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PowerPop Music, Musicians, Bands in Orange County, CA

Eugene Edwards 
Eugene is "a singer/songwriter that leads a rock and roll band that specializes in upbeat, romantic melodic pop music. An award-winning guitarist since he was nineteen years old, Eugene is proud to play with bassist Brent Harding (Mike Ness, Deke Dickerson, the Lucky Stars) and drummer Mike 'Soupy' Sessa (Cracker, Fear, Rosie Flores, the Bellrays) while performing his original material. Reaction to his shows has been overwhelming. Doug Freeman, formerly of Lopez Beatles, claimed after a set this summer, 'They're the greatest pop band I've never heard of in LA!' The Music Connection has described Eugene as 'flamboyant and sexy,' and a Los Angeles journal promised to 'expect big things from this skinny guy...reminiscent of a young Springsteen.' Having been chosen by producer Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, the Blazers, Michelle Shocked, the Meat Puppets) as one of the best unsigned artists in the country, Eugene is a passionate live performer full of smiles and great songs." A frequent performer at Gypsy Den.  
Huntington Beach: "The Orange County, California-based lineup of A.Jay on vocals, Jeremy on guitars, Kevin Baldes on bass, and Allen Shellenberger on drums, together nearly 15 years, have in their own manner, begun anew with Lit. Now on Nitrus/DRT/Dirty Martini Recordings after a productive stint with RCA, the band produced Lit themselves, and did it, to paraphrase Sinatra, 'their way,' as Jeremy explains: 'We went back to our warehouse in Anaheim, feeling free, jamming, for the reasons we started playing in the first place. No deadlines, no expectations, and no one polluting the process; just getting together to have fun and write songs.'"  
"The X-CASSIDYS formed by fusing the successful L.A. band Star Thirteen with members of the Downtown Popular (Orange County). The band focuses on writing unique, upbeat, original, material with melodic hooks and a tight foundation. The members include the infectious vocal talents of: Dave Harris: Guitar / Vocals, the creative fretwork of Steve Weatherby: Guitar & the heavy solid backbone of Austin 'Fluffy' Johnson: Bass & Brian Willie: Drums."  
Keith Weber
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