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Business Telephone Service Providers in Orange County, California

Premiere Worldwide Telecommunications Consulting 
"Premiere Worldwide is a telecommunications consulting firm that provides extensive expertise to businesses in all aspects of the fast-changing telecommunications industry. In our 10 years of servicing small and large companies, we have handled a wide range of telecom services, from simple business lines to the most technologically advanced digital connections. Our purpose is to match businesses with the most appropriate local, long distance, data, and Internet services for their specific requirements. We evaluate every facet of your company’s communications needs, and provide you with a comprehensive analysis suggesting a range of custom-designed telecom solutions. As authorized agents for most major local, long distance, data, and Internet providers — Premiere Worldwide can be your single point of contact and represent your company in all its telecommunications needs. With Premiere Worldwide, you have a knowledgeable consultant at your fingertips for timesaving, one-stop telecommunications shopping."  
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