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Magazines in Orange County, California

Bike Magazine 
cover Bike Magazine is based in Dana Point. "PRIMEDIA's Bike captures the moments, personalities, trends and issues that define the sport of mountain biking. We test bikes and equipment in every issue, but what sets Bike apart is that it's a vehicle for discovering more than just the latest wonder component. Using superior imagery, insightful writing and innovative design, Bike reminds us all why we ride in the first place. Regardless of the bike you own, your skill level or the clothes you wear, Bike magazine captures the one thing universal to us all: The inspiration to ride."
 Dana Point
Car Audio & Electronics Magazine 
cover Car Audio & Electronics Magazine is based in Anaheim. "PRIMEDIA's Car Audio and Electronics brings readers the latest in car technology, product reviews and test reports, high-end integrated installations, sound quality reproduction, products of tomorrow and lifestyle. This magazine brings technical expertise through in-depth evaluations of products, coverage of the best vehicle installations from around the world, celebrity profiles, music and video game reviews and helping the reader make better buying decisions."
Classic Trucks Magazine 
cover Classic Trucks Magazine is based in Anaheim. "PRIMEDIA's Classic Trucks magazine serves one of the hottest segments in the performance enthusiast market, light-trucks from the mid 1940's up to 1972. We are very proud to be recognized as the premier publication in this rapidly expanding ridding scene. Technical articles in Classic Trucks magazine typically cover a variety of subjects including engine upgrades, bolt-on accessories, suspensions, brakes, air-conditioning, paint and much more."
Connected Guide to the Digital Home 
cover The Connected Guide to the Digital Home is based in Placentia. "Connected Guide to the Digital Home, formerly Audio Video Interiors, is the original home theater and electronic entertainment lifestyle magazine. "
Custom Classic Trucks Magazine 
cover Custom Classic Trucks Magazine is based in Anaheim. "The steady growth of the classic truck market has earned the attention of the street rod market, the restoration market, the professional builder, the sport truck aficionado and the hands-on backyard enthusiast. PRIMEDIA's Custom Classic Trucks focuses on the full range of issues related to American-manufactured vintage pickups, panels, deliveries and other trucks manufactured prior to 1978."
Entrepreneur Magazine 
cover Entrepreneur Magazine is based in Irvine. An essential resource for people new to business, and those interested in franchises.
Hot Bike Magazine - Harley Davidson Enthusiasts 
cover "Hot Bike Magazine is written exclusively for the new breed of Harley rider. Features include technical information, how-to articles and event coverage as well as road tests. High performance components, riding apparel and accessories, product evaluations and in depth tech provide the Harley enthusiast with the information needed to make an informed purchase through step-by-step installations and cost justification. Hot Bike is the Harley Davidson Enthusiasts Authority."
Hot Rod Bikes Magazine 
cover Hot Rod Bikes Magazine. "This website is part of the Primedia Automotive Group - an integrated network of automotive enthusiast websites offering authoritative automotive content. The Primedia Automotive Group's website is a one-stop Internet destination for the automotive enthusiast. The site offers easy access into the specialized world of 30 automotive enthusiast magazine websites, a shopping directory of the industry's leading parts suppliers, showrooms, downloads and event listings. The Magazine Rack on the Primedia Automotive Group website is your gateway into the world of 30 car, truck, motorcycle and mobile audio magazine websites. These sites feature current and archived content from the print magazines, as well as extended web-exclusive materials such as outtake photos and videos. On many sites you'll also find user showrooms, magazine merchandise shopping, buyers' guides, free screen savers and videos."
Kit Car Magazine 
cover Kit Car Magazine is based in Anaheim. "PRIMEDIA's Kit Car - the Car Builder's Authority - is devoted to helping its readers build their own cars. We are a valuable resource guide, technical forum, product showcase and clearing-house of ideas, tips and tricks for buying and building a component car. Kit cars range from the basic body treatments to high-tech, high-end, turnkey performance cars and everything in between. Vehicle styles are also carried and include replicas of famous racecars, current exotic cars, street rods, VW-based sports cars, vintage cars and neo-classic cars. We cover them all in terms of build-up, performance, components and accessories."
Live Magazine 
"Welcome to LIVE Magazine, your interactive window to the authentic Orange County music scene. Your one source every month for the best news and views on modern music in OC." Publishers Martin Brown, Michelle Emard Editor Sue Nami Contributors Sarah Clark, Kevin Durand, Haidee Gonzalez, Craig Hammons, Robert Kinsler, Bob Leggett, R.D. Lowe, Jason Martinez, Chris Mazurk, Mary Malloy, Lynn Mosakewiez, Vanessa Nguyen, Jay Ponce, Paul Parks, Dustin Phillips, Argie Plakas, Maria Ralph, Killarney Star, Spider, Tiffany Tucker, Diana Smith, Michael "Danger" Van Gorder  Garden Grove
Mean Street Magazine & Online Music Store 
"Mean Street Magazine is one of the largest all-music free monthly regional publications in Southern California. Our circulation of 70,000 covers a highly-diverse spectrum of genres including alternative rock, pop, hardcore, punk, ska, electronica, techno, underground hip-hop and about everything else music-related. Regular features include local music scene coverage, exclusive photography and interviews, a full gamut of album reviews and the latest happenings in the music technology and business."  Whittier
OC Business Journal 
cover "Each week, the Orange County Business Journal delivers the most complete package of news and information on Orange County's companies, industries and businesspeople. It is comprehensive, authoritative, concise and entertaining. Presented in a lively and accessible format, the Business Journal is required reading for Orange County executives, managers and professionals - written in an up-tempo, breezy style that reveals the drama, excitement and fun in enterprise."
OC Family Magazine 
"OC Family is the number one family-oriented magazine in Orange County, the sixth largest county in the U.S. with a population of 2.8 million people. A winner of numerous national editorial awards, this colorful magazine delivers a valuable mix of advice, news, feature stories and resource directories for active Orange County parents. Launched in June 1998, OC Family has a monthly circulation of 80,000 copies and a monthly readership of 220,000. It is available at more than 1,900 locations, including Babies R Us, Gymboree Play Centers, Borders Books, 24 Hour Fitness Centers and the Discovery Science Center. Combined with the Inland Empire Family Magazine, the two titles owned by Churm Publishing, are reaching more than 375,500 parents in some of Southern California's fastest-growing markets."  Newport Beach
OC Metro Magazine 
"OC Metro is the largest of seven magazine titles published by Newport Beach, California-based Churm Publishing, Inc. OC METRO delivers business news, commentary and entertainment features to a readership of 477,000 professionals every issue. The largest magazine of its kind in Southern California, OC METRO is highly regarded for its in-depth reporting, stylish writing and consistency as a primary source for news about Orange County and its business community."  Newport Beach
OCean Magazine 
"Orange County's premier women's magazine - Offering a fresh approach and unique perspective from a local publication. Ocean Magazine, premiering December 2005, is Orange County's leading source for fashion, shopping, beauty, health and travel. Complete with beautiful photography, modern graphics and expert journalism, Ocean has joined together with the nation's top writers and photographers to provide a go-to guide for the young female trendsetters of Orange County. The OC's only women's lifestyle publication, Ocean will offer the inside scoop on the hottest places and trends that make up Orange County's coast."  Corona del Mar
Orange Coast Magazine 
cover "30 Years of Orange Coast Magazine Surviving the feathered haircuts, shoulder pads, and all the fads and scandals that made a mark on Orange County Flipping through Orange Coast Magazine over the years is like sitting with a dear, longtime friend. Together, you wax nostalgia. Remember those days of kinky polyester, feathered hairdos, and disco? How about J.R., the Carringtons, and the fairy-tale wedding of Prince Charles and Diana? The dot-com bubble and designer bottled water? What Y2K bug? And how will the tea leaves read the first decade of the millennium? Orange Coast, with time on its side, will tell all. From user guides to in-depth reports, from stylish fads to mainstays, from scandals to charitable deeds, Orange Coast reads like a personal memoir of the county’s most intimate history chronicled over 30 years. Each of the magazine’s issues—published continuously since 1974—faithfully details the major and minor milestones of the county, from its emergence as farmland to a wealthy, cultural metropolis. Some moments are grand, some simply pretty, some outrageous, and others are downright scandalous. As the longest publishing magazine in the region, Orange Coast has plugged in to the pulse of Orange County and grown with its surge and synergy. Today, the magazine—led by publisher, owner, and longtime employee Ruth Ko—is a stylish, glossy publication known for its trademark celebrity cover stories that get up close and personal. So peruse through the years and wax nostalgia with us. It’ll start to feel like you’re reminiscing with a friend who goes way back. Soon you’ll realize why no other regional publication has managed to outlast Orange Coast in its breadth, depth, and years."
 Newport Beach
Powder Magazine 
cover Powder Magazine is based in Dana Point. "They seek the sensation. They desire the solitude and satisfaction of each perfect, deep, snowy turn. They travel all night on a weather report and a phone call from a friend. Careers are something their parents have. They are the most passionate skiers on the planet. They are the disciples of PRIMEDIA's Powder - The Skier's Magazine. For more than three decades, Powder has embraced and legitimized the pursuit of skiing's most fervent followers. From dissecting the steepest, most technical first descents to lofting big air to soulful stories about the moment, we transport thousands of dedicated readers to a different realm, all winter. Powder is at once ethereal, newsy, controversial and polished."
 Dana Point
SG Magazine Surf Snow Skate Girl 
cover SG Magazine is based in San Clemente. "PRIMEDIA's SG Magazine is the definitive action and lifestyle magazine for girls who surf, skate, and snowboard. We're the place to go for the total board sports culture, following the SG girl on her adventure from the beach to the mountain to the streets. We're the resource for the way she lives her life: from what she wears, to where she goes, to the music she blasts inside her car, to the way she rides."
 San Clemente
Skateboarder Magazine 
cover Skateboarder Magazine is based in San Juan Capistrano. "Founded in 1964, PRIMEDIA's Skateboarder became the blueprint for skateboarding journalism. The publication resurfaced as a bi-monthly in 1999, set to rewrite the rules of skateboarding coverage in an industry whose sources of media had run dry. Now as a monthly magazine, Skateboarder--with a dramatically increased presence on the newsstand and overall distribution, and having gained a vast subscriber base--has accomplished this goal."
 San Juan Capistrano
Snowboarder Magazine 
cover Snowboarder Magazine is based in Dana Point. "At PRIMEDIA's Snowboarder, we find success in making our readers love the sport of snowboarding. The magazine aims to supercharge a rider's season and show them how to get involved, go riding and have a good time. For 15 years, Snowboarder has done just that, with eight issues each season, packed with cutting-edge action, informative details and intriguing lifestyle accounts."
 Dana Point
Street Chopper Magazine 
cover "Street Chopper Magazine. The name has been saying if all for over 30 years now. At a time where you can't walk six feet at a bike event without seeing a chopper, PRIMEDIA's Street Chopper is on top of all the new trends. Each issue is packed from cover to cover with the most incredible customs on the streets. From long choppers to bobbers and everything in between, the bikes featured in Street Chopper are the things fantasies are made from. Beyond the customs, Street Chopper has comprehensive tech articles to help readers build their own chopper and of course, all the newest parts and accessories."
Surfer Magazine 
coverSurfer Magazine is based in San Juan Capistrano. "PRIMEDIA's Surfer magazine gives surfers of all levels spectacular photos, informative and impassioned articles, insightful interviews and groundbreaking travel features. For more than four decades, it has been internationally recognized as a leading publication and trendsetter for the surfing community. Surfer remains the biggest and most influential surf magazine in the world, and is the only global surf magazine for all surfers. For 40 years running, it is internationally recognized as a leader in the surfing community."
 San Juan Capsitrano
Surfing Magazine 
cover Surfing Magazine is based in San Clemente. "Forty years ago, PRIMEDIA's SURFING started with one main promise: to be the ultimate high-performance surf magazine. Whether it's a frame-by-frame analysis of the latest air-grab, in-depth coverage of the most recent world-title battle or a frightening look at the newest big-wave frontier, you can count on SURFING to put you there. Ultimately, SURFING will make you want to go surfing."
 San Clemente
Truckin' Magazine 
cover Truckin' Magazine is based in Anaheim. "PRIMEDIA's Truckin', preferred by custom truck enthusiasts, is packed with road tests, product features and pictorials of the best-dressed pickups in the country. From street trucks to classic trucks, SUVs to minis, lifteds to lowereds, the complete "truck" market is covered. Also addressed monthly are performance, technical, audio and cosmetic issues."
Truckin's SUV Magazine 
cover Truckin's SUV Magazine is based in Anaheim. "SUV's are definitely the hottest segment in today's automotive marketplace and there's only one national consumer magazine that focuses exclusively on this niche - PRIMEDIS's Truckin's SUV. Contained within its pages are the most radical and eye-catching sport utility customs, the latest in aftermarket products, technical how-to information and the inside track on new and upcoming vehicles. Because Truckin's SUV's only concentrated on sport utility vehicles, the magazine is the source for enthusiasts seeking accurate and comprehensive information on customizing their chosen rides. And through its annual 'SUV of the Year' and 'SUV Buyer's Guide' Truckin's SUV leads the way in providing its readers with complete information in order to make that next SUV purchasing decision."
Vette Magazine 
cover Vette Magazine is based in Anaheim. "America's only true sports car has a vast following, and those in the know read PRIMEDIA's Vette magazine. Sine 1977, Vette magazine has offered the consummate guide for all Corvette enthusiasts with its leading-edge coverage of the finest cars, performance products and events that make up this growing market. Vette magazine covers every Corvette generation with informative new-model road tests to performance comparisons on the racetrack. Pick up any copy of Vette magazine and you'll see feature coverage from across the nation that clearly displays the passion inherent in the Corvette aficionado."
© Keith Weber
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