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Martial Arts Associations & Clubs in Orange County, California

IAMBP Intn'l. Assoc. of Mind-Body Professionals 
Check out their online "Learning Center". "The IAMBP is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional health and wellness through better understanding of Western and Eastern philosophies and the mind-body connection. We believe this can only be done through education, community involvement, and professionalism."  Rancho Santa Margarita
Orange County Martial Arts Club 
"The Orange County Martial Arts Club is an opportunity for you and your fellow martial artists to come together and compare notes. To pick and choose and see what works best for YOU. It's also your chance to get together with like-minded people outside of the training hall and have a good time. Most of our meetings are late night events featuring food and movies. Martial Arts movies, of course! There is rarely any formal itinerary, and over the course of an evening, people will wander back and forth from food to movies, to actual practice and teaching one another 'neat tricks.' A variety of weapons are present at almost every event. We occassionally choreograph fight scenes. Anime is common. Many times we've watched a Jackie Chan movie with a finger on the pause button looking for 'neat things' to try to learn. Once we dug a hole in the ground and practiced 'leaping kung' by jumping in and out of the hole a hundred times a day...for nearly two months. Activities can vary a great deal, and are by no means limited to a few hours at a time at a stuffy, formal monthly meeting. Have an idea yourself? By all means suggest it! "  Lake Forest
Keith Weber
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