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Dating Games People Play 
"DATING GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is a romantic comedy set in Newport Beach, California that captures the often times unpredictable dating scene; it pokes fun at the very different perspectives that men and women have of dating and relationships. Their misperceptions come crashing together in this quirky and sometimes crazy romantic comedy. Nick Jenkins (Austin Peck - 'Days of Our Lives') finds himself back in the single scene as his relationship with his fiancée abruptly falls apart. With his roommate and best friend Jed Rollins (Stefan Marc), Nick jumps back into the dating world. Soon after he meets Mona (Leslie Bega - 'The Sopranos'), his struggles begin. He is torn between building his business and becoming financially secure or committing to a relationship. Nick seeks the advice of his parents and George (Rick Scarry), an old-time player, who both strongly recommend that he stay single. However, when he does some investigating he realizes that marriages do have some 'perks.' Mona, Jed and Robin (Stephanie Brown) accompany him as they meander through the quagmire of awkward situations and losers that they encounter during their dating escapades."  
Greg MacGillivray 
"Greg MacGillivray's film career spans more than 40 years. As a cinematographer, he has shot more 70mm film than anyone in cinema history -- more than two million feet. His Laguna Beach company has been dedicated to the large screen motion picture format since the production of the IMAX® Theatre film, To Fly!, which he co-produced and directed with his partner, the late Jim Freeman in 1976. MacGillivray also worked in Hollywood, directing and photographing for Stanley Kubrick, and filming for the Academy Award® nominee Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the Oscar-winning Sentinels of Silence. MacGillivray is well-known in the industry for artistic and technical innovation in the giant format. He has initiated the development of three cameras for the IMAX® format -- the high-speed (slow-motion) camera, the industry's first lightweight camera, and the "all-weather" camera used during filming on Mount Everest." Read more about Greg MacGillivray on IMDB and at Wikipedia.  Laguna Beach
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