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Secular Private Preschools in Orange County, California

Anaheim Parent Participation Preschool 
"Take a tour today! We welcome families of all cultures, religions, races, and ethnic backgrounds. We are a nonprofit, parent-run organization. Please call for more information. Philosophy Our philosophy is that children learn through play. Our program emphasizes the development of the whole child through social interaction, multi-sensory activities and active parent involvement. We provide age appropriate activities to enhance each child's development. We believe that every child is unique and develops at his or own pace through the choices he or she makes. Program Highlights * Professional teacher/director accredited by the State Department of Education * Teacher designed activity centers to facilitate learning through play * Monthly dramatic themes covering different learning concepts * Field trips coordinated with monthly themes to learn about our community * Excellent teacher/student ratio * Large outdoor play area including playhouses, tricycles, sandbox, slide, and student-tended garden * Spacious classrooms including craft area, dramatic play, science table, book corner, blocks, puzzles, and lots of other activities to spark your child's curiosity"  Anaheim
Arborland PK-6 Montessori Children's Academy 
"It is our belief that each child is a unique individual with his own special needs and background, and should be recognized as someone special. In order for the child to grow and learn, he must first feel safe, accepted, and competent in an environment that is encouraging, nurturing, supportive and challenging. Our Goals and Objectives Our main objective is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the child develop within himself the foundational habits, attitudes, skills and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. Our goals for the child are: to develop a positive attitude toward school and learning. to develop a sense of high self-esteem. to establish a habit of concentration for lifelong study skills. to develop and foster curiosity. to acquire the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning. to develop habits of initiative and persistence. to foster inner discipline and a sense of order. to develop socially acceptable behavior. to develop the child's innate, ultimate potential through high self-expectation."  Fullerton
Berkeley Private PK-6 School 
"Berkeley is a small, non-sectarian private school. Our basic premise is that a comfortable, structured atmosphere, in which the child is valued and respected as an individual, is essential to a successful learning experience. Our goals for each student include not only the acquisition of strong basic academic skills, but a firm self-image, independent study habits, and a sense of responsibility. We recognize that by the time a child comes to school, his/her education is already in progress, no matter what the age of the child. The parents have been the child's first teachers, and will continue to be the most influential force in the child's life. It is the responsibility of our school to help the child to integrate his/her new learning experiences in the school environment with the values that are of importance to the child's family."  Fullerton
Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove 
"The Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove have been providing positive places for children to go during non-school hours, particularly when there is no adult at home, since 1956 --- long before the word 'latchkey' became a part of our vocabulary! As a leader in programs for youth, we were among the very first to extend our hours and days of service to directly accommodate working parents. We were also among the first to provide transportation to and from schools on a day-to-day basis. Currently, we administer five school-age centers year-round: Boys and Girls Club, Edgar Branch, Stanford Branch, Patton Branch, and Clinton Branch. These sites serve more than 1,200 boys and girls (5 -17 years old) every day, from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. During the summer and school holidays, most children are with us at least 9 hours each day. Evening and weekend activities are provided for teens. Our Family Campus, provides licensed toddler and preschool childcare and school readiness for more than 112 children daily, as well as enrichment programs, computer center and a Family Resource Library. Families can also come to us when they are in crisis, through our Family and Youth Outreach services located at Garden Groveís Juvenile Justice Center and the Truancy Reduction Center at Hare High School. These programs are designed to accommodate the special needs of our community, offering a referral program, truancy reduction services, parent education classes, family support, juvenile offender education, drug education, and individual and family counseling."  Garden Grove, Santa Ana
Eldorado School 
A private school in Orange. From Preschool ("Majelix") thru 12th Grade ("Emerson High"). Awesome music and arts program. Wonderful family atmosphere. Not everyone's cup of tea - very down-to-earth - but those who fit swear by it. Owned and operated by Dr. Glory Ludwick.  Orange
Fairmont Private Schools 
Fairmont is a very academic environment, with multiple campuses in Northern Orange County. "Fairmont Private Schools is the oldest and largest nonsectarian private school community in Orange County serving over 2,000 students. Our five campuses are culturally diverse communities, where athletics, arts, and extracurricular activities supplement academic coursework to help shape the entire student."  Anaheim, Santa Ana
LePort PK-8 Schools 
"Dr. LePort is a general surgeon in private practice in Orange County, California. He received his M.D. degree and surgical training in Brooklyn, New York at Downstate Medical College, where he was an Assistant Professor of Surgery for two years prior to moving to California. He is a member of the Faculty of the American College of Surgeons, the Orange County Surgical Society, and the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons. Dr. LePort is a founding member of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, a charitable association dedicated to educating the public about how their right to choose is being violated in the name of ďthe right to medical care." The organization promotes individual liberty, personal responsibility, and free-market economics. He is also a Board Member of the Ayn Rand Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of reason and rationality in our world. While in medical school, Dr. LePort became interested in childhood education. He studied the writings of Dr. Maria Montessori and educated his children by the Montessori Method through fourth grade. He helped develop an Upper Elementary Program for his children through the rest of their education. LePort Schools is the culmination of Dr. LePortís efforts to provide children with a superior education, one in which they develop strong basic skills, master challenging content, and learn to think independently. From a small home school with three students, LePort Schools now caters to over 250 students at four thriving locations across Orange County. Dr. LePortís dedicated team of administrators, teachers, and educational experts have worked together to develop and deliver an exceptional curriculum in a stimulating, nurturing environment, earning LePort Schools its reputation as a superior place of learning."  Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Irvine
McDowell Elementary & Children's Choice Preschool 
"Thank you for your interest in Children's Choice Preschool and McDowell Elementary. We have been a leader in private education in South Orange County for twenty years. Children's Choice Preschool and McDowell Elementary appeals to parents who are seeking a small, energetic learning environment tailored to the needs of the student who is performing at age/grade levels or above. Our class composition and instructional programs are uniquely appropriate for students of average ability or above who are seeking peers and instructors to challenge them to achieve their full potential. In this climate of mutual respect we acknowledge the intellectual, social and emotional growth of each child. Our classes concentrate on core academics, and a well-rounded curriculum that includes music, Spanish, art, physical education and computers skills. Each year, our students at each grade level routinely score above the 90th percentile in the Sat9 standardized tests."  Laguna Niguel
North Huntington Beach Community Nursery School 
"You've found us! North Huntington Beach Community Nursery School (NHBCNS) has been serving the needs of families in the surrounding communities since 1967. We are a non-profit parent participation pre-school, where community, cooperation and friendship are fostered for both the child and parent. We are what is commonly referred to as a co-op pre-school. We differ from a traditional preschool in that our parents work in the classroom 2-3 times a month under the direction of our fulltime, certified teacher. Each family is a member of our co-op and helps operate our school. We hold monthly meetings where we conduct school business and provide parent education."  Huntington Beach
Page Private School 
"Page Private School was established in 1908 and is a non-sectarian, co-educational School. Page provides a nurturing environment for the individual child so that educational and social growth skills are able to develop to their full potential. Page Private School provides incentives for scholarship, character, and personality throughindividual attention. We strive to develop a positive self image, leadership ability, and resourcefulness as denoted in our motto: 'Growth with Honor'. Standardized tests are used as a diagnostic means to guide the teaching staff. We feel these help in identifying strengths and weaknesses. As the weakness is identified we may then teach the needed skill through a strength. Page Private School concentrates on basic education and old fashioned fundamentals, but our teachers use modern tools for modern teaching."  Costa Mesa, Garden Grove
Pegasus PK-8 School 
"The Pegasus School, a national Blue Ribbon School, accredited by California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and a member of National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), is the realization of Dr. Laura Hathaway's vision to create an educational environment that values intelligence, creativity, and respect for others - - indeed where it is "safe to be smart." Located on a 14 acre park-like campus in Huntington Beach, the private, independent, nondenominational school is for bright and gifted children. Small classes and personalized attention, provide intellectual stimulation while supporting each child's social and emotional growth. Every facet of the rigorous curriculum is designed to encourage each child to use creative and critical thinking while drawing on a strong foundation of the basics to achieve scholastic and personal success."  Huntington Beach
Turtle Rock Private Preschool 
"Our school is developmentally oriented with primary emphasis on the individual child. Our classrooms are center-based with new activities planned regularly. Rooms are designed so that children have numerous choices within an environment of maximum learning. Our teachers act primarily as facilitators encouraging a strong partnership between the home and school. The Infant & Toddler Program is enhanced by a low child to staff ratio to provide special care at this young age. The Preschool Program is tailored to the varying skill levels in children age 2 1/2 through age 5. Activities are designed to be multi-level so all children can experience success. The Private Kindergarten Program follows a strong academic curriculum in a developmental enviroment. Thanks to the small child to staff ratio and extended hours, children get individual attention and one on one interaction with staff. They have a wonderful experience with hands on programs that are enriched by computers and foreign language. When they graduate, they move on with confidence to shine and integrate with the Unified School District. The Extended Day Enrichment Program for school age children compliments their regular school program and enriches their growth and development from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Summer Camp Program is offered to provide a high quality summer experience for kindergarten and elementary age children. (5 to 10 years old.)"  Irvine
UCI Early Childhood Education Center 
"118 children, ages 2 through kindergarten. Priority given to UCI students, staff and faculty. Available to the community. Our Philosophy is based on the Piagetian Principle that children develop and learn in sequential stages by being actively involved in their environment. We provide an enriched environment that furnishes materials that can be used according to a child's developmental level. We encourage free choice in order to foster independence and develop confident and competent children. We encourage family involvement and work towards incorporating respect and dignity for every culture."  Irvine
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