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Music Production in Orange County, California

Abacab Multimedia Inc. 
"CD & DVD ABACAB has been servicing the music and business community since 1988. We specialize in: Duplication, Editing & Packaging of Digital Media. Duplication DVD, CD & Audio Cassette one-to-one duplication. In-house graphic design and complete packaging can create a retail ready title for you. DVD Edit, enhance and convert your existing VHS, 8mm or DV tape to DVD. Custom menus and sub-menus, multiple video tracks & multiple audio tracks are just some of the options. CD Edit, enhance and convert Vinyl, Reel to Reel, DAT tape, CD and audio cassette. Offering special sonic restoration. Complete mastering is available to add that final touch to commercial releases."  Costa Mesa
Maximum Stylez Recording Studio 
"Studio A Classic Neve 8128 Console, Pro-Tools HD2, Monster M20 ADAT, APEX 1200 2inch, DA7, and so much more for extremely low rate. Gear List: 7 reverb machines: (4) Midi verbs, Lexicon LXP 15, Sony VPS 77, Alesis Wedge, T.C Electornics M2000, M-one! 21 Microphones: (2) AKG 414s, AKG 460, (4) Senheiser 421s, (2) Sonys, AKG D112, (2) Alesis AM 11, SE z-6500 Class A Tube, (5) Shure SM 57-58, AKG C-1000, PZM. and much more ... Studio B: Low Cost- Video, Mastering, Pre Production room! Video: Video is edited on Final Cut Pro on a Mac G4 Tower or a on location G4 Power Book Laptop! Shoot with Pro Canon 3ccds and Panasonic 3ccd 24fps camcorders for a Pro Look and Feel! Pre Production: Software Pro-Tools LE 6.0, and Cubase VST. E-MU PLANET PHAT with over 640 Hip-Hop Sounds 256 Fat Bass Sounds, Alesis Nano Syth, Alesis D4 500 Drums Module, Emu Piano, 808/909 drums/funky guitar FOR A KILLER LOW PRICE! Mastering: Software- Sparks and Master list MASTERING YOUR FINAL MIX WITH DO! Much Hotter and even levels. More Detail and Clarity. Better Bigger Sound! for a low price of $58 an hour with a 22 year experience mastering engineer! Recording Classes: Learn how to be a GREAT engineer! In this 10 or 5 week course! Coarse Covers: Signal Flow, Pro-Tools, Miking, EQ, Studio Tricks, Neve Console, Patching Compression, Gating, And much More for a Low Price of $495! ( Classes only have up to 8 poeple ) Get to Study By Recording Live Bands and Receive album credits!"  Brea
Music Lab School of Modern Music 
Victor J. Delgado, C.E.O. "The Music Lab was created to provide an environment where potential could be realized, cultivated, and ultimately, dreams could be fulfilled. The Music Lab School of Modern music operates on diverse levels. Our students range from ages 6 to 86. Whether your style is Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Gospel, or Classical, this is the place that will make it happen. The Music Lab offers classes in acoustic/electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, voice, violin, and courses in songwriting and recording. Some students may be eligible to recieve credits toward graduation.... The Music Lab is also equiped with a new full scale state of the art digital recording studio and the expertise of our very own in-house, seasoned engineers. The studio is available for recording albums, commercials and demos for potential promotion. We are also an authorized retail sales outlet for Fender Guitar and have a wide variety of merchandise, from acoustic/electric guitars and amplifiers to violins and brass instruments for sale or rent. We also have your everyday merchandise needs such as strings, picks, and drumsticks. If we don't have it, we can get it. Our prices are the best around and we guarantee we will not be undersold!"  Yorba Linda
Upscale Recording & Production 
"Singing, pro voice lessons, songwriting workshops, image development courses & recording your own demo: The Upscale Recording Production program will emphasize on nurturing the gifts and talents of aspiring singers and songwriters to bring them to a level of maturity. We also take pride in directing undeveloped talent in the right direction. Upscale Recording music firmly believes that with the proper training and tools combined with a well planned strategy for success, anyone can be successful in the entertainment industry. Our priority here at Upscale Production is to excel each individualís natural talents and interest with a unique and distinctive mode of training. Artists will develop a strong sense of their musical self and strengthen their social skills through emotional development and stage presence. Each package has been designed to increase confidence and self esteem so that the students can express his/her own personal creativity through this program."  Costa Mesa
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