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Aikido Instructors, Schools, Dojos in Orange County, California

Aikido of Southern Orange County 
"Our Mission is to provide quality martial arts training to people of all ages in the traditional style of Aikido. We want the members of our community to receive the same benefits that we have through participation in our art. We surely hope all who are truly interested please contact us and make an appointment to see, or try a class.... Aikido can be flexibly adapted to whatever situation arises. The practice of Aikido ultimately must become the practice of our daily lives, moment to moment. Every moment of life involves some sort of conflict - with others, with our environments, with our bodies, with ourselves. We learn to open ourselves to experience, rather than shunning unpleasant aspects of life. Our minds expand, and we become strong. Located in South Orange County. Aikido in Southern Orange County. Aikido training does not view the body and mind as separate. The condition of one will affect the other. Aikido is therefore ideal for application to a wide range of defensive situations, including civilian self-defense, and law enforcement, women's and children's self defense. Help build self confidence. Aikido training is an excellent program for all-around physical fitness, flexibility, and relaxation. Aikido in Orange County California, feel free to come by and watch. If you would like two free classes please contact Joseph Anshel."  Mission Viejo
Laguna Ki-Aikido Dojo 
"We teach Aikido in a traditional Japanese dojo training environment for students of all ages and abilities. The classes are led by highly skilled instructors with 10 to 30 years of experience. Our non-profit organization is the only school in Orange County that is authorized by the Ki Society in Japan to teach the principles of Master Koichi Tohei. Our dojo is conveniently located close to the freeway in Laguna Niguel, within minutes of the following South Orange County cities: * Aliso Viejo * Dana Point * Laguna Beach * Laguna Hills * Laguna Niguel * Lake Forest * Mission Viejo * Rancho Santa Margarita * San Clemente * San Juan Capistrano Our instructors have almost 50 years of combined Aikido experience including living and training in Japan on numerous occasions."  Laguna Niguel
Newport Beach Aikikai - Shin Do Kan Dojo 
As Orange County's only full-time aikido dojo, the Shin Do Kan dojo was established in 1987 to teach the traditional art of aikido. The dojo was named by Sugano Sensei to mean "House where the way of the heart is practiced." It continues the legacy first started in Japan during the last century by the founder Ueshiba Morihei (O-Sensei). The world class dojo is made up of a cosmopolitan and diverse group of students and is led by chief instructor Pennewaert Sensei, 5th Dan. He insures a high standard of safety at all times and provides a solid foundation in the basic fundamentals of aikido technique and etiquette.  Newport Beach
Orange County Aikikai 
"Aikido was developed by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), also known as O-sensei (great teacher). He had a reputation of being virtually invincible in many traditional armed and unarmed fighting arts, including jujitsu and swordsmanship. All the teachings of Aikido are a physical representation of Ueshiba’s philosophy of protecting all living creatures. They use the idea of dynamic harmony rather than conflict. Aikido techniques involve avoidance, control and neutralization. Movements are flowing and graceful. They reflect the fully realized potential of mind, body and spirit. One must remain relaxed and calm. Following this method, the student is able to blend with the power of the opponent’s attack and begin to take control. By utilizing techniques that place the opponent in an unstable position, the student has the choice either using a hold down technique or throwing the opponent to neutralize the attack. These methods are practiced against various strikes and assaults from all possible directions. If you have never seen Aikido before, the following points may help your understanding and increase your enjoyment of the art: - The heart and soul of any form of martial art are the basics. - Classes progress from warm-up stretches to simple movements that demonstrate the basic principles of Aikido, which then leads to the basic techniques. - The most important thing to remember about Aikido is its principle of harmony. When watching, look out for the 'blending of energy.' If you have ever sailed, surfed or skied, you will recognize the underlying principle immediately: 'Go with the flow.' "  Santa Ana
Orange Moo Yea-Do 
Tae Kwon-do, Kung Fu, Aikido, Karate. Sensai Steven W. Moles.  
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