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Personal Therapies in Orange County, California

BeCoolUSA Cooling Vests, Wraps, Accessories 
"BeCoolUSA is the California West Coast Distributor for Arctic Heat cooling vests and cooling-heating products. We have the full line of cooling vests, neck tubes, neck wraps, wristbands, cooling caps, and equine boots. Arctic Heat products can be used for relief from medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and as heat therapy for arthritis sufferers. Athletes, motorcycle riders, off-roaders, anglers are just a few of the people who will benefit from Arctic Heat products."  San Clemente
Body Health 
Colon Hydrotherapy, Cardio Vision, Ear Candling, Blood Typing, Nutritional Evaluation, Electronic Lymphatic Drainage, Microscopy, Massage, Lipid Profiles (Cholesterol and Glucose), Quantum Advanced Biofeedback with Cybernetic Loop, Far Infrared Sauna. "Member of IACT (International Association of Colon Therapist)"  Newport Beach
Cuddle Party 
"Part workshop, part social event and lots of G-rated fun, a Cuddle Party provides a safe, non-sexual space to explore consensual touch, affection, sensuality and respectful communication.... At a Cuddle Party you can get together with other adults to explore affectionate touch and communication in a safe, non-sexual environment. They are a place where you can relax and connect and grow, knowing that your boundaries will be respected. And they're great for both singles and couples!"  Stanton
Kneaded Touch 
"I have been in the medical field for 15 years. As a Surgical Technologist (assisting in surgery), I have seen the human body in full function and close up. In 1991 I attended Southern California School of Massage and continue to take classes. I opened Kneaded Touch in 1995 and offer many different treatments. I am a member of the International Myomassethic Massage Federation (IMF) and the international Massage Association (IMA). I am a licensed massage practitioner, a Reiki practitioner and CPR Certified."  Costa Mesa
Life Skills Training Institute (LSTI) 
  • Executive Coaching: geared toward the manager who wishes to develop further skills within the workplace.
  • Women's Leadership Program: Specifically focused on women in business, this is a program of strategic guidance and empowering support for female leaders.
  • Workshops and Speaking Opportunities: focus on business performance, motivation, team-building, management, communication, organization, and leadership.
  • Career Coaching: for the person who wishes to improve their current career, begin a new one, analyze goals, and self-improve.
  • Life Coaching: for those who long for self-improvement in career, relationships, health, or overall wellness.
  • Mind and Body Health: a number of services are offered to help you energize, focus, relax, and relieve stress.
Let's face it, professionally or personally sometimes we could use some help, or at least a little more information, and that is where LSTI comes in. Understanding that your needs vary and time may be limited, we offer most of these services in-person, over the telephone, or online.
PacifiCord is a HealthBanks Biotech Company, which for nearly 10 years has been a leader in cord blood stem cell processing, storage and research. We are the first family bank in the world to adopt the optimum methods and technologies of the world's leading public cord blood programs, thus setting a new standard, to which few, if any other family banks have yet to follow. Research is a vital component of cord blood collection and storage. Not only does it keep PacifiCord at the forefront of the latest technologies and practices, but it enables us to be part of a larger purpose-to better understand and discover new ways cord blood can be used to treat and cure diseases. PacifiCord, in connection with its parent company, HealthBanks Biotech, works closely with researchers at a wide range of well known medical institutions, such as UCLA and Johns Hopkins, who are leaders conducting research on the application of stem cells in medical treatments.  Irvine
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