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Newspapers in Orange County, California

Helenic Calendar 
"This web site is brought to you by H&P Publications, the business name for the publishing and web endeavors of Steve and April Pastis. Steve founded The Hellenic Calendar, the Greek-American newspaper for Southern California and the Great Southwest, in 1979 and the publication continued for 12 years, before resuming publication in 2004.... Each month, our newspaper has a minimum press run of 10,000 copies. Although we will mail about 4,000 copies of each issue, most copies are distributed free at Greek Churches, restaurants, import stores and events in our area." Subscriptions available. Online version available.  Santa Ana
L.A. Times 
The only large competitor to the Orange County Register. In many ways the mirror opposite of its nemesis. Editorial content leans heavily to the left.  
OC Business Journal 
cover "Each week, the Orange County Business Journal delivers the most complete package of news and information on Orange County's companies, industries and businesspeople. It is comprehensive, authoritative, concise and entertaining. Presented in a lively and accessible format, the Business Journal is required reading for Orange County executives, managers and professionals - written in an up-tempo, breezy style that reveals the drama, excitement and fun in enterprise."
OC Weekly 
"We seek out the freshest, most provocative articles, photographs & illustrations capturing the world's most exciting, burgeoning city. We have a loyal readership who regard the Weekly as an indispensable part of their week, as well as award-winning writers and editors who are an integral part of the political & cultural life of Orange County. mirrors the information & excitement of our newspaper with exclusive online content and the added ability to interact daily with our readers and beyond."  Santa Ana
Orange County Register 
A first class operation, the Orange County Register is THE Orange County paper. Editorial slant leans heavily to the right. Also host to  
Keith Weber
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