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Secular Private Schools in Orange County, California

A+ Ability Plus K-8 School 
Kindergarten through 8th Grade. "Ability Plus is a Private School that teaches from the viewpoint that the data being taught is for students to use in life, not just to memorize and pass a test. Getting marks of 'A' is a useless action unless the student can then apply what was studied to improve his life or the lives of others. At Ability Plus we expect and maintain a high standard of achievement from our students in all the basics such as reading, writing, math, phonics, history, science and the arts. Each student is given an individualized program that aligns with the childís own educational and personal goals. Their interests are fostered and they are taught how to become responsible and actively involved in their education, thus making sure they do succeed. Because of our high standards, children who transfer from other schools to our school are given a thorough, individual analysis and program which addresses any and all areas of their education that may have been missed or might need to be filled in. At Ability Plus, the students master their subjects 100% before moving on to a higher level. When students are held to that standard, their overall progress is faster because they donít have confusions from their earlier studies."  Tustin
Arborland PK-6 Montessori Children's Academy 
"It is our belief that each child is a unique individual with his own special needs and background, and should be recognized as someone special. In order for the child to grow and learn, he must first feel safe, accepted, and competent in an environment that is encouraging, nurturing, supportive and challenging. Our Goals and Objectives Our main objective is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the child develop within himself the foundational habits, attitudes, skills and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. Our goals for the child are: to develop a positive attitude toward school and learning. to develop a sense of high self-esteem. to establish a habit of concentration for lifelong study skills. to develop and foster curiosity. to acquire the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning. to develop habits of initiative and persistence. to foster inner discipline and a sense of order. to develop socially acceptable behavior. to develop the child's innate, ultimate potential through high self-expectation."  Fullerton
Berkeley Private PK-6 School 
"Berkeley is a small, non-sectarian private school. Our basic premise is that a comfortable, structured atmosphere, in which the child is valued and respected as an individual, is essential to a successful learning experience. Our goals for each student include not only the acquisition of strong basic academic skills, but a firm self-image, independent study habits, and a sense of responsibility. We recognize that by the time a child comes to school, his/her education is already in progress, no matter what the age of the child. The parents have been the child's first teachers, and will continue to be the most influential force in the child's life. It is the responsibility of our school to help the child to integrate his/her new learning experiences in the school environment with the values that are of importance to the child's family."  Fullerton
The Brighten School & Arts Academy 
K-12 "In Summer of 1997, 4 longtime educators dreamed of creating a school in Orange, California where students could focus on learning subjects that had direct bearing on what they wanted to achieve in life. Future architects would be exposed to a wide variety of architecture, artists would learn math skills that related to producing works of art, jet pilots would be encouraged to talk to people in their chosen fields, and so on. All wold be given the opportunity to "Learn How to Learn" and to develop valuable research skills to expand their understanding about life. Students would learn how to think, rather than cram for tests. The Arts would be important, as would Athletics. Manners, Morals and respect for the rights and religions of others would be emphasized. Learning would be an adventure. School would be something to be anticipated with excitement, and the curriculum would exceed the requirements of the State of California. That dream became The Brighten School & Arts Academy, and grew from 12 students in a single room in the Super Sports Complex in 1997 to approximately 100 students (and counting). By September of 2005, larger quarters were needed, and Brighten moved to its new location north of East Chapman in Orange. Come to Brighten to help your student achieve real Study Skills, Learning Strategies, Study Tips and Learning Techniques. We also have a variety of Educational Books and Study Courses for all ages."  Orange
Eldorado School 
A private school in Orange. From Preschool ("Majelix") thru 12th Grade ("Emerson High"). Awesome music and arts program. Wonderful family atmosphere. Not everyone's cup of tea - very down-to-earth - but those who fit swear by it. Owned and operated by Dr. Glory Ludwick.  Orange
Fairmont Private Schools 
Fairmont is a very academic environment, with multiple campuses in Northern Orange County. "Fairmont Private Schools is the oldest and largest nonsectarian private school community in Orange County serving over 2,000 students. Our five campuses are culturally diverse communities, where athletics, arts, and extracurricular activities supplement academic coursework to help shape the entire student."  Anaheim, Santa Ana
LePort PK-8 Schools 
"Dr. LePort is a general surgeon in private practice in Orange County, California. He received his M.D. degree and surgical training in Brooklyn, New York at Downstate Medical College, where he was an Assistant Professor of Surgery for two years prior to moving to California. He is a member of the Faculty of the American College of Surgeons, the Orange County Surgical Society, and the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons. Dr. LePort is a founding member of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, a charitable association dedicated to educating the public about how their right to choose is being violated in the name of ďthe right to medical care." The organization promotes individual liberty, personal responsibility, and free-market economics. He is also a Board Member of the Ayn Rand Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of reason and rationality in our world. While in medical school, Dr. LePort became interested in childhood education. He studied the writings of Dr. Maria Montessori and educated his children by the Montessori Method through fourth grade. He helped develop an Upper Elementary Program for his children through the rest of their education. LePort Schools is the culmination of Dr. LePortís efforts to provide children with a superior education, one in which they develop strong basic skills, master challenging content, and learn to think independently. From a small home school with three students, LePort Schools now caters to over 250 students at four thriving locations across Orange County. Dr. LePortís dedicated team of administrators, teachers, and educational experts have worked together to develop and deliver an exceptional curriculum in a stimulating, nurturing environment, earning LePort Schools its reputation as a superior place of learning."  Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Irvine
McDowell Elementary & Children's Choice Preschool 
"Thank you for your interest in Children's Choice Preschool and McDowell Elementary. We have been a leader in private education in South Orange County for twenty years. Children's Choice Preschool and McDowell Elementary appeals to parents who are seeking a small, energetic learning environment tailored to the needs of the student who is performing at age/grade levels or above. Our class composition and instructional programs are uniquely appropriate for students of average ability or above who are seeking peers and instructors to challenge them to achieve their full potential. In this climate of mutual respect we acknowledge the intellectual, social and emotional growth of each child. Our classes concentrate on core academics, and a well-rounded curriculum that includes music, Spanish, art, physical education and computers skills. Each year, our students at each grade level routinely score above the 90th percentile in the Sat9 standardized tests."  Laguna Niguel
Oakridge Private School 
"Oakridge Private School's philosophy is the foundation for all that we do and the reason we have been so successful in the education and character growth of each child. Oakridge is a non-sectarian school with a focus on Judeo-Christian values and every member of the Oakridge staff works hard to demonstrate the following key principles: We believe each child is a unique and gifted individual, worthy of respect and capable of special contribution. We believe in a strong curriculum, which is focused on basic academics and provides a solid foundation for higher learning. We believe in a caring and stimulating school environment which enables children to achieve academically while also developing self-esteem and respect for others. We believe life is more than just academics, and children need a moral and ethical frame of reference. A value-based education is the best foundation for your child's future. We believe children learn what they live, therefore, Oakridge is designed to ensure that parents, teachers and staff work as a team to provide the very best opportunities for children to learn and grow."  Orange
Page Private School 
"Page Private School was established in 1908 and is a non-sectarian, co-educational School. Page provides a nurturing environment for the individual child so that educational and social growth skills are able to develop to their full potential. Page Private School provides incentives for scholarship, character, and personality throughindividual attention. We strive to develop a positive self image, leadership ability, and resourcefulness as denoted in our motto: 'Growth with Honor'. Standardized tests are used as a diagnostic means to guide the teaching staff. We feel these help in identifying strengths and weaknesses. As the weakness is identified we may then teach the needed skill through a strength. Page Private School concentrates on basic education and old fashioned fundamentals, but our teachers use modern tools for modern teaching."  Costa Mesa, Garden Grove
Pegasus PK-8 School 
"The Pegasus School, a national Blue Ribbon School, accredited by California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and a member of National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), is the realization of Dr. Laura Hathaway's vision to create an educational environment that values intelligence, creativity, and respect for others - - indeed where it is "safe to be smart." Located on a 14 acre park-like campus in Huntington Beach, the private, independent, nondenominational school is for bright and gifted children. Small classes and personalized attention, provide intellectual stimulation while supporting each child's social and emotional growth. Every facet of the rigorous curriculum is designed to encourage each child to use creative and critical thinking while drawing on a strong foundation of the basics to achieve scholastic and personal success."  Huntington Beach
VanDamme Elementary & Jr. High Academy 
"Education, in our view, is the systematic training of the minds of children. This requires the right presentation of the right material over a period of many years. A proper curriculum supplies each student with the essential content of knowledge, and teaches him to be a logical thinker. The result is a mature adult who knows what he thinks and can think on his own. To achieve this result, the curriculum must be presented in a specific way. At our school, each subject is taught in a careful, step-by-step manner that ensures the child will advance with full understanding. Students are taught to make connections within and between subjects--and also between school and life. Our teachers motivate the students, by showing them the importance of the knowledge they are working to acquire. Every child is challenged to achieve, and is allowed to progress at his own pace. The proper content taught by the right method engenders real enthusiasm for learning."  Laguna Hills
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