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Responsible Dog Breeders in Orange County, California

ABC Golden Retrievers 
Breeder, All-Breed Training, Boarding. Responsible breeder: spays or neuters before delivery. (Thank you). "ABC Puppy Training has over twenty years of experience in training all breeds of dogs. We offer several different programs to suit the needs of each individual dog. We specialize in turning puppies into well mannered family members that can be trusted off leash, but we also have a lot of experience with helping to rehabilitate dogs with behavior problems that other trainers have been unable to solve. Our gentle methods are effective on all sizes of dogs, and because we don't use physical force we can start training puppies at eight weeks of age. Our professional trainers will be happy to speak to you over the phone to discuss your dog's behavior problems. We offer free consultations and have excellent references.... ABC Puppy Training offers a boarding situation like no other. Your dog will live with us in our home, and be treated like one of our own pets (and we spoil our pets!). Your dog will enjoy lots of personal attention and affection."  
Keith Weber
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