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Environmental Organizations in Orange County, California

Amazornia Wild Parrot Site 
A web site dedicated to information about the wild parrots found throughout Orange County: "With (worldwide) numbers decreasing at alarming rates, wildlife organizations worldwide have struggled to save their natural habitats and do everything possible to stop the importation of wild-caught parrots. While this struggle continues, thousands of miles away from their native land in a most unlikely place some species of parrot have (not so quietly) made their presence known. Rumor has it that decades ago, an exotic bird smuggling ring was surprised and just as the authorities were ready to pounce, the wild-caught birds were freed. Another rumor speaks of firefighters responding to a call in a pet shop and rather than see the birds perish, the firefighters set them free. Though these rumors have circulated for 30-plus years, there are some that believe the wild parrots may have come here on their own through normal exploration. While there may be some truth to all of these instances, the wild parrots have undoubtedly been joined by others who were once beloved companions... Most parrot species, in their natural habitat, are gravely endangered due to the pet trade, habitat loss and other variables. The naturalization of parrots in California and Florida has shown there is hope that these incredible birds can survive among us. It is with this hope for the future that we ask you not disturb, disrupt, harrass or attempt to capture these free-flying parrots. Parrots mate for life and have deep emotional ties to their flock members. They would suffer greatly if not left to do what parrots do. There are several flocks (large and small) of wild parrots throughout Southern California and most people consider them enjoyable to have around. These birds, as all wildlife, greatly deserve our respect and protection. With sincere gratitude, we thank you for caring and for your continued cooperation." An article on the OC wild parrots appeared on the OC Register web site on June 13, 2006.  
Birds of Orange County 
Detailed information on birds found in Orange County, accompanied by slides (mostly from the Audubon Wildlife Slides collection).  
The Grain Project 
"The Grain Project is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized to promote unified, healthy, sustainable communities by establishing farmersí markets, community gardens, and public art projects. The Grain Project encourages support & participation from businesses, schools, social service organizations, politicians, artists & religious groups to successfully bridge social & economic gaps within community. Please consider joining us by volunteering or making a financial contribution."  Santa Ana
Materials Matter / Home Improvement Outlet 
"Materials Matter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing donated and low-cost building materials to other nonprofits revitalizing their communities and building affordable housing. Since 2004, we have distributed over $2 million in materials to nonprofit organizations and recycled over 45 million pounds of good, usable materials headed for landfills. Explore our site to read more about our programs for nonprofits, our Deconstruction and Recycling division, and our social enterprise store the Home Improvement Outlet, serving the public with brand new, low-cost home improvement materials."  Corona
Ocean Institute 
"The Ocean Institute has become nationally known for its hands-on marine science, environmental education and maritime history programs. More than 78,000 K-12 students and 6,000 teachers annually participate in the Institute's 61 award-winning, immersion style programs. To learn oceanography and science, students voyage onto the ocean to feel and taste the salty sea spray, sort through live specimens, observe migrating whales and collect scientific data. To learn maritime history and literature, students spend an entire night aboard the brig Pilgrim - each student hauling lines, hoisting sails, standing night watch and swabbing decks. The Ocean Institute utilizes the following teaching facilities: * Science Facility - two laboratories with touchtanks and scientific teaching aids * R/V Sea Explorer - research vessel with oceanographic teaching equipment * Spirit of Dana Point - topsail schooner for at-sea programs * Pilgrim - brig for "immersion" living history programming * Historic Maritime Center - hands-on teaching facility * Dana Point Marine Life Refuge - on-site natural intertidal ecosystem of eight acres * Ocean in Motion - mobile lab for visiting classrooms and special-needs programming * Lazy W Ranch - residential camp in the Cleveland National Forest for overnight science and California history programs * Videoconferencing Studio - studio for distance learning programming On the weekends we open our doors to give you and your family a unique experience that will make a lasting impression. Like our programs for students, our public programs are designed to captivate, educate, and inspire. Ocean Institute members enjoy discounts on public programs, on gift and book store purchases, and free admittance to regularly scheduled weekend public programs in the Ocean Education Center.... Journey aboard a 70-foot floating laboratory with five distinct teaching areas fully equipped with video microscopes, touch tanks, viewing aquariums, and state-of-the-art electronics. Come see the gray whales as they migrate past Dana Point or come "after-hours" for our bioluminescence night cruise!... Come sail the Institute's 118-foot historic tallship. Spirit of Dana Point is a full size replica of a Baltimore clipper schooner. Year 'round sails - don't miss our famous cannon battle cruises!... Symbol of Dana Point, the Pilgrim is a full size replica of the hide brig immortalized by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in his American seafaring classic novel Two Years Before the Mast. Most Sundays the historic tallship Pilgrim hosts an 'Open House' for the public. The Pilgrim also hosts a variety of dramatic and musical maritime theatrical performances during the summer months. Families and individuals of all ages are invited to come aboard and learn more about our unique nautical heritage."  Dana Point
Orange County Coastkeeper 
"The Orange County Coastkeeper is committed to protecting and preserving our marine habitats through working with stakeholders to develop solutions to problems caused from the impacts of polluted urban runoff. We believe in working with business, developers, cities, and regulatory agencies to reach solutions good for Orange County while protecting coastal resources. Enforcement of clean water laws is a very significant part of our mission; we will look for and stop polluters one at a time, using litigation if necessary. Restoration of our depleted giant kelp forests is another large part of our mission as kelp provides the habitat for hundreds of species of sea life. Education is another important part of our program; Coastkeeper provides watershed ecology and habitat restoration curriculums at various schools throughout the county."  Newport Beach
Save Our Beach 
"Save Our Beach is a non-profit 501(C)3 corporation ID# 35-2176382 dedicated to improving the water quality along the Southern California coastline." Hosts monthly beach cleanups in Seal Beach, and educates the community about cleaner oceans & beaches.  Seal Beach
Surfrider Foundation 
Based in OC, of course! "The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots, non-profit, environmental organization that works to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. Stop paving our coastFounded in 1984, Surfrider Foundation's most important coastal environmental work is carried out by Surfrider Foundation's 60 chapters located along the East, West, Gulf, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian coasts. Surfrider Foundation now has over 40,000 members in the USA; in addition, International Surfrider Foundation chapters and affiliates have been established in the 5 foreign countries of Japan, Brazil, Australia, France and Spain."  San Clemente
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