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Alternative Music, Musicians, Bands in Orange County, California

Conspiracy Theory 
Santa Ana: "Formed in the late 90's Conspiracy Theory has become one of most popular bands in the L.A. scene.... With a loud hard hitting sound and a mix of new fusion metal, rap, and a twist of latin flavor that can hold its own.... Conspiracy Theory with the desire to perform and please the thousands of crowds have continue to master their art in so many ways, and will continue to do so. In 1998 the founding members Ralph lopez, Ivan Avalos, Rick Lopez and Fernando Lopez all being music lovers, set out on a coures to start something that later on would be a powerful and unstoppable element that is now known by the name of Conspiracy Theory. Ivan and Fernando being fans of metal music and classical rock each would bring there hard screeching of a guitar and a hard hitting drum sound that would echo in the myst of any night. Rick being a big fan of classical music and latin music he would bring the voice that would captivate the crowds and hypnotize the thousands of fans. Ralph coming from a background of the streets a fan of old skool and hip hop music would also bring the hard gansta mentality to the table to add that edge that would be needed to get things jumping. Over the last six years Conspiracy Theory has gone threw two name changes and has lost three members, but it has become what it is today and it will continue to grow to become one of the most powerful bands in the music scene. Today Conspiracy Theory stands with this members Ralph, Rick, Fernando,Jeremy,Chris and Omar."  Santa Ana
Eugene Edwards 
Eugene is "a singer/songwriter that leads a rock and roll band that specializes in upbeat, romantic melodic pop music. An award-winning guitarist since he was nineteen years old, Eugene is proud to play with bassist Brent Harding (Mike Ness, Deke Dickerson, the Lucky Stars) and drummer Mike 'Soupy' Sessa (Cracker, Fear, Rosie Flores, the Bellrays) while performing his original material. Reaction to his shows has been overwhelming. Doug Freeman, formerly of Lopez Beatles, claimed after a set this summer, 'They're the greatest pop band I've never heard of in LA!' The Music Connection has described Eugene as 'flamboyant and sexy,' and a Los Angeles journal promised to 'expect big things from this skinny guy...reminiscent of a young Springsteen.' Having been chosen by producer Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, the Blazers, Michelle Shocked, the Meat Puppets) as one of the best unsigned artists in the country, Eugene is a passionate live performer full of smiles and great songs." A frequent performer at Gypsy Den.  
Fuji Minx 
"Alternative Pop group from Orange, CA. Please visit the website or myspace for more info."  Orange
Jason Eric Foster 
Costa Mesa musician. "I do two types of shows. Click on the 'shows' link and you can come see me play a set of my own music. Under 'covers shows' you can come see what i do for money, the root of all evil."  
Joe Ongie 
Musician, artist, restaurateur, and you-name-it. Robert Pally says in his interview, "Joe Ongie ignores the record industry, played with Aimee Mann, loves the Beatles album Revolver and canít live being compared to the Eels."  
John Carrillo 
"John's style of music is a study in eclecticism. Although heavily influenced by classic 60's pop groups such as The Beatles, The Byrds, The Who, The Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel, his music also invokes sensibilities of such modern artists as Matthew Sweet, Travis, Elvis Costello, REM, Ben Folds and Belle & Sebastian to produce his own unique brand of quirky yet accessible brand of pop music. 'I like to take traditional forms of pop music, and give them a little twist. For example, I have a song called Weegie Board which is basically a love song and really no different than anything that the Everly Brothers recorded except in this case, the boy is in love with a ghost and the arrangement is a homage to Air and Radiohead'. In late 2001, John released his latest album 'A Wink To His Career' which features among others, guest appearances by Lonnie Jordan (War) and Bob Boulding (The Young Dubliners). The album, produced by Dwight Yoakam sideman Shawn Nourse, showcases John's vocal talents as well as his rapidly developing songwriting skills. Recently, John was named one of the top local artists of 2001 by The Orange County Register."  
John Hoskinson 
"Melodic pop music similar in style to Neil Finn, Michael Penn, Squeeze etc." Friend of Joe Ongie, plays at Gypsy Den periodically. You can contact John via his website contact page.  
According to the Orange County Register, December 2, 2002, number 2 of Cool 94.3's Go Loco top picks for OC bands to watch (December 2002).  Burbank
Mean Street Magazine & Online Music Store 
"Mean Street Magazine is one of the largest all-music free monthly regional publications in Southern California. Our circulation of 70,000 covers a highly-diverse spectrum of genres including alternative rock, pop, hardcore, punk, ska, electronica, techno, underground hip-hop and about everything else music-related. Regular features include local music scene coverage, exclusive photography and interviews, a full gamut of album reviews and the latest happenings in the music technology and business."  Whittier
No Doubt 
An Anaheim band that made it! According to their Rolling Stone Bio: "Genre: 3rd Wave Ska, Alternative/Punk, Ska Punk, Post-Grunge Hometown: Anaheim, CA Surfing high on the Ska Punk wave which raged in the 1990s, No Doubt found their ticket to ride in a watered-down, polished combination of 3rd Wave Ska and Punk-Pop. With success on the horizon, they quickly moved into more radio-friendly pop territory, launching a career that moved beyond alternative music festivals. As image-perfect as Disneyland, which sits in their backyard, No Doubt embrace a sound and look that counters the aggressive and raw aspects of Grunge and Punk. What little Ska sound they had has been buried under tightly crafted New Wave currents. As many teenage boys and girls will be quick to tell you, the appeal of No Doubt is the attention-grabbing centerpiece and vocalist, Gwen Stefani." According to the band's website, "The Very Beginning - [The City of Anaheim], California. Little Gwen, whose tastes run along the lines of The Sound of Music, agrees to sing lead vocals on older brother Eric Stefani's first song, 'Stick It In The Hole,' about a pencil sharpener. Born and raised in England, relocated to Southern California at age 11, saxophonist Tony Kanal joins his high-school jazz band in 10th grade as the bass player. Ninth grader Adrian Young attempts to drum to 'Bend Over' by O.C. band Doggy Style at a school talent contest; his parents bought him a kit when he was 18. A wee lad with a prized KISS record living in [The City of Irvine] (California), Tom Dumont dreamed of being a rock star. As a teen, hopeful Tom started practicing guitar. Setting the Foundation - December 1986 - Back-flipping singer John Spence forms Orange County-based 2 Tone ska group No Doubt-named after his favorite expression-with keyboardist Eric, who forces Gwen to sing backing vocals. Gwen cites Madness, Kermit the Frog, Julie Andrews and Fishbone's Angelo Moore as her heroes." According to Wikipedia, Tom Dumont studied at Orange Coast College, lives in Long Beach, and is a member of The Surfrider Foundation.  
Sugar Ray 
Per their website: " The men of Sugar Ray all grew up in sunny Orange County, California, with the exception of the Pasadena-raised DJ Homicide. " According to their Rolling Stone bio: "Genre: Post-Grunge, Rock/Pop, Alternative/Punk, Funk Metal Hometown: Orange County, CA Sugar Ray owe a great debt to the powers that make their fusion of styles so darn catchy. Somehow, the union of hardcore Speed Metal with growling vocals, the sunny, feel-good songs with shimmering acoustic guitar, grungy guitar-driven rock and DJ Homicide's groovy beats make a unified sound all their own. Fueled by the popularity of their ubiquitous first single 'Fly' and singer Mark McGrath's pin-up looks -- the five-piece SoCal band seem likely to beat Warhol's 'fifteen minutes of fame' prediction. "  
Thrill Deluxe 
Huntington Beach. "THRILL DELUXE was formed in the spring of 2001 in Huntington Beach Ca., by Harlis Sweetwater, singer/guitarist for the critically acclaimed Soul/R & B group Barrelhouse, and Larry Chronic Jr., former bassist of another O.C./L.A. based R&B outfit called Soul Candy. Venturing from their Soul/ R& B roots, they set out to make music that had a more mainstream, hard and heavy edge, while maintaining the soulful and emotional quality that defined their previous bands sound. After a succession of drummers, they solidified THRILL DELUXE with fellow Orange County resident Joe Sykes, who was the backbone of the popular Alternative Hard Rock band Ten Mile Tongue. THRILL DELUXE now had 3 solid members, all w/ extensive recording, touring and performing credit."  
Trespassers William 
According to the Orange County Register, Trespassers Willaim is featured alongside the likes of Beck and Air on KCRW/89.9 FM. An Irvine band consisting of Matt Brown, Trinidad Sanchez III, Anna-Lynne Williams and Jamie Williams. Are featured on KOCE-TV's "Sound Affects".  
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