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Metal Music, Musicians, Bands in Orange County, CA

Huntington Beach: "The Orange County, California-based lineup of A.Jay on vocals, Jeremy on guitars, Kevin Baldes on bass, and Allen Shellenberger on drums, together nearly 15 years, have in their own manner, begun anew with Lit. Now on Nitrus/DRT/Dirty Martini Recordings after a productive stint with RCA, the band produced Lit themselves, and did it, to paraphrase Sinatra, 'their way,' as Jeremy explains: 'We went back to our warehouse in Anaheim, feeling free, jamming, for the reasons we started playing in the first place. No deadlines, no expectations, and no one polluting the process; just getting together to have fun and write songs.'"  
Sugar Ray 
Per their website: " The men of Sugar Ray all grew up in sunny Orange County, California, with the exception of the Pasadena-raised DJ Homicide. " According to their Rolling Stone bio: "Genre: Post-Grunge, Rock/Pop, Alternative/Punk, Funk Metal Hometown: Orange County, CA Sugar Ray owe a great debt to the powers that make their fusion of styles so darn catchy. Somehow, the union of hardcore Speed Metal with growling vocals, the sunny, feel-good songs with shimmering acoustic guitar, grungy guitar-driven rock and DJ Homicide's groovy beats make a unified sound all their own. Fueled by the popularity of their ubiquitous first single 'Fly' and singer Mark McGrath's pin-up looks -- the five-piece SoCal band seem likely to beat Warhol's 'fifteen minutes of fame' prediction. "  
Keith Weber
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