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Mailing List Vendors in Orange County, California

PinPoint Technologies, Inc. 
"We can do it all. List sales, printing, letter shop work, data processing, merge purge, e-mail broadcast - by offering you a complete solution we can save you time and money. We pride ourselves in finding you the most targeted lists at the best prices possible. With access to over 40,000 different lists, we offer the most complete and comprehensive list service in the industry. Getting new orders to the customer is our top priority. Most files are sent within a 24-hour period. Files will be e-mailed to you or in the format that best suits your needs. Computer format: ASCII comma delimited, ASCII fixed length, MS Excel®, Text for MS Word®, ACT, etc. Printed Format: Pressure sensitive (sticky) labels, chesire reports, galley reports.  Tustin
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