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Hip-hop Music, Musicians, Bands in Orange County, California

Mean Street Magazine & Online Music Store 
"Mean Street Magazine is one of the largest all-music free monthly regional publications in Southern California. Our circulation of 70,000 covers a highly-diverse spectrum of genres including alternative rock, pop, hardcore, punk, ska, electronica, techno, underground hip-hop and about everything else music-related. Regular features include local music scene coverage, exclusive photography and interviews, a full gamut of album reviews and the latest happenings in the music technology and business."  Whittier 
" is an electronic hip-hop magazine founded in Switzerland. Since 2000 expanded to the US and opened offices in Santa Ana, California. Its primary purpose is to provide information about hip-hop music and culture. From a local event calendar, Sixshot quickly extended its content to international interviews, hip-hop news, live pictures, a graffiti gallery, album reviews and recently MP3 files of local artists to download. is interactive, features a live chat and a battle board to communicate. Sixshot would like its visitors to enjoy hip-hop, therefore we dedicate this site to the hip-hop culture, its history and evolution, and not its exploitation.... All content of this site is hip-hop related. delivers daily information such as hip-hop news, album reviews with audio samples, interviews with international and national hip-hop artists and reviews of the local swiss hip-hop scene. Besides information contains a huge multimedia section with over 2000 concert, backstage and party pictures, DJ mixshows and legal full length MP3 files to download. In the interactive part of, we offer not only a live chat and a battle board for hip-hop fans to communicate, but also contests and votes. On users have the chance to win the freshest records, mixtapes, and concert tickets. To keep you updated on what's going on on without any hassle, just sign up our mailing list and receive the latest headlines and local concert information."  Garden Grove
Keith Weber
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