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Kick Boxing Instructors, Schools, Dojos in Orange County, California

Cardio Fit Sports Club 
"We are a full-service health club that offers everyone in your family a chance to increase their fitness at a low initiation fee and competitive monthly dues. Our large workout facility features various free weights, fitness machines and classes for the group workout enthusiast.... We have complete personal training programs available for everyone. Our qualified trainers will cover the entire gamut of health and fitness.... We have many different classes available for all levels and ages. Check out our calendar for the next available class of your choice. Private lessons are available, contact us for more information. * Aerobics * Kickboxing * Karate * Self Defense * Tae Kwon Do * Agility Workouts... Relax and tan within our private rooms. Our beds are larger than that of our competitors and are very well maintained. Clean and ready for you to have an enjoyable tan. Special packages are available, contact us for more details • Open 7 Days A Week • 30 Minute Appointments Available • Child Care Available • Monthly Tanning Packages... Our cardiovascular section offers you a large selection of machines to get your heart pumping. We have machines ranging from treadmills, stairmasters, lifecycles and Pre-cor."  Mission Viejo
International Kickboxing and Combative Arts 
"Kickboxing - Jeet Kune Do - Jiu Jitsu - Muay Thai - Grappling - Self Defense - Cardio Kick - in Orange County California Kickboxing Muay Thai kickboxing originates from Thailand. The style is noted for its effective use of elbows, knees and powerful leg kicks. Its heavy impact follow through kicking and physical endurance training sets it apart from all other kickboxing styles. Jiu Jitsu - Submission Grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu includes: submission, throws, takedowns, choke-holds, leg and other joint locks, escapes, and ground fighting. Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee's Chinese name was Jun Fan, and this is where Jun Fan Gung Fu got it's name. Eventually Jun Fan Gung Fu became known as Jeet Kune Do, "The Way of the Intercepting Fist". JKD is a blend of Western Boxing , French Savate, Wing Chung, Muay Thai, and various Gung Fu systems and fencing. The JKD student will learn punching, kneeing, elbowing, kicking, as wall as throughing and grappling. The throughing and grappling in JKD comes from Japanese Judo and Jiu Jitsu as well as Chinese Chin Na and western wrestling. The JKD practitioner is also well versed in hand immobilization or trapping. Combat Conditioning Although every exercise in this class is combat specific and designed to make you a better fighter, anyone who would like an intense overall body workout may participate. Cardio Kick boxing This class is a highly aerobic and energetic workout using kickboxing and boxing fundamentals for overall fat burning and muscle toning. An outstanding program to get in shape. Also a great way to develop upper and lower body strength and definition. This class is a must for those seeking lean muscle tone. "  Fountain Valley
L.A. Martial Arts Center 
"Master Mihai Valeriu. 18 years of martial arts experience. Hap Ki Do 5-th Degree black belt. Tae Kwon Do 4-th degree black belt. Jujitsu 1-st degree black belt. World Tae Kwon Do class athlete. One on one training. No crowds! No waiting! Groups welcome. Training provided in home, or office, also studio provided. For all ages.  Whittier
LA Fitness 
"Everywhere you look, fitness is fashionable. Your personal health is the single most important aspect of your life. From singles to young families to today's seniors, keeping fit is not a fad but a way of life. Recognizing this fact, LA Fitness® has created sports clubs which feature elliptical cross-trainers, multi-level aerobic programs, indoor cycling classes, kick boxing, racquetball courts, full court basketball, swimming pools, saunas, spas, babysitting, and more! "  Anaheim, Artesia, Corona, Diamond Bar, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Irvine, La Habra, La Mirada, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Orange, Santa Ana, Santa Fe Springs, Yorba Linda
Orange County Kickboxing 
"Orange County's premier martial arts cross-training center. Offering Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Savate, Kali-Escrima-Silat, Cardio Kick Boxing, Boxing, and Children's Karate, OC Kickboxing is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of self-defense, martial arts and fitness training.... Daniel Sullivan, Orange County Kickboxing's Head Instructor, was born and raised in Southern California and is a graduate of the University of Southern California's Business School. With more than 18 years of experience, Daniel is one of the most qualified kickboxing and martial arts instructors in Orange County. He holds the prestigious Full Instructor rank in Jeet Kune Do under Dan Inosanto (the only man ever certified by Bruce Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do). In addition, Daniel is a Full Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts and a Guru in Maphilindo Silat under Dan Inosanto."  Irvine
Stephen J. Amsler's Martial Art & Fitness 
"Master Stephen J. Amsler began his martial arts training in Cambridge, Mass. at the Suk Chung School of Taekwondo in 1979. He came to Orange County in 1982 and studied for 11 years under Grand Master Chang Jin Kang. He was promoted to Chief Instructor of IL- Do Tae Kwon Do, and helped start Taekwondo clubs at the Irvine Youth Center, UC Irvine, Far Horizons Montessori, and St. Barbara’s School. In 1991, Master Amsler acquired the IL-Do Taekwondo School in Santa Ana from Grand Master Kang. In 1993 he helped raise over $5,000 for the DARE Program by personally breaking 314 boards with his hands in 3 minutes, 16 seconds. In 1995, Master Amsler received his USTU National Referee Certification and was appointed Taekwondo Director of the California State Games held in Anaheim. He competed in the California State Taekwondo Championships over the next three years. Master Amsler qualified to compete in the USTU National Taekwondo Championship, and received a Bronze Medal in 1997 and a Gold and Bronze Medal in 1999. As a 5th Degree Black Belt, Master Amsler had the unique opportunity to travel to Seoul, Korea in 1998 to complete the “First Foreigner Instructor’s Training Course” hosted by the World Taekwondo Academy at the Kukkiwon. The year 2000 enabled Master Amsler to be a leader in the martial arts industry once again. He became the first CDT (Compliance, Direction, Takedown) Tactical Master Instructor certified in California, leading the way for other martial arts instructors to become certified in this state. He is also the first to bring Taekwondo to the public school system as an accredited course, when he was invited to teach at the Orange County High School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA. In the fall of 2003, Master Amsler received his 6th Degree Black Belt from Grand Master Chang Jin Kang, 9th Degree Black Belt, and Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro, 10th Degree Black Belt at Concordia University in Irvine, CA. "  Fountain Valley
Tustin Martial Arts 
"Are you considering participating in martial arts? Well if you are in the Orange County area, look no further. Tustin Martial Arts is here for you! You can learn to develop the skills of Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Boxing, and more, with highly trainned instructors here at Tustin Martial Arts! Tustin Martial Arts is located in Tustin on the corner of Newport Blvd.and First St. in the Lawrin Square Shopping Center.... Adult Tae Kwon Do Trainning It's never to late to: Begin the practice of Martial Arts. Get in shape! Build self confidence. Learn how to defend yourself. Achieve a healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. Learn to stop saying "I can't" and begin saying "I can!" Walk through our front door to help change your life! ... Founders Bio: Lisa St. Clare Certified Instructor - 2nd Degree Black Belt Owner of Tustin Martial Arts Lisa St. Clare is a Certified Instructor and 2nd Degree Black Belt. She is currently owner of Tustin Martial Arts located in Tustin CA. Tustin Martial Arts is a associated with Ildo Taekwondo Association founded by 9th Degree Grand Master Kang. She has been involved in the field of martial arts and self defense for approximately 9 years. She has achieved recognition for her experience and talents. She was ranked Top Ten in the World Championship years 1999, 2000, and 2001. She has had the honor of earning Instructor of the Year 2001. She has developed a program geared towards bringing martial arts and self defense to children in private schools. Currently, she is instructing children in 15 private schools in the surrounding Orange County area. Lisa and her partner have also developed a program geared towards instructing college girls the basics of self defense. She has taught courses to various groups of college girls and their mothers in the South Orange County area. Lisa has excellent talents in instructing people of all ages. Lisa is currently training under Grand Master Kang, IL DO Taekwondo, Irvine, CA as well as Muay Tai Kick boxing, Boxing and Self Defense courses."  Tustin
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