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Hapkido Instructors, Schools, Dojos in Orange County, California

ATC TaeKwonDo & HapKi-Do 
"ATC TaeKwonDo helps to build confidence in Children, Juniors and Adults. The skills learned in this martial art assist children in their academic future. Adults benefit by learning to be more assertive in all aspects of their lives.... HapKi-Do: . This martial art is combat self-defense for adults. This art requires throws, falls, and incorporates wrist locks, joint manipulations, pressure points, strikes, kicks and ground tactics. It is for these reasons HapKi-Do is used by many special forces and police agencies.... TaeBox: TaeBox is an exciting, energizing workout, where you will have fun while getting a balanced body. TaeBox is a combination of basic TaeKwon-Do and Boxing techniques while moving your body to Miami and New York Club sounds. 4 Levels to challenge you.... TaeGuek Tai Chi: This martial art was specifically developed to improve the mental and physical flexibility of our aging bodies. TaeGuek Tai Chi will help seniors feel young again, while building confidence and improving blood flow and stamina. Older Adults will learn 8 basic breathing forms and soft style self defense and can reach the level of Black Sash after 3 years.... Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Classes are taught by Master Spillmann Private Classes only. Tutoring Program: Tutoring is available for an extra hourly fee, by teacher T-Instructor Spillmann. At the Corona location only.... Corporate Programs: Make the grand opening ceremony of your business or movie premier a spectacular events with high energy martial arts demo performed by our staff of professional instructors.... Gymnastics: Taught by some of the top coaches. Available in Aliso Viejo ATC Academy Only.... Instructor Programs: Interested in opening a licensed ATC academy? Then this is the program for you. Master Spillmann and Master Park will instruct you in martial arts and teaching strategies, while teaching motivational and leadership skills. Also in this program, you will learn to operate and maintain a successful academy."  Aliso Viejo, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Long Beach, Turlock
L.A. Martial Arts Center 
"Master Mihai Valeriu. 18 years of martial arts experience. Hap Ki Do 5-th Degree black belt. Tae Kwon Do 4-th degree black belt. Jujitsu 1-st degree black belt. World Tae Kwon Do class athlete. One on one training. No crowds! No waiting! Groups welcome. Training provided in home, or office, also studio provided. For all ages.  Whittier
Westminster Hapkido Academy 
"About Master Timothy K. Nguyen Timothy K. Nguyen began his Martial Arts training in his early teenage in Vietnam. He holds a certifed 5th Degree black belt in the art of Hapkido since 1998. He studied Hapkido under Grand Master Kim Jin Pal and Master Con Gia Pham; Brazilian Jujitsu under Master Joe Moreira; and Judo under Master Chau Huynh. Presently he devotes his time to promote and develope the art of Hapkido in Westminster, Southern California, USA. Some of his personal experiences and achievements are: 1985 - Champion Red belt Taekwondo tournament. 1986 - Grand Champion Black belt Hapkido tournament San Diego 1993 - Trainer for Westminster Police S.W.A.T team in 1993. 12/93 - Award of Excellence from Jin Pal Hapkido Martial Arts Federation 8/97 - Champion Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Students Tournament. 5/3/98 - Award for Outstanding Support of the Open Martial Arts Championships from World Hwa Rang Do Association. 7/98 - Received 5th Degree Black belt from Grand Master Kim Jin Pal. 12 years of teaching experiences. "  Westminster
Keith Weber
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