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Paint & Coating Suppliers in Orange County, California

Ganahl Lumber 
"Ganahl Lumber Company is the oldest lumberyard in all of California. Others have come and gone, but we are still here prospering! It all began in 1884 when an Austrian immigrant named Christian Ganahl came west from St. Louis. At the time, Los Angeles had a population of 22,000 and Christian Ganahl seized the opportunity to purchase a lumber company.... Ganahl Lumber has been family owned since the day it began. It's been passed on from generation to generation. Today, Peter Ganahl is our President, John Ganahl is our Chief Financial Officer, and two of Peter's children are in the business. In 1976, we began an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) which allowed our employees to become owners. We have mill workers, salespeople, computer operators, lumber handlers, truck drivers, cashiers and others, and each person is a vital part of our team. Some of our employees boast over 20 years of loyalty!"  Anaheim, Buena Park, Capistrano Beach, Corona, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos
Shannon Luminous Materials, Inc. 
"Shannon Luminous Materials demands quality in our products. Many of our luminous materials are used in safety applications because our high standards and quality control. The vast array of products that we carry compliment each other to produce comprehensive solutions for our clients. Choose from below to get more detail information of Shannon's product offering. 1. Fluorescent . The name Shannon has been synonymous with quality fluorescent materials for years. We offer a complete line of fluorescent pigments, dyes, paints, tracers, pens, crayons, chalks, and coatings. We have over 50 fluorescent colors to choose from and we can custom make a color just for you. 2. Phosphorescent . These Zinc Sulfide products have numerous applications in safety, military, and novelty industries. We carry paints, tape, rope, vinyl, plastisol, inks, pigments and varnishes to fit any need. 3. Super Phosphorescent . The Super Phosphorescent product line is based on Strontium, an earth alkaline. This self-emitting light technology allows after glow time to exceed 12 hours! Safety and novelty applications have been successfully using this luminous pigment with tremendous results. 4. Black Lights (Ultraviolet) . Shannon carries a full range of industrial grade black lights. These are built to last. We offer portable battery operated black lights to the 400 watt BlackFlood (tm) which can project ultraviolet light up to 40 feet. 5. Product and Color Code Chart . This page gives you the color code and product code chart for ordering and easy reference"  Santa Ana
Specialized Ceramic & Powder Coating 
"Specialized Ceramic & Powder Coatings: Since 1995. Started by Hot Rodder for his own powder coating needs. New owners in 2002-2005. Relocated to current 12,000 sq.ft. building in 2004. Added new state-of-the-art Powder Booth and a new larger curing oven. We are fully A.Q.M.D. permittted to apply ceramic coatings in So. Cal. Sandblasting available on-site for most requests. Services: Powder Coating: Full service powder coating for small to large jobs. 2 curing ovens for jobs up to 25 ft. Candies, fades, metalflakes, Quick turnaround on most basic colors. Ceramic coatings: Complete line of exhaust coatings, including the popular Chromex, Titanium and satins. Engine performance coatings for pistons, heads, bearings, cases, valves, etc. Thermal barrier, thermal dispersant and friction reduction coatings available. Ceramic Micro Clear: Authorized Applicator and Distributor for NEW air dry clear coating that relieves you from polishing your aluminum, stainless or chrome parts. Can be applied over powder coatings and liquid coatings. Also works as Anti-Graffiti coating for exterior applications."  Huntington Beach
Keith Weber
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