,800 in the U.S. The district employs more than 5,000 staff members and operates 70 schools: 47 elementary, 10 intermediate, 7 high schools, 2 continuation schools, 2 adult education centers, and 2 special education schools."  Garden Grove
Huntington Beach City School District 
"The Huntington Beach City School District was established in 1905 and encompasses approximately 14 square miles within the city of Huntington Beach and unincorporated portions of Orange County (Bolsa Chica). It currently operates eight elementary schools and two middle schools serving slightly more than six thousand, seven hundred students in grades kindergarten through eight. Construction of the new Huntington Seacliff Elementary School was completed for the opening of the 1999-2000 school year. The district employs 343 certificated teachers and administrators and 298 non-teaching staff."  Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach Union High School District 
"In recent years, the district has been praised by Newsweek Magazine and the Los Angeles Times for its commitment to academic excellence. The most recent SAT scores for district students reflect a ten-year growth pattern with the average score for the Class of 1993 being 81 points above the national average and 84 points above the state average. Scores on the ACT (American College Test) are 15 percent above the national average. Highly successful advanced placement courses exist at each school; alternative programs provide rich opportunities for other students, and the Special Abilities Cluster and Special Day Classes have been acknowledged as exemplary in meeting the needs of special education students. Eighty percent of the Class of 1993 planned to enter college in the fall to take coursework leading to four-year degrees. Thirty-nine percent entered directly into a four-year university and forty-one percent entered a community college to pursue a transfer to a four- year program. Over eleven million dollars in scholarships were awarded to the Class of 1993. 1,312 students achieved an advanced placement score of 3, 4 or 5, which earned them college credit through high school studies. All secondary schools in the state are assessed annually in terms of performance. As a result, Marina and Westminster recently received recognition as Distinguished Schools, both at the state and national levels. Ocean View and Huntington Beach received recognition as Distinguished Schools at the state level."  Huntington Beach
Irvine Unified School District 
"The Irvine Unified School District is comprised of a community of learners, committed to the highest quality educational experience we can envision. IUSD educates a diverse student population numbering over 24,000 (K-12), in 22 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 4 comprehensive high schools, and 1 continuation high school. The district's strategic plan is driven by our mission of enabling all students to become contributing members of society, empowered with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world. IUSD has nationally recognized schools; student performance well-above state and national comparisons; and comprehensive programs in academics, the arts, and athletics. Since becoming a unified district in 1972, Irvine's neighborhood schools have been a clear reflection of the neighborhoods they serve. Open enrollment policies, on a space available basis, encourage and support parental choice. The contributions of creative site-based management teams, talented and caring teachers, involved parents, and supportive business and community leaders have, together, made a difference to a district where student achievement is the priority, where values are an integral part of the curriculum, and where a strategic plan for the future is in place. Higher education opportunities are also readily available once students leave our care. The University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine) is a conveniently located university campus. UCI and the Irvine Unified School District enjoy a long-standing and mutually beneficial, collaborative working relationship. In addition, Irvine Valley College is centrally located and provides a very well-respected two-year community college program. Satellite campuses for Pepperdine University and National University are also located within the City of Irvine, and serve the residents of the community."  Irvine
La Habra City School District 
"The La Habra City School District was formed in 1896 and recently celebrated its 100th Birthday. The district is located in the Northwestern part of Orange County and covers a five (5) mile area that includes the city of La Habra and parts of Brea and Fullerton. The 9 schools in LHCSD serve approximately 6400 students. During the summer, the district offers a comprehensive summer school program. The district operates seven elementary schools in three teamed schools areas for kindergarten through fifth grade and two middle schools for grades six through eight. In the teamed areas, kindergarten through second grade students attend school at one site and third through fifth grades attend at another site. Sixth through eighth grade students attend one of the middle schools in the district. In the basic program all students are guaranteed specific daily times for Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Health and Social Studies. At kindergarten through second and third through fifth schools this academic program emphasizes skill development in a self-contained classroom setting. The middle schools provide a transitional educational experience for students in grades six through eight, which recognizes the special needs and characteristics of this age group. Both schools have expanded advisory programs, interdisciplinary team organizations, full exploratory/elective classes and staff members specially trained in middle level education. Both are active participants in the Carnegie Middle Grade State Policy Initiative. Upon completion of eighth grade, students attend either La Habra High (562) 266-5000 or Sonora High (562) 266-2000. These high schools are part of the Fullerton Joint Union High School District. LHCSD is one of five school communities served by High School District."  La Habra
Laguna Beach Unified School District 
"Education in the Laguna Beach Unified School District * is challenging while insuring each student's successful experiences in education. * provides lifelong values, attitudes, and skills which promote public service and respect for others. * offers environments that spark individual curiosity and learning. * encourages an appreciation of differences, diversity and similarities. * ignites a commitment to learning, scholarship, creativity and service. * explores various career paths. * is relevant to each student's immediate and future goals, and * prepares graduates to adapt to change and deal with a technological age and a global environment. The Schools in the Laguna Beach Unified School District are the convening point of the community and, as such, are connected with each other, the community, and the world through information-rich, interactive technology."  Laguna Beach
Los Alamitos Unified School District 
" A culture of high student achievement and integrity will be the hallmark of the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Students will thrive in a caring, respectful, and encouraging environment where they are physically and emotionally safe to focus on learning. The Board, all staff, students, parents, and community will work together to improve the academic performance of all students by responding to their individual learning needs. We are charged with teaching a challenging, relevant, and balanced curriculum, so that students will acquire the skills, knowledge, values, and experiences to succeed in their personal and professional lives, to continue their learning for a lifetime, and to contribute as citizens in a democratic society. All students will acquire a strong foundation in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematics. With this foundation, students will develop skills in critical/creative thinking and problem solving, and will understand the world around them through advanced studies of math, science, social science, languages, and literature. We will provide students the opportunity to appreciate the many forms of human communication, including poetry, drama, music, dance, and art. We will ignite students' passion for learning and awaken their special talents by providing a rich variety of experiences in academics, fine and applied arts, activities, and athletics. We will prepare students for the future by training them in career awareness and employability skills. Students will practice active citizenship through community service.... NATIONAL BLUE RIBBON SCHOOLS OF EXCELLENCE United States Department of Education... CALIFORNIA DISTINGUISHED SCHOOLS California Department of Education... GOLDEN BELL AWARDS California School Boards Association."  Los Alamitos
Magnolia School District 
"The Magnolia School District provides a challenging educational program for kindergarten through sixth grade in the western portion of the City of Anaheim, and parts of Stanton. The District values and enjoys positive, collaborative relationships with 750 certificated and classified team members, and their representative agencies. The diverse student population of 7,000 includes four of ten students receiving primary language support as part of their English-language transition. The community at-large and parents express high levels of satisfaction with the District. Five of the nine schools of the Magnolia School District are on a traditional calendar schedule, three are on a custom calendar, and one is a multi track year-round calendar. Six schools were eligible for California Distinguished School-2004 status. Three schools have been recognized as State Distinguished Schools; one school as a Nationally Distinguished School and another as a Title I High Achieving School. The District and the Community are proud of the educational programs offered. The Board of Trustees is supportive of a strong basic educational program, including fine arts, and is committed to the best possible education for every student. The District is close to Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland, Angel Stadium and The Pond. Within a short driving distance are other major attractions, from deserts to mountains, as well as cultural attractions, universities and colleges."  Anaheim
Newport-Mesa Unified School District 
"The mission of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, in partnership with the Costa Mesa - Newport Beach communities, is to graduate students who have acquired the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve significant career, educational, civic, and personal goals, which will enrich our society. The Newport-Mesa Unified School District is located in the second largest county in California, in terms of population. The District covers 58.83 square miles and includes the cities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa as well as other unincorporated areas. The District began operations on July 1, 1966 serving Kindergarten through twelfth grades (K-12). Currently, there are twenty-two elementary schools, two intermediate schools, four high schools, one alternative education center, and one adult education center in the District. The District currently serves 22,477 students."  Costa Mesa
Ocean View School District 
"Ocean View School District is 'Celebrating 130 Years of Excellence.' Ocean View was formed in 1874 in an area which was mainly vegetable fields and sparsely populated. The rapid influx of population occurred from the 1960s through the 1970s with construction of 22 schools. Most of the school names end in 'View' because the Board of Trustees wanted to have a unifying identity separating Ocean View from other districts. Thus, the District reached its maximum growth of 25 active school sites at the beginning of the 1970s with a population of 14,000 students. The District currently has 11 elementary schools (K-5) and four middle schools (6-8) for a total population of 10,107.... In the academic arena, Ocean View School District is currently credited with the following: * 13 of 15 Ocean View schools — California Distinguished Schools * Circle View School and Marine View Middle School — National Blue Ribbon Schools * Lake View School — Title I High Achieving School * 2004 Accountability Progress Report — District performance index grew six points on the Academic Performance Index (API) from 789 to 795. District met all 33 criteria for the 2004 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) criteria required by the federal government which included participation rate, percent proficient, and API growth."  Huntington Beach
Orange Unified School District 
"Orange Unified School District celebrates learning through the development of the whole child. Our commitment to excellence provides a quality education, in depth, for all students. Our mission statement is, 'The mission of Orange Unified School District is to provide a curriculum and learning environment of excellence and high expectations to provide each student with the opportunity and preparation to compete in the global economy.' Orange Unified School District, located in the heart of Orange County, encompasses nearly 108 square miles, including the cities of Orange, Villa Park, and portions of Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Garden Grove. The District's 42 schools and special programs serve more than 30,000 students with an operating budget of more than $192 million. Starting from an original school building in 1872, the District has grown to 29 elementary schools (K-6), one Magnet School (K-8), five middle schools (7-8), two Charter School (7-8), four high schools (9-12), one school for students with special needs, and a continuation high school. A Career Education Center houses the District's Regional Occupational Program, Child Development Center, and Teen Mother Program."  Orange
Placentia - Yorba Linda Unified School District 
"The award-winning Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is located in Southern California’s northeast area of Orange County. The district serves the cities of Placentia and Yorba Linda as well as portions of Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton and rapidly-developing county territory that reaches the Riverside County line. Our school district is growing by approximately 300 students each year. The district, with 31 school sites, serves 27,000 students. Fourteen schools have been designated as California Distinguished Schools; two have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools; and one was named a California Model School. Academically, our students compete head to head with students in the best school districts in the state. Test scores are among the highest in the county. PYLUSD schools are in the top of California’s ranking of public schools. Students have won honors in county, state and national competitions, including Academic Decathlon and Pentathlon tournaments, mock trials and state academic competitions. Graduating classes earn over $2 million annually in academic and athletic scholarships, attend the most prestigious universities, and receive appointments to West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy. The district averages 30 National Merit and Commended Merit High School Scholars each year. Many graduates earn high honors and seals on their diplomas for their superior results on California’s Golden State Exams. PYLUSD is proud to have among its graduates Olympic Gold Medalists Janet Evans and Michele Granger; State Senator John Lewis; world-renowned opera soprano Deborah Voight; baseball stars Don Petry and Phil Nevin; and Dr. William Schoolcraft, a nationally recognized physician."  Placentia
Saddleback Valley Unified School District 
"Located in south Orange County, SVUSD is the county's fourth largest school district. The District provides a highly regarded educational program to over 35,000 students from its attendance area that encompasses over 95 square miles. The success our students enjoy and our positive local and national reputation are the result of focused teacher energy, vigorous parent involvement and strong staff and management commitment as well as business and community support. Our educational programs emphasize that students must develop basic skills and learn how to integrate them into higher order thinking abilities, such as problem solving, making comparisons, analyzing facts and drawing inferences. The academic environment is enhanced by a variety of athletic opportunities, fine and performing arts programs and many other student activities. Some schools offer unique curricular emphasis in science, language arts, fine and performing arts, gifted and advanced placement classes, second language support or immersion, or environmental education. The use of technology as a tool to enhance learning for all students is also a top priority. We are dedicated to providing students, teachers and administrators with appropriate access to a wide variety of electronically delivered educational information resources."  Mission Viejo
Santa Ana Unified School District 
"Santa Ana Unified School District is a vibrant and diverse community of over 60,000 students and staff members in a Southern California county with the eleventh largest economy in the world! We're proud of the high expectations we've established for our students through our Above the Mean (ATM) Project. Many of our students go on to top universities and colleges. We're also aggressively leading our students in the use of technology to increase their learning."  Santa Ana
Savanna School District 
"Savanna School District, encompassing parts of the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress and Stanton, is an elementary school district with approximately 2400 students. These students are housed in four locations: Cerritos School, Hansen School, Holder School and Twila Reid School. The district size is about four square miles with each elementary school located within one mile of another. Our most recent API similar school rankings, released by the California Department of Education, indicate an average ranking for all of our schools of 9.75 on a scale of 10. This ranking is reflective of the strong academic program which Savanna provides to all students. Providing a learning environment and a strong academic program that focuses on reading, writing, and mathematics is the primary goal of the Savanna School District. Our reading program provides a balanced approach with integration of phonics and literature throughout all grade levels. Savanna's writing program provides students with a systematic structure for learning writing skills as well as regular writing assignments appropriate at each grade level. Math concepts and skills taught reflect those identified in the state standards. History/social science, science, health, physical education, music and art are integral parts of the K-6 educational program in Savanna School District. Technology is used to enhance the instructional program through the use of computers, CD-Rom and laser disc players. Our size is one reason that Savanna has a family-like atmosphere among the faculty, support staff, students, parents and the community we serve. While our small size enables us to maintain this small town feel, our location provides students and staff access to a wide variety of resources within the community."  Anaheim
Tustin Unified School District 
"The mission of the Tustin Unified School District, a learning community rich in heritage and committed to a tradition of excellence, is to ensure that each student optimizes individual achievement through an educational system characterized by challenging and exciting curricula and inspiring personalized instruction, in partnership with our dynamic and involved communities."  Tustin
Westminster School District 
"Communities Served Garden Grove Midway City Huntington Beach Westminster Number of Schools Elementary 13 Middle 3 Alternative Education 1 Student Enrollment Total Elementary 7,500 Total Middle 2,500 Total Enrollment 10,000 Significant Honors 2004 California Department of Education Distinguished School Award, Anderson Elementary 2004 Title I Achieving School, DeMille Elementary, Hayden Elementary and Stacey Middle School 2004 Association of California School Administrators, Region XVII, Middle School Principal of the Year 2003 Association of California School Administrators, Region XVII, Superintendent of the Year 2003 Title I Achieving School, Fryberger Elementary and Hayden Elementary 2002, 2001 California Department of Education Distinguished School Award, Honorable Mention, Stacey Middle School 2001 California Department of Education Distinguished School Award, Warner Middle School 2001 Association of California School Administrators, Region XVII, Middle School Principal of the Year 2001 National Title I Achieving School, Warner Middle School 1999 California School Board Association Golden Bell Award, 'The Special Education Parent Liaison' 1996 California School Board Association Golden Bell Award, 'Stacey Intermediate School English/Language Arts Program' 1996 H.B. McDaniel Group Award, 'Intervention Assistance Program' 1995 California School Board Association Golden Bell Award, 'Middle School Enhancement Program'"  Westminster
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