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Indie Music, Musicians, Bands in Orange County, CA

Thrill Deluxe 
Huntington Beach. "THRILL DELUXE was formed in the spring of 2001 in Huntington Beach Ca., by Harlis Sweetwater, singer/guitarist for the critically acclaimed Soul/R & B group Barrelhouse, and Larry Chronic Jr., former bassist of another O.C./L.A. based R&B outfit called Soul Candy. Venturing from their Soul/ R& B roots, they set out to make music that had a more mainstream, hard and heavy edge, while maintaining the soulful and emotional quality that defined their previous bands sound. After a succession of drummers, they solidified THRILL DELUXE with fellow Orange County resident Joe Sykes, who was the backbone of the popular Alternative Hard Rock band Ten Mile Tongue. THRILL DELUXE now had 3 solid members, all w/ extensive recording, touring and performing credit."  
"The X-CASSIDYS formed by fusing the successful L.A. band Star Thirteen with members of the Downtown Popular (Orange County). The band focuses on writing unique, upbeat, original, material with melodic hooks and a tight foundation. The members include the infectious vocal talents of: Dave Harris: Guitar / Vocals, the creative fretwork of Steve Weatherby: Guitar & the heavy solid backbone of Austin 'Fluffy' Johnson: Bass & Brian Willie: Drums."  
Keith Weber
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