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Vicinity Dog Parks in Orange County, California

Costa Mesa Bark Park 
"CMBP is a two-acre fenced off-leash park in the City of Costa Mesa. The park is administered by the Costa Mesa Bark Park Foundation, a California incorporated public benefit non-profit, comprised entirely of volunteers and wholly dependent financially on donations. The park has a separate area for small, elderly and disabled dogs. Facilities include double-gated entrance, parking, trees, benches, water dispensers for the dogs, dog waste bags and restroom.... The Park is located on the corner of Arlington Avenue and Newport Boulevard in TeWinkle Park, across the street from the Orange County Fairgrounds Equestrian Center.... The Park is open from dawn to dusk, Wednesday through Monday. It is closed all day every Tuesday for park maintenance."  Costa Mesa
Green Valley Nordic Ski Area 
"Green Valley Nordic is located at the end of Green Valley Lake Road. Turnoff just outside of Arrowbear off of Hwy 18 approx 2 miles from Running Springs. At a base elevation of 7200', the scenery can be down right spectacular and serene. Trails are intermediate to advanced. Check ahead for days open. Approx 30 miles of trail groomed for classic and skating. Dogs are welcomed here following 'Doggie Rules'."  Running Springs
Haute Dog Organization 
"The Haute Dog organization (pronounced HOT) is a diverse and growing network of dog owners, lovers, educators, rescuers and supporters. Our common bond has resulted in a unique and lively community of folks who share some qualities of our favorite dogs: devotion, spirit and tenacity. " Education, Rescue, Support, Socialization, Operation Santa Paws, Haute Dog Easter Parade, Haute Dog Howl'aween Parade, Interfaith Blessing of the Animals, Information, Resources, Events. Free Newsletter  Long Beach
Huntington Beach Best Friend Dog Park 
"Best Friend Dog Park is located adjacent to Central Park on Edwards Street close to Talbert.... Established in June 1995, The park is separated into two sections; we have a small dog section and a big dog section. This is to accommodate dogs of all sizes. Amenities include fencing, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbag dispensers, trees, parking, restrooms, water and trashcans. The Park is also known for the infamous Doggy Walk of Fame (865 paw prints embedded in concrete). The Doggy Walk was created in 1996."  Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach Dog Beach 
Dog Beach is at the end of Golden West and Pacific Coast Highway. Parking is located between Seapoint Street and 21st Street. Poop bags available - please be considerate and pick up after yourself. Take a stick or ball for Rover to retrieve from the water. Open 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.  Huntington Beach
Irvine Central Bark Dog Park 
One driveway past the Irvine Animal Care Center, just behind the household materials drop-off center. Open from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except: closed on Wednesdays for maintenance. Husky owners congregate early on Saturdays and Sunday mornings. Has a separately fenced area for small dogs. Separate entry and exit-ways. Parking lot usually has spaces available, but sometimes overflows to street. Clean port-a-potties available in parking lot. Owners responsible for own pickup. Poop bags available on fences & posts, plenty of benches, and watering stations on each side of park. Call 949-724-MUDD for information on closures due to weather. A good map & driving directions are on the Irvine Animal Care Center website. Just go one driveway further and turn into the recycling center entrance.  Irvine
Ladera Ranch Wagsdale Dog Park 
According to the Ladera Ranch Realty: "1.5 Acre Park * South Westerly side of Flintridge Village * Ladera Residents Dog Park * Children’s league soccer fields * Picnic areas * Connected to Yukon Riley Trail" There is also an article on the OC Register's site. If anyone has more information on this dog park (especially a link to their home page) please contact  Ladera Ranch
Laguna Canyon Dog Park 
About 2 miles south of the 405 on Laguna Canyon Road, on the east side of the road. Coming from the 405, it is on the left side of the road, just past the Animal Shelter. A fairly large park, with a 2-gate entry system. Poop bags and a watering station are available. Benches and a picnic table. You may want to bring a folding chair for this one, however. Etiquette for entering and leaving: Wait until the entry pen is empty. Take your dog in, close the gate behind you, take the dog off the leash. Open the inside gate and let your dog run into the park. This avoids "leash aggression". A dog on a leash feels threatened and may lash out at the other dogs coming to greet him. When exiting, wait until the exit pen is empty. Call your dog into it, close the inside gate, then put your dog's leash on. Then exit the pen. The two gates should never be open at the same time! Used properly, this system is awesome.  Laguna Beach
Laguna Niguel Dog Park 
This park is on the corner of Golden Lantern and Beacon Hill.  Laguna Niguel
Long Beach Dog Beach Zone 
Off-leash Dog Zone on approximately 3 acres near Belmont Shores. Open mornings and afternoon according to time of year - refer to website for more information. Parking in beachfront metered lot. Free parking after 5 p.m. in the lot at the end of Granada Ave.  Long Beach
Long Beach Recreation Dog Park 
7th Street at Park Ave. Separate area for small dogs. Almost 2 acres, well-lit. Open until 10 p.m. daily.  Long Beach
Orange Dog Park 
This is called the "Yorba Dog Park" because it is in Yorba Street just below Chapman in Orange. "Yorba Park - Dog Park Rules and Regulations 1. Dog Park hours are from 7 a.m. to dusk and may be closed or adjusted, as conditions require. 2. Maximum of three (3) dogs per adult at once inside the dog park. 3. All responsible persons shall, at all times, clean up after dogs and dispose of waste in an appropriate container. 4. Adults must maintain control over dogs at all times immediately remove threatening or aggressive dogs. No mounting. 5. Any dog over the age of four (4) months must be healthy, vaccinated, legally licensed and wearing identification tags prior to use of any dog exercise area. 6. Dogs under the age of four (4) months are prohibited from any dog exercise area... 7. Female dogs in heat are not permitted in any dog exercise area. 8. No food or food products allowed, whether intended for human or dog consumption 9. All rules governing City parks and relevant parking regulations apply. 10. While inside the boundaries of any dog exercise area, an adult must accompany minors under the age of sixteen (16). 11. Off-leash in fenced area only. All regulations regarding dogs in the park apply outside the off-leash area including, all dogs must be on a secure leash not more than six (6) feet long held continuously in the hands of a person capable of controlling the dog. 12. Keep gates closed at all times. 13. Fill holes and stop dogs from digging. 14. Do not leave dogs unattended. Abandonment of animals is prohibited. 15. The above regulations shall be enforceable by any police officer, animal control officer, park ranger or other code enforcement officer of the City..."  Orange
San Clemente Dog Park 
Includes a separate fenced area for small and/or older dogs. "SC Dog Lovers worked hard with our City’s Parks and Recreation committee of San Clemente to get the first off-leash dog park built for our city. San Clemente Dog Lovers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Gregg Lipanovich. We are still working together with the Parks and Rec. to help promote a more dog friendly San Clemente. Our efforts include fund raiser events that will support additional off-leash recreational areas and amenities. Parks and Rec. is open to fund these additional play areas that are of interest to pet owners and the residents, when jointly funded. The San Clemente Dog Park has 2 separate exercise areas. The larger one is about _ acre of decomposed granite. There are 4 benches, 2 doggy pot dispensers, a doggy drinking fountain and a double gated entrance. The smaller area is a nice grass enclosure for smaller, less active or mature dogs. The park is used quite a bit. So bring extra bags for pick up. Dog Park located at the corner of La Pata and Calle Extremo. Park your car on either side of La Pata. Handicapped parking spot and handicapped entrance into Dog Park provided."  San Clemente
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