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Tribute Music, Musicians, Bands in Orange County, CA

Wild Child - Jim Morrision & Doors Tribute Band 
A Huntington Beach Band. "Wild Child is a 18 year running, Los Angeles based, Doors tribute band that faithfully re-creates a live doors concert. The music of the doors and voice of Morrison are faithfully re-created with all the depth, energy and emotion of doors concerts live as they were back in 1967-1971. Wild Child has performed on tours nationally, as well as internationally, playing to packed venues. Wild Child utilizes the same musical equipment as the doors, including Gibson SG and 335 guitars, Vox Continental organ, Fender Rhodes Key bass, Gibson G101 keyboard, Ludwig 'swirl' drum set, and more. No aspect of faithfully re-creating the most accurate and involving doors tribute act is overlooked."  
Keith Weber
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