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Simple eWaste Electronics Recycling

Mobile Phone Cell Phone Recycling in Orange County, California

Simple eWaste 
Do you need to recycle computers, laptops, monitors and obsolete electronics? Simple eWaste specializes in electronics recycling (e-waste). We offer free pickup services for business that have minimum of 10 items. We are approved by the CIWMB and EPA and abide by all of the state's laws. Many Fortune 500 companies as well as schools, hospitals, and churches throughout California use our services. We also host free collection events for the community to responsibly dispose of their unwanted electronics waste. Call us today for a free pickup! (949) 698-9806  Costa Mesa
Best Buy Recycling Program 
"A drop box in the entryway of each Best Buy store allows people to drop off old cell phones, inkjet cartridges and rechargeable batteries for recycling. The same drop box provides self-mailer envelopes and labels for people who wish to send in their old inkjet and toner cartridges from home."  
CTIA Donate-a-Phone Program 
"DONATE A PHONE® program recycles used wireless phones to help the environment and raise funds for a variety of charities. Most phones are resold as economical alternatives to new phones. The rest are safely recycled in accordance with all applicable U.S. environmental regulations.... The DONATE A PHONE® CALL TO PROTECT® campaign collects wireless phones to benefit victims of domestic violence. Proceeds from the sale of phones help fund agencies that fight domestic violence and are also used to support the educational efforts of the Wireless Foundation. Other phones are refurbished and become lifelines for domestic violence victims when faced with an emergency situation.... Donated phones are tax deductible.... You may print a Tax Receipt to reflect the value of the phone you have donated."  Brea, Cerritos, Fullerton, Irvine, Long Beach, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Riverside, Santa Ana, Tustin, Washington, Westminster
Motorola Cell Phone & Battery Recycling 
You send them your used cell phone with a pre-paid shipping label (go to their site to print), and Motorola will donate a portion of the proceeds back to schools that are participating in their MotoChallenge Race to Recycle program.  
Nextel Buyback Program 
"Thank you for your interest in the Nextel Buyback Program. In just a few simple steps, you can become eligible for a Nextel Account Credit by returning your old phone. Nextel will recycle your phone in an effort to better protect our environment."  
Nokia Recycling 
Nokia will send you a free ship-back kit to recycle your old mobile phones.  
SoCal Computer Recyclers 
"Consulting: Let us design the right recycling program for your e-waste management needs. We provide nation wide freight services, to any level you need, as well as asset reporting, declassification and assured destruction. Fee determined at time of consultation. Resale: We sell refurbished equiptment, let us help you tackle the beast of computer overhead by showing you what we have available. You may be surprised. Prices starting as low as $200. Pick up: We can arrange for pick up from any location in the US including Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Prices determined by distance and items to be pick up, call for rates.... For all of our clients, we use a program callded Declasfy from Mares Software, wchich we run a 7 pass on each hard drive to ensure there is no recovery of data. The program is designed to "wipe" hard disks to meet Department of Defense standards. After we complete the 7 pass declasfy (whereas most recyclers use a 3-pass), we reformat the drive." On EARTH DAY they sponsor a Computer/Electronics Recycling Round-up: "You can unload your old computers and electronics responsibly, without even getting out of your car. Bring in your old: computers-monitors-printers-stereos-radios-receivers-keyboards-mice-fax machines adding machines-calculators-TVs-VCRs-electronic games-phones-answering machines tape recorders-cell phones and other electronic devices."  Harbor City
Sprint Project Connect 
"In April 2002, Sprint launched Sprint Project ConnectSM, a wireless phone donation and recycling program, to raise charitable funds while providing an environmentally friendly way to dispose of used wireless phones. Through Sprint Project Connect, donated wireless phones are either recycled or resold. The majority of the net proceeds from resale benefit K-12 education programs through the Sprint Foundation. The remaining funds support the Wireless Foundation. Sprint Project Connect accepts all makes and models of phones at Sprint Stores nationwide. There are many reasons to donate your old wireless phone to Sprint Project Connect. * Your donation will help raise funds to support K-12 education * It's good for the environment – obsolete models will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner * You'll be getting rid of unwanted clutter and benefiting a good cause at the same time * Your donation may be tax deductible * Since its inception, Sprint Project Connect has raised nearly $1 million for charitable programs It's easy - find a Sprint Wireless Store near you and drop your old phone into the Sprint Project Connect collection box."  
Verizon Wireless HopeLine Phone Recycling 
"HopeLine is a program exclusive to Verizon Wireless that puts wireless services and equipment to work to assist victims of domestic violence. The long-running HopeLine program collects no-longer-used wireless phones and equipment in any condition from any service provider. The used phones are either refurbished or recycled. Through HopeLine’s recycling efforts, more than 200 tons of electronics waste and batteries have been kept out of landfills. With the funds raised from the sale of the refurbished phones, Verizon Wireless donates wireless phones and airtime to victims, and provides funding and other contributions to non-profit domestic violence shelters and prevention programs across the country. Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine program makes financial grants to regional and national domestic violence organizations, such as the Family Violence Prevention Fund , the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and other select community interest groups." Donations may be sent to an address on the Verizon site, or can also be dropped off at any Verizon Wireless store.  
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