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Alcoholism Organizations in Orange County, California

Scooter Patrol, Inc. 
Had a little too much to drink? Want to get home, but need your car in the morning? Check your local Orange County bar for signs listing the Scooter Patrol! Concept: Scooter Patrol is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which transports potential drunk drivers home in their own vehicles for free, thus making the streets safer for everyone. How it Works: The Scooter Patrol volunteer will stow a Goped scooter in the customer's vehicle trunk or storage compartment. The customer will then be driven home safely in the comfort and security of their own vehicle. Once arriving home, the customer can rest assured that they are safe and their vehicle is out of harm's way. The service is free of charge and gratuities are accepted. Event Transportation: In 2004, Scooter Patrol expanded their services to accommodate larger parties and organizations to ensure that drinking guests arrive home safely from events. Chapters: 1/ Los Angeles County - Long Beach / Belmont Shore - Contact: (562) 577-7365. 2/ Orange County - Parts of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Seal Beach and Huntington Harbour - Contact: (714) 240-3534
 Long Beach, Sunset Beach
Senior Service Solutions 
" The Senior Service Solutions website offers free comprehensive listings of providers of senior services in the Los Angeles, Orange County areas. Senior Service Solutions links you to resources that assist in finding the best solutions for your specific needs. The mission of Senior Service Solutions is to affirm the dignity and self worth of seniors by supplying easy access to services which will aid in enhancing the older adult's quality of life. The goal of this website is to furnish a one-stop focal point for a wide spectrum of services by offering information and referrals that will maintain the dignity and well being of the elder person while being sensitive to the caregiver. Senior Service Solutions supplies worthwhile assistance to help you make the right decision and provide you with the appropriate solutions."  Los Alamitos
YMCA Community Services 
"Serves entire county. Programs include family, youth, adult and group counseling, mentoring programs, ARK Services for Abused Children, activities and camps for persons with developmental challenges, gang prevention programs, and drug and alcohol prevention programs, and Child Care Health Consultation. "  Tustin
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